Back Where I Started

All these years I've spent
Building a gradual assent
Walking out of the dust
Slowly starting to adjust

I became who I fear
One known to sneer
The infamous eyes
Burn those I despise

Held up in my stronghold
Letting myself be a mold
Conforming to my peoples whim
Ignoring a future too grim

Revelation strikes today
I have been simple prey
In this dishonest world
My existence now unfurled

I did not belong there
Sanctuary is now a lair
Repent my social sins
This pain sharp like pins

My companions turn away
A doomed independence day
Chains of bondage released
Left for some angry beast

My old self is lost
And at what cost
The company of those
Who use and dispose

I feel the wind once more
Letting out its violent roar
Dust swirls around me
I forget what would be

And I'm back where I started