Dear You,

A little bird once told me that you can't change a stubborn heart. And if by stubborn heart, he meant yours, then I wholeheartedly agree. But does the same principle apply when there was never a heart to speak of? Not to say that you're heartless or anything. I mean, you are pretty mean, but you're not I-kick-puppies-cruel, and besides, if you were heartless, then wouldn't you be dead by now?

But I digress.

There was never a heart to speak of, per se, because yours already belongs to someone else. Yeah, that's right, I know about your little lovey-dovey relationship with little-miss-what's-her-name. And no, I'm not acting like a jealous stalker ex, because one, you were never mine to begin with, and I, yours. Heartbreaking, isn't it, when you see the one guy you think you actually have a shot at has his arms wrapped around another girl. But of course, how would you know? You have the best of both worlds handed to you on a silver platter, and you've never had to try so hard a single day of your life; I only wish I could say the same for myself, but alas, the fates are pretty much set on having me break my back just trying to get by. I bet if you tried my shoes on for a day that you wouldn't even make it past first period. But if the shoe fits…

I saw you with her last weekend. And I know that it's none of my business or anything, but she looks like she could be in love with you (maybe as much as I am right now). This isn't me waving a white flag in retreat of my feelings for you or anything, but I do really hope that you'll make her happy. I hardly know the girl, and I should probably be chewing out my nails in envy of her having you and all, but for her to snag your heart that I've been desperately trying to catch for years now in a matter of a few months deserves some sincere appreciation from yours truly. I could probably learn a thing or two from her. Maybe you should introduce us.

Then again, maybe you shouldn't. Wouldn't want a cat fight, now would we?