Kill Them All

By: Strawberripinkicakes/Sherry Huang

Chapter 1.

Chiharu Hayashi. 15. Genius. Murders: 15 in change. Caught: 0.

15 years ago.

Young one, Chiharu Hayashi. Chiharu which means, a thousand springs.

Living freely, living in no pain, never experiencing pain. Yet, bringing pain to others, releasing their spirits. Unleash their souls, young Chiharu Hayashi…

Forced. Born to. Made to. Reason to live for. Killing others.

Those that are after me. Those that want me. Those that try to kill me. Never succeeding. Ever. I am impenetrable. No one will ever unleash my soul. It is my duty. Take on the world. Release the pain. Release the souls. Chiharu Hayashi, kill them all.

"Hayashi-sama. Tea is served." I called out.

"Thank you, Fujiyama-kun." She replied swiftly.

Her voice was like a thousand leaves, floating in the wind. Her face was a pale colour, her cheeks were tinted with a bit of red, her hair was long and black, her eyes were just as green as the emeralds. Her pupils where outlined by a silver colour, like a ring. Her expression remained the same, nor happy, nor sad. She always wore a red floral kimono. She never smiled, she never frowned, she never showed any pain. She was beautiful, like a star that shone brighter than the rest in the sky. She was different, and it made her beautiful. Love is something that she would never feel. Love is something that was not tolerated. Love is something that she would never see. Love is something that I have, for her.

Hey readers!

So, I guess writing in a horror genre is new for me. :) I usually write way to many romance stories, and i guess i needed some other genres.

If you've read any of my other stories, this one's chapters are probably way to short for you. :) I have to keep them short and sweet, in order to work on my other stories.

I'm currently working on more than 3 at a time. Theres another story which is a horror/supernatural genre (also under manga) which has not been published yet.

Thanks for being patient :)

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-Strawberripinkicakes/Sherry Huang

January 14th, 2011