So much by a river side.

There in a house out there

The cables are tracking;

The birds are singing around

Then bounds up, plants.

Live to feel that rain

Around- the sounds fall on me.

He is (not) Egyptian or

Onward toward that storm.

Surround this:

The cathedral,

Mit Quiobbs.

Such a dream this seems to mean.

I'm seeing

The imprints of a nation.



Now enter the evening twilight without "weabblings."

Er ist Guthrie.

Patch 6.

Guthrie art thou to a T-

That's how the scene unfurled.

Pat just burned his face off and

Right now in this time I think (thought) a(nd) place(d)

And filled my brain with pictures upon a door knocker.


There is no argument

That his feet are his for they

Didn't falter; interlaced

Into a shoulder holster

Inside the building.

And that is what is that.

S. I. Mette 20010506