(Re)Learning to Live

You said that I shined like the fairest moonlight
And I swear, you were beautiful too
None of that's changed
It's writ' in our brains
But the heart wasn't built for these truths

I've spent a long time
With you on my mind
Body and heart trapped beneath
Our writhings erase
The few footprints I've made
Towards something new
Without you

It hurts to realize
There's no hope of daylight
Where your shadow won't haunt my view
Everywhere I turn
Your memory burns
'Til the flaming wax rends
My heart in two

I can't find a new home
'Til you leave me alone
After all, it's what you asked I do
But want you or not
You're here in my heart
And for'ere it beats, I'll sing a song of you.

For'ere it beats, I'll sing my song of you.