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I search for my prey at night. And tonights prey happens to be a hunter himself.

It kind of funny you know, the hunter being hunted. I've been at this now for three years. I hunt predators. Vampires, werewolves, all that sort of stuff. You'd think it's kind of hard for a human, but I'm special. I just seem to have a knack for the job. Yeah, I get hurt sometimes, but I'm a fast healer. You should see some of my scars.

The alley was dark, but my vision was already adjusted. The smell of blood was strong. Creeping along one of the brick walls, I stop, hearing something scraping. I search with my eyes, beside the dumpster lays my target. Looking closer I see someone near him, kicking the shit out of him.

"Hey!" I shout, then aim my gun and shoot at the new target. Perfect shot.

"Ugh.." target down, now I aim back to my original target.

He has disappeared. "Scream and you die, here and now. Be quite and you just might live." Then nothing but black.

Sometime later, I awaken in a darkened room. I know I'm lying on a soft bed of some sort, and I feel disoriented.

"Awake, now, are you? You're a strong one. Tell me, who sent you?!" says an unknown voice.

The same voice I heard before blackness took over. I try to sit up, to find the source of the voice.

"No one sent me. I hunt monsters like you all on my own. No one controls me." I say.

It was the truth. I was trained as a child to be a dancer, that's the only training I ever received. My family was slaughtered in front of me when I was just a small child. From that moment on I taught myself everything I know. I had a little help here and there, along the way, but that was it.

"I made it my life to kill monsters like you," I said.

I feel a cold breath against my ear. "You don't know who or what I am, how can you call me a monster?" it sent chills down my spine.

"I just know. It's instinct. You should understand that at least, monster," I say.

He makes a growl sound, and before I know it I'm being pinned to the bed. "Let's make a deal, little girl," he says.

"I don't make deals with monsters," I say.

"Shut up and listen," he tells me with agitation in his voice.

"And I'm not a little girl," I say, with a smirk on my face.

" Grrr. . I won't call you little girl, or any other name other than what you give me, if you don't call me 'Monster', deal?" he says.

I'm quite for a moment.

What would be the smart thing to do here? Kill him, it, with kindness? Or fight until he decides to try and kill me?

"Deal. What am I to call you?" I say.

"You may call me Arie (Ah-Ree). And what is your name?" he moves away from me, letting me up, finally.

I sigh, "My name? I don't use it, haven't for a very long time. The only 'name' I go by anymore is Adair (Add-Air), my family name."

Arie thinks to himself. I know that name from somewhere . . I must ask Gee . . He will know. "Well, Adair, you will be staying here until I figure out what to do with you. I can't have you going around trying to kill me."

With that he leaves her in total darkness and total silence.

Arie walks to his study, to find his friend and confidant . "Hey, Gee Gee, I have a question for you," He says.

"Yeah, what's up? What do you need to know?" says Gee.

"Does the name 'Adair' mean anything to you?" he says, with a quizzical look on his face.

Gee freezes, looking at his best friend in wonder. " You mean, you don't remember?" says Gee.

"Remember what?" Arie asks with a confused look.

Gee gives Arie a 'have you gone senile' look. " That's the name of that family, from years ago, that we tried to save. The purebloods with the mortal daughter. Remember? Why do you ask anyways?"

Arie looks at him, "No reason."

That's it. I knew I knew that name from somewhere. It's her, but how? She should have died. They drained her, I even tried saving her. But she was dead . . How? Unless . . It has to be. Maybe there is hope yet.

Meanwhile Adair is still in the dark.

So I have been laying here in the dark now, for who knows how long. I haven't the slightest clue as to what to do at this point. It, he, has a name. A very beautiful name. And his voice . .

What am I thinking!? I have to get out of here. I can't just give up. I'm a fighter . . But something about him is familiar. I just can't put my finger on it.

I hear a click and a light comes through the door. A man walks through, a beautiful man.

"Adair, I have brought you something to eat. As well as some clean clothing. A servant is going to run you a bath. Here," Says the man.

"What if I say I'm not hungry? How do I know you haven't drugged the food or something?" I say.

"You will have to trust me," he says simply. "I will return after you have eaten and bathed."

"Thank you, Arie. Really. I was going to kill you, and you could very well do me the same kindness. Instead, here you are, being kind. I am grateful," says Adair.

He nods and leaves. I still have light! A knock at the door and a young woman enters.

"Miss, I'm to help you clean up now," she says.

" My name is Adair, NOT Miss. And I can clean myself, but thank you."

" Yes Miss . . I mean Adair." And she turns and leaves.

I take my bath and look at what he brought me to wear.

A dress? Really? He thinks I'm going to wear a dress. Ha! Where are my clothes . .gone . . ? How . . ? grrr . .dress it is then.

Meanwhile, in Arie's study.

How long does it take a female to bathe? Really? At least she ate the food. She needs to hurry up. I have to talk to her, figure some things out.

"Gee! Come here, please?" says Arie.

"Yeah, what's up?" replies Gee.

"Can you have Beth bring the scripts in here? I have a feeling I'm going to need them," Arie says with a pleading look in his eyes.

"Sure, got it," says Gee.

I hope I can make her understand. She has to understand. I will make her understand. No, I can't make her do anything, it wouldn't help my cause any if I force her to accept it.

I'm being led down a rather long hallway. And . . . . It's kind of dark. I can see the maid in front of me, but not much else.

I really hope we are there soon.

"Here we are. Master Arie's Study," says the maid. I walk in.

"Ah, Adair, you finally made it. Have a seat," Arie says from behind his desk.

"I'd much rather stand thank you." I glare at him. A dress. REALLY?!

"If you're so sure, fine. I have some business to talk to you about," says the beautiful monster Arie.

"Okay, how about we start with why I am in a dress?" I smirk. Serves him right. I don't DO dresses.

He glares at me at that comment. "You are in a dress because it is more appropriate. Now, as for the business I need to discuss, but first I need you to answer some questions."

I just stare at him. "And? Are you going to start asking or what? I don't promise to answer all of your questions though. I still don't trust you."

Should have known she won't make this easy. Here goes nothing.

"Tell me what you remember as a child, what happened to your family and such..." says Arie.

"Well, I remember..."

Flashback to a younger Adair.

"Mama, mama! He's here! Rie Rie is here!" says the little girl, jumping with excitement.

"Settle down Aerilyn. Patience is a virtue, "says the woman.

"But mama, he is here! Can I hug him? Can I? Can I?" says Aerilyn.

A male voice interrupts "Of course you can hug me, come here Aerilyn," he says with a smile on his beautiful face. The young girl runs to his open arms and hugs him while he spins her in circles, both of them laughing.

"You encourage her behavior Arie. Really, sometimes I think you are as much as child as she." She turns to her young daughter. "Go change into your dinner clothes. Aerilyn Adair! Are you listening to me?! Go! Now!" she sternly tells the child.

"Yes mama, "pouts the little girl.

"Really, Arie, how do you expect her to be a perfect wife if you keep encouraging her childlike antics? She won't grow up if you keep doing things like that!" says the woman.

"Maybe I don't want her to grow up. Maybe I think she's perfect as she is. What if I want a wife who will be childlike, innocent, sweet, pure.." says Arie.

A man bursts through the door. "Mame! We're under attack! We must get you out of here! " No one knew Aerilyn was at the secret door listening to the whole thing, that is, until she starts crying for Arie.

End flashback

"That's what I remember . . " says Adair, slightly confused. " You. You have the same name as that man. The one from when I was a child . . are you him? I'm confused."

"Adair. Are you saying your real name is Aerilyn Adair? The Aerilyn Adair? "

She nods, confirming these details.

"I am that man from when you were a child. I thought . . I thought you were dead. All this time . .you are alive. I don't mean to throw so much at you at once, but you do realize you are the only heir for your blood line, right? And You are just like me, well not just like me, because you haven't completed the change yet, but . .there are so many things to tell you."

"I am not a monster. No. I'm nothing like you!" says Adair. With that she storms out of the room.

"I . .what just happened? I thought I was making progress with her . ." says Arie, to no one in particular.

With a sigh he gets up and goes after Adair.

When he gets to her room he gently knocks on her door.

"Go away!" shouts Adair.

"Please, talk to me Aerilyn. You can't hide forever. You have to come out eventually."

"No I don't. Go away. I don't want to speak to you."

This is all happening way too fast.. I need space got to think . .

Aerilyn starts crying.

Arie walks away.

"what do I do now? " he says to no one in particular.

" How about this : give the girl some time. Let her come to terms with what she just learned." says Gee from out of nowhere.