I turn to my writing for comfort

As I fight the tears that threaten to spill

At the betrayal of my subconscious mind

Not letting me give up,

Not letting me forget

How I feel for that brown-eyed boy.

It resorts to using my dreams,

So long a safe haven

And always well remembered,

To bring him in

And give him a quality I know he does not have,

To make me remember how much time

I spent watching and listening and learning

All about that brown-eyed boy.

I've spent these last five months

Convincing myself he is not good for me,

That continuing to hold him close in my heart

Will only lead to wretched pain,

As I'm ignored by that brown-eyed boy.

Even using the attractiveness of another

Fails to remove my heart from his grasp,

As the only boys I like are out of my reach,
Just like my brown-eyed boy.