Winter: the coldest season of the year, between autumn and spring, marked by the shortest days and longest nights.

It was winter again. Emmeline let out a sigh as an onslaught of memories that should have been forgotten crept into her mind.


'You'll always love me, won't you?' she remembered smiling up at him, so naive back then.

'Always.' He had smiled back- her favourite crooked smile, as he gathered her in his arms and her heart melted at his touch. Each snowflake seemed alive, twisting and turning as it danced, enveloping the young lovers in white. Like a snow globe turned upside down, it framed her perfect moment.


A single tear coursed slowly down her cheek.

She hated winter.

She sat there; idly on the child's swing. But it was the simple noise of the unoiled swing, echoing in the still playground that undid her. Forcing herself to breathe slowly, another tear escaped without her consent.

'Stupid tears.' The harsh whisper broke the stillness.

It felt like a lifetime ago. At eleven years old, she was reckless. She had pushed the swing hard, more effort present in each shove off the woodchip littered ground- hoping to leave the uncaring world behind. Inevitably, she went too high and as the butterflies somersaulted inside her stomach, her grip on the bitingly cold chains relaxed. She flew out of the swing, crumpling into a small heap on the snow. She bit her lip, trying not to cry like a baby at the gash on her elbow.

'Here,' she had heard a boyish voice through her pain. 'I'll help you up,' the stranger boy took both her hands in his.

',' she said as she let him pull her up, her eyes turning towards the voice that pulled at her heartstrings.

Time seemed to stop. She gazed eagerly, searching for the boy she knew.

'Hey, Emmy.'

A thousand memories slid in place.

'Henry?' She wiped away at the moisture obscuring her vision 'Henry, you came back!' she buried her face in his shirt, the pain in her elbow forgotten. Henry. Henry was here. Everything would be okay. Her innocent believed that Henry was like a beautiful Band-Aid- at a word, a gesture, a smile all her problems flew away. If only she had known.

Her dress fluttered in the wintry breeze as she pushed her swing bravely on. More tears escaped but she brushed them angrily away.

'No.' she spoke out loud, contradicting her aching heart.

'I don't need him.'

Her words created white mist.

'I can't need him.'

Her voice broke on the second word.

'I never loved him.'

It sounded hollow in her ears. But she didn't. Not like that. He was only ever a friend to her.

But who was she kidding? She had never been a terrific liar. She tried a different tactic. Staring out hollowly through heavy eyes, she told herself the truth.

'I did love him. That's why I'm hurting inside,' her blue lips formed the long buried words.

The movement of the swing ceased and she bit her lip- trying to hold the tears back. Confessing thus far was like tearing open a stinging wound. It hurt to do that to herself but she knew it wasn't the whole truth.

'I never had the courage to tell him.' Gritting her teeth, she ploughed on in this self-pity fest. 'And now he's gone.'

The first snowfall began, enshrouding her- completing her melancholy mood, a bitter mockery of her 'perfect moment.' She got off the swing to sit on the icy ground and leaned with her back against a pole. The playground was eerily silent and dark trees cast shadows across her seated position. Taking a steadying breath, she tucked her chin into her knees and let the tears she had been denying fall freely down her face. The winter wind blew, and her glistening tears turned cold on her cheeks.

It was winter. Winter again.

A/N: Heeey! So was that depressing or what? hahaha. This has been like my baby story, you know the very first one that you end up writing when you were supposed to be writing an essay or something?

You wouldn't believe the amount of times I've edited this story... so any constructive criticism to improve Emmy's little 'moment' would be much appreciated! In fact, it might just make my day! (probably will. ) :D