First At Fireworks

Fifteen, young and naïve
Into my life he did weave
A friend pushing for the match
Convinced that he was a catch

On the beach we walked
For long hours we talked
Waiting for the sun to set
Into night's beautiful silhouette

Then we planned a date
And it appeared to be fate
He seemed perfect to me
I saw what I wanted to see

Then I saw the anger
And realized I was in danger
But could I break his heart?
Where would I even start?

Bite the bullet, wait and hope
That I will find the strength to cope
Parental units step into the game
I realize settling would be a shame

Four months later we parted
Foreign territory I had charted
But that first will not be forgotten
No matter how ill and rotten

I'll always remember the sky
Fireworks blazing up high
Him holding my hand
Our feet dug into the sand

That's how we'll stay
For his memory I cannot slay