I think about a lot of different things. Some of them scare me, others excite me. They probably shouldn't.

I have dreams I don't tell people. I don't tell the whole story, other times. The things that my mind creates in guilt stick in my mind, most of the time. The sad thing is that I feel fascinated by it. And the more I think, the better I feel, little by little. The more I cherish those thoughts. And in some way, some minuscule way, I wish for them. I would never give up anything in my life for them, but there's always that dirty little sliver of hope, that naughty bit of indecision that is just enough to lodge itself in my brain. I don't deny these thoughts, rather, I hold on to them. I mull them around, like chewing a bit of some savory something, enjoying them. Sometimes the dirtiest things are the most innocent.

The fleeting little thoughts that you don't allow yourself to recognize.

In so many ways, the impossible things are always the most desirable. There is so much beauty in what we fail to embrace; so much we could learn from ourselves by discovering what we desire, even in the smallest way. The things that we hide from ourselves. Denial is sometimes the best way to learn who you truly are; embrace it.

There will always be those little things in the dark corners of your mind, those things you will never act upon but will always be lurking. Hold on to them. Learn from them. And even if you feel you shouldn't...enjoy them.