Carter had woken up everyone. ALL the boys. Yeah, this discussion couldn't have waited till morning at all. Cole had retreated back to his casual smug bastard attitude. No more bonding between us tonight, it seemed.

Carter was looking a little annoyed, but seemed to be genuinely considering allowing me to move in with the boys. Dylan was wasting his energy by glaring at Cole, who didn't even seem to notice.

Blake looked a little confused but hopeful, as did Wyatt, the twins and Camden. Dex was looking guilty, as he should. It was his fault.

"Why did you even invite her, dude? I mean, it's kinda out of the blue." Eli asked Cole with a frown.

He shrugged in response. "She hates Sophie. We have a spare room. Why not?"

Dylan gave him a cold look. "Since when do you care about anyone enough to think of their happiness?"

Cole shrugged again. "You caught me. I actually want to see your sister naked. It's more likely at our place." He said in a bored voice.

I glared at Cole. "Not helping here, y'know. We're trying to convince them to let me move in, not ban you from our house."

He just rolled his eyes. Jerk.

Ash looked thoughtful. "It's not such a bad idea. We could scare off douchebags as well as you guys could, and we'd have someone to make us breakfast."

I scoffed. "Yeah, hold onto that hope there."

Brandon smiled at me, and I knew I had a savior. "Well, if we set up some ground rules, I don't see what's so bad about it."

Wyatt put an arm around my shoulders. "I say the Prince household has a vote."

Camden snorted. "The 'Prince' household? You gotta be kidding me."

Wyatt glared at him. "I called it. Shut up." He turned to Cole. "You up for Chase living with us?"

Cole rolled his eyes. "No, I don't want her there even though I invited her." He said sarcastically.

Wyatt ignored him and continued with the vote. "Blake?"

Blake beamed in response. "Yeah, I get my best friend living with me! It's gonna be sweet, Chase!"

"Ash and Hayden?"

They looked at each other and back to Wyatt. "Only if she makes a Spanish omelet for me on Saturday mornings." Ash said solemnly.

"And if she lets me drink her red bull." Hayden added.

Wyatt rolled his eyes and looked to Camden. "What about you, Cam?"

Cam smiled at me sweetly. He had always had a little crush on me, I knew. He hated that I was going out with Teague, even though they were on the same football team. He was fun to flirt with, though. "Sure, someone to ride to school with would be awesome."

I smiled back at Cam, reminding myself to give him a big hug later. Wyatt finished up the vote by saying something about finally having someone to practice flirting on. So all the guys were fine with it, now to deal with my brothers.

Carter sighed and shook his head. "Fine. But Teague leaves at midnight exactly every night, you're back at the house by eleven, and you find a way to see us every day."

I nodded but looked down, twisting my hands and biting my lip. "Um, I'm not sure you'll have to worry about Teague for much longer."

Eli, who had been falling asleep on the kitchen counter, perked up. "Wha? Since when?"

I felt tears coming again. My first love leaving me wasn't exactly the most comfortable subject. "Tonight. Something happened and he said that maybe we shouldn't bother anymore." I said thickly.

I glanced up and saw Cole across the room, his jaw clenched and dark eyes blazing. Blake took me from Wyatt and hugged me again. I leaned into him, suddenly exhausted. He rubbed my arm and I felt a little bit calmer. "Come on everyone, it's late. I think this can wait till morning."

I nodded into his chest and sighed as I withdrew. "Come on, Blake."

Whenever the guys slept over, we each had one stay in our rooms. Blake always stayed with me because as far as my brothers were concerned, he was the least likely person to engage in… ahem… other activities with me.

Blake and I went to my room as the other boys left to go to bed also. As we both settled into my Queen sized bed, Blake lay down first and I lay against him. I felt like I could sleep alright with him here. I felt safe.

"So is that everything?" I asked Ash, wiping the sweat from my forehead.

He gave a quick survey of my new room. "Should be. If it isn't you can just get it when you remember, though."

Carter and Brandon had come to an agreement that allowed me to move in with the guys. The last part of it was that if Dex and the Whore broke up, I was coming back as soon as she was out. And I was fine with that.

In the Deegan house, my room was just around the corner from the games room, I had my own bathroom, and I was just down the hall from the kitchen. It was pretty sweet. In the new house, my room was across the hall from Cole's, and I shared a bathroom with him. The kitchen was still down the hall though. Good to know some things don't change.

I looked like a slob at this point in time, and I knew that. My hair was up in a messy ponytail, I had an old tank top and sweat pants on. And I was sweating like crazy from moving the boxes with my crap in them inside. Ash and Cole were the only ones home when I arrived, and Ash came out to help of course, as did, to my surprise, Cole. He even lifted the heavy ones and gave me the light ones.

I think someone had switched Cole Ryan with a gentleman.

School started tomorrow, and I hadn't talked to Teague since our fight. Only Blake and Cole knew what was really going on. I told Blake of course, I mean he was my best friend, but I think Cole just guessed. I sighed. I didn't really know what went through the guys head, to be honest. He was so confusing.

I went into the kitchen to make some tea when I heard a car pull up outside. I glanced at my watch and frowned. It was two-thirty. None of the guys were expected to be home until at least six. And my brothers were seeing me tonight anyway, so it wouldn't be them either. Curious, I went to the front window and looked out. A black BMW pulled up.

Teague's car.

My boyfriend stepped out of it, as clean and perfect as ever. It made my heart clench. He sauntered up to the door and knocked on it. I waited a minute before reluctantly answering.

"Chase, babe, we need to talk." He said gently.

I felt my eyes prick with tears again, and forced them back. I wasn't going to fucking cry again. This was getting ridiculous.

"What do you want to talk about?" I asked bitterly. "How I'm such a waste of time because I won't fuck your sorry ass? Is this the part where you break up with me?"

Teague looked at me pleadingly. "Chase please, I love you. What I said was stupid, I didn't mean it."

My face crumpled with my resolve and I flung myself into him. He wrapped his arms around me, and I felt relaxed for the first time in days. I didn't like fighting with Teague, we weren't like that. And I didn't want to let it happen again anytime soon.

"I hate school. It can suck my dick." I scowled, throwing my bag to the side as I walked through the front door. First day back, and I was already sick of it. Three papers were given and two of them had to be done by tomorrow.

Wyatt and Cole were sitting on the living room chairs, Wyatt looking amused and Cole disinterested. Dex and Camden followed me in, bickering as usual. Wyatt looked from them to me and gave a sympathetic look. "With those two around, I can see why."

I snorted and collapsed onto the sofa. "Dude, we seriously need to organize my party."

Cole perked up. "What were you thinking?"

I gave a mock thoughtful look. "Well, I have a list. Number one: A lot of alcohol." Wyatt nodded and gestured for me to continue. "That's actually the only thing on the list."

"Figures," Cole snorted. I grinned at him, and he gave a small smile to me. Cole had changed a lot over the past week. It was weird, but it was great. He seemed to like me a lot better, and every time I looked at him, I couldn't help noticing how attractive he was.

No, I told myself sternly. You have a boyfriend. The guy you're thinking about is said boyfriend's cousin. You are not going to go there.

I sighed and Cole gave me a quizzical look. I just shook my head and realized Wyatt was saying something.

"Sophie Claire is having a moving out party tonight. Sounds like it will be off the hook." He told me, a mischievous glint in his eye. "We should totally crash it."

I thought about it. On the one hand, it would most likely be an awesome party with free drinks, beer pong, and a chance to hang out with my nearest and dearest. On the other hand, it was Sophie Claire's party. Meaning I would probably have to talk to her. Perhaps even be nice to her. Scary thought.

I shrugged. Free drinks, so why the hell not? "Got nothing better to do."

Wyatt grinned and Cole frowned. "It's a school night."

"Your mom's a school night…" I grumbled. Yes, I know it was a bad insult, but leave me alone, school does that to me!

Cole raised an eyebrow looking bemused. "Well, you learn something new every day."

I stuck my tongue out at him.


"Your mom's… Never mind…"

Cole smiled at me, different from his usual smirk, a genuine smile. Which slid off his face when Blake came tumbling through the door, crashing into Dex and Cam who had been bantering like Cole and I. He jumped up from where he had landed on the floor and brushed himself off.

"Pretend I didn't do that." He said sheepishly. I simply grinned at him. "Shut up." He grunted.

"So was there a reason for your… ahem… dramatic entrance?" I asked, trying not to laugh and failing miserably.

Blake brightened. "Oh yeah! You and me are getting ice cream."

"Fuck yes!" I whooped, punching the air.

"I'm coming too!" Wyatt chimed.

I turned to tell him to piss off, but when I saw his excited face, he looked so much like a little kid opening his first present on Christmas I couldn't do it. "Okay." I sighed.

Blake glared at Wyatt. "Fine. But you're paying."

"I knew there'd be a catch." He grumbled.

I was watching this exchange with amusement when I glanced to the side and saw Cole lounging in the big black armchair in the centre of the living room, also grinning at their childish behavior. His eyes flicked to mine and he offered an easy smile. I returned it before Wyatt and Blake swung me around, each grabbing an arm and dragging me out the front door. I rolled my eyes as they pulled me into Wyatt's car, a beautifully maintained '96 Mustang. What a car.

Wyatt and Blake started arguing as we drove to Ben and Jerry's about who got to choose the music.

"We are putting Eminem on. I'm sorry, but there is no question." Blake stated.

"Eminem?" Wyatt scoffed. "My car, my music. Modest fucking Mouse."

"No freakin way!"

"Yes, way!"




"Oh dear God, shut the fuck up!" I groaned, leaning forward from my place in the back to change it to my music.

Blake grinned at me. He liked my music, so it was all good. But Wyatt? No such luck.

"I fucking hate Three Days Grace." He moaned. I whacked the back of his pretty head.

"Suck it up, pansy."

He gave me a quick glare with his turquoise eyes before turning back to driving. "I hate you a lot." He declared.

I rolled my eyes. "You love me and you know it. Now hurry up, I want my cookies and cream."

He growled but obliged. Blake and I grinned at each other, and started singing along to the music.

"At night, I feel like a vampire!"

"It's not right, I JUST CAN'T GIVE IT UP!"

"I'll try to get myself higher!"


Wyatt groaned and went faster, trying to get us out and away from the offending music as quickly as possible. Fortunately for him, Blake and I had broken down laughing, and couldn't keep a straight face long enough to keep singing. We had a game where we would try and annoy Wyatt as much as possible, because he spent such a large amount of his time annoying us.

"I hate you both more than I hate my ex-girlfriend's mom." Wyatt grumbled. Blake and I snickered in response.

As soon as he pulled up outside the ice cream place, Wyatt threw himself out the door and ran to the counter. Blake and I looked after him blankly, and got out of the car, running to get the ice cream. Wyatt, the fatty, had already ordered, and was now busy flirting with the poor, helpless girl behind the counter. I walked up and shoved him while he was pulling some line about how she seemed sweeter than any ice cream in the building. He glared at me for a second and then relaxed, throwing an arm around my shoulders and grinning charmingly at the girl.

According to her badge, her name was Hope. Jesus, and I thought my name was bad.

"Don't listen to this idiot, he's not as cool as he pretends to be." I told her, rolling my eyes.

"Chase, my darling, you wound me!" he said dramatically, placing a hand over his heart. His face fell into a grin though, so I knew I was forgiven.

Blake sauntered up to us and punched Wyatt in the arm. "Shut up, you're acting like a tool." He snorted.

Wyatt scowled and rubbed his arm. "Why is everyone hitting me today?" he complained. Blake and I ignored him and turned to Hope, ordering our ice cream before flopping into a booth next to the window.

Blake immediately turned to me, raising his eyebrows. "So," he began, "What was up with you and Ryan today?"

I blinked in surprise. "Me and Cole? What about it?"

He shrugged. "You two shared a few looks, dude."

"So? I share looks with you, too."

Wyatt rolled his eyes. "What Blake is trying to say is, have you guys fucked or something?"

My jaw hit the floor. "I- we- he- what?!"

Blake glared at Wyatt. "Smooth one."

I felt my cheeks heat up and I tried to ignore it. "Shut up, both of you idiots. I'm a virgin." I muttered.

Blake seemed to relax a bit. "Good."

Wyatt, on the other hand, looked surprised. "You and Teague haven't gone there?"

I blushed further and turned my embarrassment into annoyance, glaring at them. "Get the fuck out of my business."

He held up his hands in a 'don't shoot' gesture, and I couldn't help but snort. "Whatever. Nothing is going on between Cole and I."

"I'm glad." A deep voice stated behind me. I turned my head to see Teague standing there, an eyebrow cocked and a small grin on his face. "Why would you need him anyway? You have me, and I'm a pretty good-looking choice."

I smiled at him, but something didn't feel as right as it usually did. He came and sat next to me, putting an arm around me and pulling me into him. I obliged, but I felt somewhat… reluctant. Very odd.

He made idle chitchat with Blake and Wyatt for a while, during which time I was enjoying my ice cream, until he brought up the party.

"You guys going tonight?" he asked, smoothing his hair and checking his reflection in a spoon.

"Yeah, you?" Blake responded, raising his eyebrows at Teague checking himself out so blatantly. I was used to it by now.

"Yeah, it's supposed to be off the hook."

"If the Whore isn't there it will be." I said through a mouthful of Cookies and Cream. Although it probably sounded more like "Eee ore id ahr iwol ee."

Blake stared at me for a second and then burst out laughing. "Chase," he wheezed in between laughter. "You- are- such- a- dude."

I swallowed my ice cream and grinned, pointing to Wyatt. "Maybe he should take lessons in manliness from me."

He glared at me in response. "Fuck off, I'm a way better dude than you'll ever be." Blake and I started laughing and he looked even more miffed. "Shut up." He muttered.

Teague, who had been quiet throughout our banter, tapped me on the shoulder. I turned to him and was surprised to find his lips quickly on mine. Before it got into serious PDA territory, I pulled away. "What are you doing?" I asked confusedly.

He smirked, and leaned to whisper in my ear. I'm not even going to repeat what he said. It was that graphic. I gaped at him and blushed.

"What is up with you lately?" I asked, astounded.

Blake looked at me with concerned eyes. "Trouble in paradise?"

I just shook my head at him and mouthed "Later."

Teague simply grinned and pulled me closer to him. I didn't know what had gotten into my boyfriend, but it was starting to get a bit intimidating.

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