The Best Thing About me is you

"I cannot fix on the hour, or the spot, or the look, or the words, which laid the foundation. It is too long ago. I was in the middle before I knew that I had begun."-Mr. Darcy

I looked down the hall over to Noel. His friends surrounded him and all the boys were laughing, except for him. His cloudy grey eyes looked at me and I could tell he was listening to what his friends were saying but he was making no effort to join the conversation.

"Anyone in there Jenny?" Lanny my best friend ,waved her hands in front of my face, taking me out of my trans.

"Sorry, as you were saying"

"You know Jenny you've been really distracted today and you seem like you are avoiding someone. I don't know what going on but you know I'm always here to talk" my eyes were still trailing Noel. Lanny turned to look at what I was looking at her eyes finally landing on Noel's group.

"What's going on with you two?" the look of disbelief crossed her face.

"I don't know…" trailing off my thoughts went back to Friday night.

I was sitting at home watching a movie, when the doorbell rang. "COMING" I shouted. The doorbell kept ringing "can you hold on one goddamn minute " I said pulling the door open. The words died on my lips. Noel stood on the other side of the door, his dark hair tousled and he was wearing a trademark smirk along with a grey t-shirt that was riding up showing his naturally tanned skin underneath. My eyes went lower to his dark wash jeans and white sneakers. My eyes trailed back up to his abdomen where a tattoo was creeping out of his shirt.

"Uhm Noel, what are you doing here? Did you need something?" I moved to lean on the door. He leaned closer her smelled like vanilla sugar cookies, peppermint, and coffee.

He grabbed my face and tilted it up so that my eyes could meet his eyes, all I saw was mixed emotions until his lips landed on mine. They were as smooth as cocoa butter and hot like fire. He pulled me closer, my right hand going slightly up his shirt to feel his abs he groaned slightly. All thoughts left my mind I just wanted to kiss him and keep on kissing him forever. He lightly bit my lip, eliciting a moan from my mouth and put his tongue in my mouth. My stomach pooled with heat and my knees were shaking. He went from kissing me softly to almost painfully. He moved from my mouth kissing the right side of my mouth then my jaw then traveling to my neck. He kissed there hard like he was marking a spot. I knew he had left a mark. He pulled away slowly still holding my face. I wanted him to stay here forever and protect me and keep holding me. His eyes held raw emotion and I suddenly felt cold and it snapped me back to reality. I was making out with Noel at my door where anyone could easily see us. I looked at him questioning why, I don't know if he saw the fear in my eyes, because never in my life had I been kissed like that, or felt like that when I was kissed. It was one in a million feeling.

"It's you" he simply said and walked down my driveway, went into his car slammed the door closed and backed out without taking a second glance. My hands were shaking and I couldn't stop staring into the night wondering if that had truly occurred.

With Noel it had always been a bit different. He had shown up suddenly in the middle of sophomore year and he took the world by storm. He was not only smart but also charming and attractive. Noel could have any girl he wanted and he used that in his advantage. He was the kind of person who could miss a week of class and still be able to pass. I was not challenged by his personality but by his point of view. He never had to try but I always worked harder than everyone else because of my disability. He found out that I had it Junior year.

I was at my locker with my water bottle and pill in hand. No one knew that I had ADD or test anxiety. I took the pill out of my pocket and looked around seeing if anyone noticed. I popped the pill in my mouth drinking water with it.
"Jenny what are you doing" Noel said behind me.

"AHHH! Shit you scared me! What are you doing scaring people?" I tried to put the pill bottle where he couldn't see it but he beat me out and grabbed the bottle.

"What are these Jenny? Why are you doing drugs?" he looked at me concern written all over his face.

"I'm not, I just have to take those everyday now if you would give me them back I can put them away and act like this never happened" I tried to grab them from his hand but he held them out of my reach.

"What are these Jenny? Why do you need to take them?" I knew he wouldn't stop asking until he knew what they were so I had to tell him.

"Look Noel not everyone here can be gifted like you, I cant be gifted like you" I looked at him, I had never told anyone about having to take these pills.
"What do you mean you cant be gifted like me?"
"I have ADD and test anxiety and I have to take those pills everyday so that I can get through the day and understand things. I have to work harder than everyone else just to get normal grades because my brain works a little different. I'm not smart and my doctors tell me I can't do things I am trying to prove them wrong by showing them up. It's been like this for years now if you would just give me them back I can just put them away and act like this episode didn't happen." I looked at him giving up. He slowly held out the pills to me saying nothing. He watched as I put them away and close my locker, I started walking away but his voice made me turn back.

"You know Jenny, you're smart smarter than anyone I know. Don't let anyone ever tell you different." I blushed lightly and walked away.

After that incident I couldn't look at him quite the same way. He seemed caring and charismatic and when I didn't know something he stepped in and saved me. To everyone else it seemed like he was trying to outdo the smart girl but to me I knew the truth, he was just trying to help a friend. I knew his reputation with girls was less than stellar, he was a heartbreaker and of course every girl always wanted to be with him.

"Well" she said glancing at me "what are you going to do about him?" Lanny asked

"I don't know what you are talking about Lanny." I said stiffly

"Cut the bull Jenny I haven't been your best friend for 8 years not to know things about you. Something happened and judging from that mark on your neck, it has to do with that boy over there" she said pointing " all I have to say is you two get your shit together, or I will lock you both in my pantry till you get it figured out." Lanny threatened. She turned to walk away " Come on jenny we can't keep the kids at the Community Center waiting all day".

"Okay, I said I'll catch up to you at the center I have to grab some more stuff." I turned back to my locker and began to pick up the remaining things. The hallway sounded clear, as everyone had left school to go home.

"You like my eyes?" he whispered. I jumped into the air dropping all my stuff in the process. I turned around and was trapped, his eyes held this emotion, I couldn't stop staring. Next thing I knew my locker was slammed closed and I was up against it. His arms locked me in, his eyes captivated me and he was leaning in closer. He smelled like Vanilla sugar cookies, peppermint and coffee.

"Jenny, why have you been avoiding me all day?" he leaned in so his forehead touched mine.

"What do you mean Noel? I haven't been avoiding you all day."

"Bullshit" he hit the locker next to me making me squirm" then how would running the opposite direction not count as avoiding me?" his right hand grabbed my left one and he interlocked our fingers. My fingers tingled and I couldn't pull away as his grip was strong. I looked down at our hands answering, " I don't know".

"Will you please look at me when I'm talking to you?" he said, he drew circles in my palm with his thumb. " Can you at least tell me what you're thinking about J? I thought I made my point clear"

" I'm thinking about what you did, what you said. Its like you permanently are trying to make space in my brain. You are talking about making a point clear Noel? You made nothing clear. You came to my house kissed me and left me with 'it's you' as an explanation? You think that will win me over? I don't know if you know but it won't"

He looked down at me; his eyes were the same cloudy grey as Friday night.

"So I've made it in your brain huh?" he voice was low and challenging, his trademark smirk was on his face, and I would have loved to slap it off his face if he wasn't so close and intoxicating.

He leaned in kissing me softly, leaned back and kissed me hard. He let go of my hand and took hold of my face. My hands met his jacket and I leaned into him as much as possible. His lips were like silk and he tasted like vanilla. I couldn't breath and my knees buckled under me. His arms automatically went around and he pulled me closer than before. Every part of our bodies were touching and I could feel heat seeping out of his lower region but he still kept kissing. He went from my face his lips traveling to both sides of my lips and he slowly kissed my jaw, he sucked my neck leaving a mark and finally his kissed my right ear sucking and biting slightly. I moaned quietly into his shoulder. My clenched onto his jacket. " I want you, you can feel that I want you" he grinded his hips against mine and I let out another moan. "I cant think straight when I'm around you, I just want to be as physically close to you as possible, I want to protect you and call you mine. There's this undeniable attraction, because honestly the best thing about me is you." He whispered. He let go of me moving back and turning to walk away. Before he turned the corner he gave me one more glance his eyes piercing every part of me. My hands immediately went to my lips, they were probably puffy, and my hand went to my neck where he had once again left a mark. I grabbed my stuff of the ground and hurried to the parking lot. When I got done at the community center, I got in my car to go home but heard my phone vibrate.

I'm waiting for you


You'll see

I opened my house door walked up to my room and hesitantly opened my door, looking if someone was in there. When I saw no one I walked in sighing in relief, but when I heard the door slam behind me I knew he was here.

"Hi" he said closing in

"Hi" I moved one step backwards

"How are you?" he said taking a step closer

"Fine" I took a step back

" You aren't going to ask me how I am" he said coming closer I muttered

"Do I look like I care?" moving back

He looked at me, challengingly " yeah because if you didn't you wouldn't be so nervous" he moved forward and I moved back but hit the wall.

"Shit" I said

"He stood there his arms encircling the walls blocking me in. reminded me of this afternoon.

"Hi" he said again

"You already said that Noel"

"I know, he moved even closer, close enough I could feel his breath on my lips. His eyes were smoldering, and I just looked at him. "I like being around you Jenny, I mean I want to be around you all the time" I don't know who kissed who first but his lips were on me hot and as he brought me closer I felt happiness seep into my system but leave when I started thinking what if this was one of Noel's games? I stopped kissing him, pushing him off me. Tears coming to my eyes.

"Get out" I said


"You heard me, get out of my room"


"Why not? I know you told me all that stuff this afternoon but you aren't giving me room I don't know what you want and I just want to think for awhile so get out and go find someone else to mess around cause it is not me."

He looked at me with a hurt look in his eyes, his eyes

" You don't understand Jenny, the best things about me are you, the best parts of me are you, and I'm where I am because of you. I am the boy you will always want to be with forever and that you need me as much as I need you." And with one last look over his shoulder, he walked out my door. I heard a car start and how it backed down my driveway and its sound fade away.

I sat on my bed thinking about what Noel had just told me, what he meant by what he said. My door crept open and I felt weight on my bed.

"Honey do you want to talk" my mom asked

"No" wiping tears from my eyes,

"You sure honey, in my days I had my slew of problems with boys"

"How do you know it's about boys"?

"Well cause earlier this evening a young man came to the door looking for you and I told him he could sit in your room and wait and now you're here crying"

"Wait WHAT? It was you who let him in? Why? Aren't you scared we would have sex or something in here?"

My mom laughed, " I'm kind of secretly hoping you did, you know by the time I was your age I'd- "

"Ew mom I don't want to know what you did."

"You know you've got to grow up sometime Jennifer, the real world doesn't give you second chances. So tell me what's going on sweetie"

"Him" I said pointing towards the door he had walked out a few minutes earlier. " He is so damn confusing, here we go always bantering and trying to out do each other and then suddenly he starts sending me these mixed signals and I'm not sure if it's a joke or not and then he comes in here today and tells me that the best parts him are me and he needs me or some bullshit like that." tears were streaming down my face

"So you're crying because you care about him." She said plainly

"NOIDONT!" I shouted! "I Jenny Perret does not care about that selfish, stupid, dumb, jackass who just walked out on me."

My mom looked at me laughter seeping her face " right, and I'm a monkey"

I glared at her " don't laugh mom, its not funny"

"Honey, give the boy a chance, I mean did you ever think about why he competed with you? Or why he would say that you are the best parts of him? You need to go after him, cause I promise you that there are many boys in the world but none would do what he would do or say what he has said to you with true meaning, honey just think about it" She gently got up and rubbed my leg. "I'm always here to talk"

"Thanks mom" I said grabbing her hand.

The whole rest of the week and weekend, it seemed as if Noel was avoiding me. I didn't see him at all and he moved seats so he wouldn't be sitting next to me in any class. He still helped me in class when I didn't understand but he didn't look my way. I started hoping that he would look my way and smile or he would say hi to me in the hallways but none of these things happened.

On Monday the next week, I went to school determined to find Noel and find out what was up with him. I had to make a quick stop at my locker to drop some of my stuff off but when I got to my locker a folded piece of paper sat at the bottom. I grabbed it to begin reading


One of Plato's theories were that humans originally consisted of four arms, four legs, and a single head made of two faces, but Zeus feared their power and split them all in half, condemning them to spend their lives searching for the other half to complete them and I feel like you are what I've been missing. I'm so happy to be around you and I want to protect you from anyone who can hurt you, I want to be there to encourage you when you are feeling down, I want to make you as happy as you make me. I want you to know how truly beautiful you are and how you influence the people around you. Meet me at Starbucks at 3:30 pm.


I looked up from my locker feeling eyes on me, I searched the hallway for the stormy grey eyes that I was looking for, and finally caught sight of them. He looked back at me eyes smoldering and he smiled slightly as I nodded and he quickly turned back to his conversation.

All day I couldn't pay attention in any of my classes, my math teacher asked me what qualitative reasoning was and I told him y=mx+b. I got a few laughs for that but as three o'clock came nearer, I fought my nervousness. Butterflies were evading my stomach making it hard to think and everytime he walked into a room, he would make eye contact with me until he sat down. Today he didn't try to talk to me; he just smiled politely and was on his way. At lunch Lanny finally was able to corner me.

"Girl what is going on?"

"Uhm…whatever do you mean Lanny?" I smiled

"Cut the BS Jenny, we've been friends for how many years and you don't think I know when you are lying? You have got to be shitting me."

"I have no idea what you are talking about" I said avoiding eye contact; cause Lanny could get me with her amber eyes. Those eyes could bear into your soul and you wouldn't even know.
" Right because I wasn't in stats class when you got the answer wrong not once but multiple times and Noel stepped in and got the answer and you said thank you to him, I wasn't in English when you blushed when Noel looked at you. Right Jenny!" she said.

"Fine, i give in." I pulled out of my pocket the note that Noel had left in my locker this morning and handed it to her.

She gave me a look taking hold of the note and turning it in her hands.

"I gave it to you to read Lanny"
"oh I know but I'm not sure I want to read this chamber of secrets."

She opened the note and I watched as her eyes went wide and a teardrop came out of her eye.
"This must be the sweetest thing I've ever read in my whole entire life. Shakespeare sucks compared to this. So what are you going to meet him after school? You better meet him after school or I will drag your ass there"

Lanny pointed her finger at me from across the table, I would take any threat from that girl seriously, she doesn't play around, once I refused to go to the park with her and she kidnapped me.

"I will I promise." I said holding my hands in front of me.

I was late. I looked at the clock 3:24 and it was five minutes to the coffee shop. Shit I hope he wont be mad. A car pulled up next to me, honking to get my attention. The guy saying, " hey nice car, can I ride it? Can I ride you?" I shook my head and pulled up my window in protest of listening to this dickweed.

When I finally pulled into Starbucks, I saw his car there and he was sitting at a corner table with an iced coffee in his hand. He looked good, dressed in dark wash jeans wearing a navy blue sweater that complimented his navy blue shoes with white laces. His hair was buzz cut and you could see the slight tattoo coming out of his sweater on the right side. He looked at me as I walked by him inside. I ordered my drink and sat down across from him.

"So.." I said I laughed awkwardly " about this note you left me is that really true, I mean about Plato's theories?"

"Yes" his eyes bore into mine; they were the most beautiful grey and blue.
"How are you today?" he said lowly, his voice sounding course and dark " you seemed a bit distracted in class"
"I'm good, no I'm fine just was thinking…" I trailed off in thought.

"Thinking about what?" he whispered leaning in. He smelled like vanilla sugar cookies, peppermint, and coffee. He smiled shyly at me with his brilliant smile.

" Uhm…you I guess" I mumbled.

"Wait what, I didn't hear you" he leaned in closer, I could feel his breath on my face and his eyes searched mine for any emotion. My stomach was trying to release butterflies and looking at him made me feel as if we were the only two in this crowded Coffee shop.

"So you wanted to meet here and talk" I evaded his eyes ,looking behind him at the old couple at the table next to us. Looking outside…looking about anywhere but him.

"Yeah. I just wanted you to know that I really care. I want you to give us the chance. I'm not using you and you aren't a joke. I started liking you not because of your beauty but because I saw you trying so hard in class. You worked harder than everyone else. You care more about others than you care about yourself. You are the only girl I know who doesn't dumb down for boys. I know that you get nervous right before you take a test regardless of how much studying you have done. You don't try to impress anyone but you constantly prove people wrong. Good is never good enough and you stand up for what you think its right. I don't know if you are my soul mate for sure, but you are one amazing girl and I would like to be with you. I want you to be happy everyday because your smile lights up an entire room. Whether being with me or being with someone else will make you happy. I just want you to know that you are incredible person."

He took a breath and looked at me and I finally realized what the cloudy gray was in his eyes. It was vulnerability and extreme care and in that moment nothing else in the world looked as beautiful as his eyes.

He leaned closer his lips hovering above mine.

"The best thing about me is you Noel" I said.

So Babe, don't say no Come on and just say yes You know it's time to keep it simple Let's take a chance, and hope for the best- Ricky Martin and Joss Stone

I do not own Starbucks, I do not own the song Best Thing About me is you and I sure as hell do not pride and Prejudice. I mean I come from the state where Starbucks was invented, I love the song the best thing about me is you and I own a copy of Pride and Prejudice.