-Chapter 1: Of Lakers Jerseys and Horror Movies-

"DEX!" I yelled, standing in a mess of clothes strewn everywhere. "Where the FUCK is my basketball jersey?!"

A muffled exclamation of "Shit!" was heard from the next room. I stormed into the room, glaring at the culprit. My older brother. Well, one of them. All the boys were sitting down in front of the PlayStation 3 on beanbags, four of them holding controllers. One of the four with controllers looked a bit pale at the sight of me, his little sister. He threw his controller to the side and scrambled to his feet, dashing out of the room and to safety.

"Sweet!" my other brother, Dylan, said delightedly, taking the now vacant controller and his brother's place on the widescreen TV. "Thanks sis!"

"No probs, Dyl. But Dex is a dead man." I replied savagely. "DECLAN MICHAEL DEEGAN! GET BACK HERE NOW BEFORE I TEAR YOUR DI-"

Dex ran in immediately at that. "I'm here, I'm here!" he said quickly. A bead of sweat emerged from under his dark blonde mess of hair. His blue eyes, a trait shared by each of the Deegan children, were wide with fear.

"Where is my Lakers jersey?" I asked, my voice and expression calm, but with a threatening undercurrent. Dex visibly cringed, and I knew that whatever he was about to say was going to make me very angry.

"Well, Sophie was here, and she saw it on the sofa and asked if she could wear it, and then I figured since you wear it that it's fine for girls to, so-"

"Are you trying to tell me," I interrupted, nothing short of furious, "That you let your whore take my signed Lakers jersey?!"

Dex looked ready to run for his life. "I-"

"Did it not occur to you that Teague is taking me to their game tonight? That I might want to use myjersey? Are you that fucking stupid?" I asked, enraged.

"Go easy on the idiot," Brandon called, not looking up from the TV. Always the peacekeeper in the family, which was rather ironic, seeing as he was a lawyer and paid to argue. Brandon also possessed the trademark Deegan blue eyes and blonde hair, his slightly darker than Dex's.

"Yeah, it's hard for the poor guy, trying not to look like a pussy in front of Slutphie." Eli snickered as he blew up a zombie.

Dex glared at his older brother. "Shut the fuck up."

"So Teague's taking you to the Lakers game, huh?" Carter said, interrupting the family banter. The guy may have been a nightclub owner, but that didn't stop him from feeling like he had to watch out for his little sister's every move. He figured it was his right and responsibility as the oldest.

"Yeah, and what the hell am I supposed to wear if the skank has my jersey?" I frowned. At sixteen, I was the youngest in a large family. Talk about a pain in the ass. I also had to be the only girl. Having five older brothers wasn't all it was cracked up to be. As Dex in particular insisted on demonstrating time and time again.

Dylan shrugged. "Be a normal chick. Wear a dress." Everything was black and white to that dumbass.

"Dylan…" I began slightly impatiently.


"I don't own a dress!"

"Oh. Yeah."

"Did I just go crazy?" A deep voice exclaimed, it's owner walking into the room. Hayden Tucker, his dark brown hair short and his blue eyes any bit as vibrant as a Deegan's. "Did I just hear Chase Deegan talking about dresses?"

"Dude, you're all good." Said a boy with dark brown hair spiked into a fauxhawk as he walked into the room. Hayden's twin, Ashton. "She was talking about not having any."

"Why would she own a dress? She barely counts as a chick." Cole Ryan interrupted. The guy was a genuine asshole. It was hard to believe anybody found the fucker attractive. Well, apart from the messy brown hair and deep brown eyes. And the sun-kissed skin and pearly white teeth. And his little beard that made him look a little rugged.

Whatever though. The point was that he was a dick.

"Just 'cause she's not falling at your feet Ryan, doesn't mean she isn't a girl." Dylan said stiffly. He and Cole had a long history of despising each other for no reason. And it pissed me off.

"Your girlfriend disagreed with you there, Deegan. Didn't she tell you we used to fuck?" he countered smugly. Dylan looked ready to punch him.

Dylan pointed to Cole as he looked to Carter. "He isn't allowed PS3 rights now."

As Carter rolled his eyes, Wyatt Prince sauntered in. "Calm down ladies, let's all be grown-ups."

"Fuck you, Wyatt." Cole smirked.

"Where are Blakey and Cammy?" Eli queried.

"Teague's bringin' 'em when he picks up Chase." Cole responded, a little less smug. I barely noticed it as I remembered my crisis.

"Everybody shut up! What in hell am I going to wear?" I screeched. My long, pale gold hair was in a high ponytail and I had my favorite ripped jeans on. I didn't buy the ripped jeans though; I used them so often when I went skateboarding and pulled pranks that they were ripped by accident. A lot.

Wyatt grinned and placed his arm around my shoulders. "I would be happy to pick out your low-cut shirt and assist you in putting it on."

"Wyatt, dude, you're my best friend. Don't hit on my little sister." Eli pleaded. I grinned and wrapped a hand around Wyatt's waist, placing the other hand on his chest as I leaned into him.

"It's okay, babe, he doesn't understand our relationship." I cooed. I was willing to stop panicking because Wyatt was here to help me pick out a top. He was a terrible flirt and very forward, but he was good for advice when it came to clothes. Something I was horrendous at.

He laughed and we went back into my room. I gestured to the clothes flung around my room and waited for him to work his magic. He walked around the room, carefully inspecting each top with a frown on his face, before letting out a triumphant "Ha!" and pulling a piece of black fabric from a small pile of clothes in the corner. He opened it out to me and I smiled. It was one of my favorite shirts, a black one with ripped t-shirt sleeves, a roughly cut scoop neckline and a red Ramones print on the front. It was perfect.

I pulled off my tank top and slipped the new one on just as I heard a smooth, deep voice call "Baby! You ready?"

I brightened and grabbed my cell and wallet, practically bouncing out to the games room again. Wyatt snorted and followed me. "Teague." I stated warmly. He smiled when he saw me and pulled me to his side, giving me a quick peck on the lips.

My boyfriend had very tan skin and black hair, and resembled Cole. Well he would, seeing as Teague and Cole were cousins. It was weird how Teague could be such a sweetheart when his cousin was such a douche. Teague had asked me out on my fourteenth birthday, almost three years ago. He was a year older than me, now a senior in high school. In two weeks, I would be seventeen, and we would be celebrating our three year anniversary. As a birthday/anniversary present, he was taking me to see my favorite basketball team play, the Lakers. Did I mention this guy was perfect?

"Ready to go babe?" He asked. I nodded and turned to my brothers.

"Nobody is allowed in my room, allowed to touch my stuff or my red bull. If anything belonging to me is out of place, you're buying me a new one to put back there. I'll be home by one." I told them sternly.

I turned to the twins. "Hayden, no messing with the TV. You're crap with technology and you know that."

Hayden saluted me solemnly and I rolled my eyes. You would never believe he was a college freshman with the way he acted. I turned to Ashton. "Ash, no disturbing the neighbors, no throwing things out the windows and for both of you, hold off on the general breaking of the law until I'm back."

Ash nodded. "Yes ma'am!"

I slapped Wyatt on the arm and narrowed my eyes at him. "No sullying my house with pornographic references."

He sighed dramatically but nodded. "Fine!"

I was the one to sigh as I looked to Cole, leaning casually against the wall with an eyebrow raised in a challenge. "I doubt you'll listen to anything I say, but I'll try anyway. Don't wind up Dyl. Just for tonight, give it a rest."

Cole snorted. "Sorry, your royal highness, no can do. He makes it too easy."

How could someone so hot be so evil?

… I'm just going to pretend I never thought that.

I rolled my eyes at him and raised my hands in acquiescence. "Tell Blake he owes me a six pack of Jim Beam, and tell Camden that his sister needs to get me my Lakers jersey back or I will personally kick her ass." Camden Parker was Dex's best friend, also a senior at my school, and was the older brother of Sophie Claire Parker, who I like to call 'The Whore' and Dex likes to call… wince… his girlfriend. The slut couldn't get Teague so she went for my brother in revenge.

Dumb bitch.

"Let's go." I told Teague. He smiled and we walked out the door. Just as we reached it, I turned around. "Oh and guys?"

They all turned curiously.

"Save the best horror movie for when I get back." I smiled.

"Did you see that last basket?" I gushed. I didn't usually gush. But my team were phenomenal.

Teague gave a quick laugh and flashed his teeth in a smile. "Yeah, baby, I was there. They were amazing." He turned into my street and pulled up on the side of the road, just outside the house.

I was about to open the door when he grabbed my wrist and turned me around. He leaned in for a kiss, and we sat there for about half an hour in a good make-out session. Well, it was fine until his hand was under the waistband of my jeans. Then I couldn't focus on enjoying his delicious lips. He was getting a little too close for comfort.

I grabbed his hand and gently withdrew it. He fell back into his seat with a frustrated sigh. I felt my cheeks darken with a blush. This was very embarrassing.

"I'm sorry, babe… I'm just not ready yet." I apologized.

"Well when are you going to be ready?" Teague snapped. "It's been almost three years. If things don't change soon we may as well save ourselves another three."

I gasped sharply. I knew my hesitance was frustrating for him, but that was the first time he's ever said anything like that. I felt tears come, as embarrassing as that was. I hadn't cried since my Grandma died. When I was eight. I wasn't about to let Teague see that change. I doubted I could hold them for long, so I scrambled out of the car, slamming the door behind me and ran up the drive into our mansion.

I swung open the front door and ran upstairs, intending to sneak unnoticed through the games room and into my bedroom. Unfortunately I was caught. By Cole, of all people. I wasn't in the mood to deal with another Ryan.

"What's up, Princess? How was the game?" he asked, bored.

"Fuck off, Cole." I said, my voice strangled. "I'm not in the mood."

Someone grabbed my elbow and swung me around. I met the concerned, green-eyed gaze of my best friend, Blake Kennedy. I tried to hide my face but it didn't work.

"Why are you crying? You haven't cried since you were eight." This was one of the reasons he was my best friend. He took the trouble to get to know me. And he remembered every tiny detail. He may have been four years older than me, but it didn't matter a bit to us.

I broke down completely when he started speaking, and lost any small composure I had managed to fake so far. I leaned into him and clutched him to me, and he enveloped me in a comforting hug. He patted my hair and whispered small reassurances. I finally tuned into the room, which was fairly quiet.

Aside from the whispered conversations of who it was they were chopping up in a bloody mess and burying in the ice in Antarctica. I heard everyone's voice at least once.

Apart from Cole's.

Blake pulled back when I had calmed down enough to breathe and speak normally. He smiled at me gently, his straight, medium length brown hair sticking up in random places. "C'mon," he said, nudging me. "We saved Saw for last. We know it's your favorite."

He led me over to the large, black leather sofa behind the bean bags. Cole was on one end, and Blake sat down at the other. He gestured for me to lie down and put my head in his lap. We always lay down like that on chill nights. Carter got up and put the DVD in the machine, playing it. He looked in the right mood to enjoy some good, gruesome murder. I think he may have been looking for some ideas.

The movie played, and while I stayed awake the entire time, it was almost three am by the time it was finished. Pretty much everyone else had dropped off during the movie. Apart from, of course, Cole. He got up when it was done and all the flashbacks that revealed the final thrilling truth of the plot were playing, and went into the kitchen, just down the hall.

I rose from my spot carefully as to make sure I didn't disturb Blake or bump anyone. My brothers were sunk into their respective beanbags, all with stupid expressions on their faces. Dex was drooling a bit. I muffled a giggle. Wyatt was snoring, his head on a cushion on the floor. The twins were lying sprawled out on the remaining floor-space. Camden was leaning against the middle of the sofa, arms crossed even in his sleep.

I smiled at my boys and felt blessed to have them looking out for me. As much as I complained, they were my family. They would always have my back. With these considerably happier thoughts in mind, I walked down the hall and through to the kitchen.

Cole was sitting at the kitchen island with a cup of black tea, an uncharacteristic frown on his gorgeous face. "Hey," I murmured. "Mind if I join you?"

He jumped at the sound of my voice.

Huh. Weird.

"Wouldn't matter even if I did." He pointed out. "It's your house."

I nodded. "True." I picked up a glass from the white, timber cupboards and took it to the refrigerator, filling it to the brim with ice and adding a little water. That's how I liked it.

"He didn't… hurt you. Did he? Physically?" Cole asked, his mouth still turned down in a frown.

My eyes widened in shock. "Oh, no. No, he didn't. He just said something really, um, dumb."

His stiff posture relaxed a bit. "Oh. Good. Well, not good, but better than if it had been-uh- y'know."

I think I must have been dreaming. Cole Ryan, the invincible Cole motherfucking Ryan, was rambling. Instead of voicing these thoughts, I simply nodded.

A small bit of red tinged his cheeks. Wow. Tonight just kept getting weirder and weirder. His expression became unsure. "Look, I need to warn you here. I'm not sure what will happen but just in case…"

I held my breath. What was he trying to say about Teague?

He seemed to reach some kind of decision, judging by the way his forehead smoothed out and his jaw became softer. "Dex asked Sophie Claire to move in here. In the spare room."

Well that wasn't what I expected. Wait, what?

"You can't be serious." I said evenly. He just shrugged. "The spare fucking room? But that's right next to mine! And it's not the spare room anymore! It's my chill room! Fucking hell, I can't believe Dex would do this to me."

Cole looked merely thoughtful. "Well, I think I've got a solution. For both of us."

I gave him a sidelong glance. "And what is that?"

He looked me right in the eyes, and while I was dazed by his gorgeous brown orbs, he spoke four words that would soon change my life. "Move in with us."

The boys all lived together. Wyatt, Blake, Hayden, Ashton, Camden and Cole. There used to be another guy in there, who was a pretty good friend to all of us. Liam. But he moved to England with his long-time girlfriend eight months ago. Ever since, they've been trying to find someone suitable to take his place.

So it would be a pretty good solution. I would still see my family all the time, I didn't have to live with the Whore, and they would have someone to use the spare room.

The only problem?

They were looking for a guy.

I reminded Cole of this little fact and he snorted. "It's you. I don't think there'll be a problem."

I smiled slightly at this. A pleasant reaction from Cole. Who would have thought?

My happy musings were interrupted by the sound of a throat being cleared from the kitchen doorway.. "Maybe not on your end." Carter said, an eyebrow raised and his arms crossed. "But on our end, I think there is still quite a bit of discussion required."

Oh yeah. I forgot that there was the potential problem of five overprotective older brothers. Yikes.

I have returned! This is a brand new idea inspired by my brothers. (Oh, and it's true. 5 brothers? Nooooot all it's cracked up to be.)

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