The Mess

From a fight we became
Friends with dreams of fame
This unbreakable bond
As we grew more fond

Weeks turned to years
We had no fears
Stuck together like glue
But then a new wind blew

You found those other girls
An opportunity unfurls
You grasp at popularity
Leaving our familiarity

Daily life is suddenly strange
Now that you're out of range
You look right through my skin
Forgetting that we were like kin

I can only keep walking
Ignore to whom you're talking
Pretend like this doesn't hurt
And stay on high alert

When your world starts to crash
I won't be there in a flash
Instead I'll be living my life
Filled to the brim with strife

You blame me for your loss
Our words become cross
Both of us feeling vexed
Others around us perplexed

Our friendship burns away
And I without any say
This is how you wanted it
And now you are a misfit

The circumstances of our start
Have in the end ripped us apart
You struggled with you success
And I refuse to pick up the mess