Kill Them All

By Strawberripinkicakes/Sherry Huang

Chapter 7

Hayashi sama lives to serve, her master with a lot of nerve. He'll kill them all just to bring her pain, and in the end he'll have her slain.

"Hayashi sama, the head of the organization wants you on the phone." I said quietly.

I watched as her face paled a little, and her eyes gleamed and she put on a straight face. She picked up the phone, and I couldn't help but overhear.

"Hayashi sama, I need you to tell me the truth, you've been planning against me. Yet this entire time I trusted you. I even selected you to kill the 4 most hated people on the list. Why are you still disobeying me?" Makoto Kobayashi yelled through the phone.

"I'm sorry Makoto San, but I do not know what you are talking about." She replied.

"You may not want to admit it now, but I already know. I'm warning you, your life is upon my hands. To disobey me, is to lose your life. You choose." Makoto warned.

"Makoto san, let me tell you one thing then. I am a genius. I am Chiharu Hayashi. I'm pretty sure every big organization/confederation in the world has me on their top 10 hit list. Yet, I always seem to get away safely, am I not right? So tell me how you would kill me." Chiharu challenged.

"The same way I killed your parents." Makoto chuckled through the receiver.

Chiharu froze. Her face paled, and her eyes, usually a bright green were now as dark as hell. She clenched her fist and turned away.

"Hayashi sama? What do you say? How about you be a good girl and listen to me. The organization greatly depends on you, for you are our only hope for a darker future." Makoto said icily.

"Makoto Kobayashi. You're next, you bastard."

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February 16, 2011