The Navigator gave out a groan as she gained consciousness in the dark escape pod. She unhooked her harness and stumbled through the cabin of the pod. The navigator felt around for the hatch and when she found she opened it with a small grunt and a strong push. She let the sunlight spill into the pod showing the other two passengers, they were still unconscious but alive. She then checked out side expecting to see Drake dead, but she was wrong there was no sign of him at all. She slowly climbed out of the hatch. As she leaned out of the hatch she tripped falling out of the hatch landing on her arm which unbeknownst to her was broken causing her to let a loud shriek of pain. The navigator laid on the ground writhing in pain for a quarter of an hour until she slowly rose from the ground. She stumbled over to the edge of the forest near where they had crashed.

"Drake!" she yelled "Drake are you out here? If you can hear me say something!" she continued to yell. He has to be around here somewhere. He couldn't have just disappeared, could he? She thought to herself. As she continued through the woods she heard the snap of a branch. She took a sharp look in every direction and as she turned back around there was a sudden sharp pain then everything went black. When she awoke she was under a makeshift tent built on the side of the pod and Drake and the other two crewmen were sitting around a small fire. She sat up, rubbing her sore shoulder that was done up in a sling. "What happened? Someone attacked me." There was a silence between the four people but then the silence was broken by Drake.

"I was out collecting material for a camp when you came out yelling my name. We don't know who or what attacked us or if they are on this planet. I had to get you quiet. I know you'll understand." Drake explained as he threw a the carcass of a small rodent like creature on the embers of the fire. "I'm Drake by the way, but you probably already know that by the story you were telling before." He said in a lighthearted tone. "And if you don't mind me asking, what are all of your names?" He said in a questioning voice.

"Aizen, Aizen Kor." Said the engineer

"S-S-Sarin T-Theoden" Said the young soldier who seemed nervous to be around someone so famous and not even out of their twenties. Once again there was a short silence as the three men stared at the navigator who was looking off into the distance not paying attention to the current conversation. Drake let out a small grunt to get her attention.

"Oh-Me! My name is Jesmin Parell." She said still subtly looking off into the distance as if waiting for something.

"Well, now that we all know each other so well," Drake started again in a joking voice "I think we should assess our situation. Let's see we are on an unknown planet, with the supplies in our escape pod, which includes two pistols and ammunition, a medical kit, three flashlights with no batteries, and ration that could last about," he stopped momentarily to count the rations and then shortly began to continue "they should last, between the four of us, about one meal each day for about three days."

"THREE DAYS! What are gonna do after we run out of food? We are gonna DIE?" Cried Sarin but was quickly cut off by Aizen putting his hand over the young soldier's mouth, tackling him to the ground from his makeshift seat.

"Yes three days, but look around we are surrounded by wilderness and things that are edible and it's green, so there must be water somewhere. All we have to do is set up a better camp and start collecting food and water and monitor the Federation frequency." Drake said in a low whisper. After an hour of gathering materials and setting up a better camp, Drake sat in front of their fire as the other three survivors drifted off to sleep. Drake let out a sigh and slid off the log and began to drift to sleep.

Drake awoke to the sun shining in his eyes. He let out a groan as he stood up and stretched his arms. When he turned around he saw Jesmin and Sarin sitting around a rekindled fire and making the days breakfast which was nothing more than scraps of let over rations and some berries found the night before.

"Well, good morning sleeping beauty." Jesmin said with a smile on her face

"Ugh, how long was I out for?" Drake said as he yawned.

"You slept for about 42 hours, probably because of the fall a couple days ago." Sarin said .Drake just nodded in agreement then turned to the rest of their camp, Aizen nowhere to be seen. He looked back at the other two crewmen. "He went out to collect more food but that was like three hours. Maybe we should go look for him." Jesmin explained adding another log to the fire. Drake silently agreed. They walked into the woods to look for Aizen. "Where do you think he is, could he have found other survivors?" Jesmin asked after three more hours of searching. But both Drake and Sarin shrugged as they trudged along through the forest until Sarin slipped and fell into a ditch with a yell.

"Uh, Drake, Jesmin you guys might want to see this!" He said terror obvious in his voice. Drake and Jesmin ran over to the ditch and slid down to the bottom ditch.

"What is it?" Drake said as he walked along the bottom of the ditch toward Sarin. He reached where he had fallen and saw Sarin staring at the other side of a large tree. There impaled on a sharp branch near the bottom of the tree was Aizen blood oozing from his neck and blood trailing from the corners of his mouth. "OK let's get back to camp we aren't alone in here. MOVE! LET'S GO!" He yelled in an anxious voice. The three of them ran up the ditch and Drake upholstered his sidearm. He periodically looked behind seeing shadows of mysterious figures following behind them. They made it back to the camp an hour after vigorous running. Drake spun around waiting for the figures to attack. He stared pistol pointed at the woods, waiting and waiting for an attack that would not come. He stood guard as the other to survivor set up defenses and traps. The sun went down and the three made their supper and Jesmin and Sarin drifted to sleep while Drake kept a vigilant watch on the forest but didn't last long and fell into a sleep that lasted only minutes as the figures that followed them in the forest. He raised his pistol expecting some exotic creature to attack them but rifle rounds sprayed out of the tree line at the camp. He popped of a few rounds but was soon pinned down behind the escape pod.

He was pinned down behind the pod until a distant voice yelled for a cease fire. He peaked around the corner and saw a tall figure in a torn uniform of sorts. He stood up, pistol by his side but finger on the trigger. He walked forward and could make out the man's face. It was scarred from what looked like glass and a hot liquid. He looks familiar. Where have I seen him before? Drake thought to himself as he walked toward the man. Behind the man, out of the forest walked about thirty men, holding various rifles and sub-machineguns.

"I should have known it was you." said the man in a deep raspy voice. Who is he? I can't put my finger on it.

"Yeah, uhm is there a reason you just decided to shoot at us?" Drake replied still unaware of where he knew this man from.

"We thought you might be a search party from whoever shot us down." the man's voice trailing off as he reached for his pistol. Wait I know him, I threw a coffee pot at his face. Oh man he is goin for his gun! Drake swung his pistol around hitting the man in the still raw scars on his face. The man dropped to the ground and writhed in pain. Drake then brought his foot into the man's chest, winding the man as he rolled on to his back. Drake quickly picked up the man's pistol.

"Get up." Drake said, pointing the gun at the crewman. The crewman just stared at him. "GET UP!" He yelled witched caused the man and the soldiers still staring in amazement to jump. This yelling let Jesmin and Sarin know that it was safe to come out of the pod. He slowly stood up. Drake put the gun to the now scared man. Images of the attack on his village flashing back to him, the faces of his friends and family being rounded up or executed in the fields of his village. He pulled the trigger and killed the man.

"What the hell man!" yelled one of the men.

"He went for his gun first! He was in the right." Said another.

"Don't just stand there let's go we need to make a bigger camp, drop your weapons and get to work" Drake commanded.

"Sir, yes, Sir!" The men chanted in unison.

Drake, Jesmin, and Sarin supervised the working eventually venturing back out to Aizen. They put his grave on the edge of the camp. Two survivors dead and thirty-more to lead he thought to himself. The sun-set on the camp as the survivors sat around their respective fires conversing. They were stranded on a planet with no way to contact help, but one thing was for sure, they were going to be there for awhile, with no way of telling where the other survivors were.

To Be Continued…