Seven years later

I paused in the doorway of our bedroom to watch Casen as she worked on her laptop with a giant pile of her old notebooks beside her. For the millionth time it struck me just how gorgeous she was, even if she didn't believe so half the time. Her black hair was thick and framed her face and her green eyes were focused on whatever it was she was working on. She had the radio on, playing a mix country/ soft rock station.

My eyes traveled to the scars on her arms, revealed by the short sleeve navy blue v-neck fitted tee she wore. They were a bitter reminder of what she'd suffered up until near the end of our senior year of high school. But that was behind us now and for that, I would always be grateful. Thinking back now, I couldn't believe the turn my life had taken. By moving to Alabama, I'd found my soul mate.

A soft smile turned the corns of my mouth as I reminisced.

After Casen had been released from the hospital, she'd moved in with us to finish out the remainder of our senior year. It hadn't taken long afterward for what had happened and her pregnancy to come out, but we'd managed to hold strong through it. In fact, not even a month after we'd graduated, she officially agreed to marry me.

Those first few years had been brutal on us. Casen hadn't been willing to let me give up my full ride athletic scholarships being offered to me, especially since they'd all waited after the showdown with Casen's dad for me to sign on. I'd ended up playing for Florida State while Casen remained behind in Alabama with my parents because there'd been nobody else to help her after Hope had been born.

It'd been tough being away from each other those years I'd spent in college, especially after Aiden had been born into the family. There'd been a lot of screaming, fighting, tears, and making up but we'd managed to make it through.

We'd now been married for nearly seven years and I wouldn't change it for the world. My smile widened as I leaned against the door frame and folded my arms over my chest, still watching her.

My movement must have caught her eye before she paused and looked up. "Oh, hi. I didn't realize you were standing there," she said.

"You weren't supposed to," I told her as I straightened back up and walked over to the bed. "How's it going?" I asked, crawling on to the bed and giving her a quick kiss. We turned our attention to her computer screen where she was currently compiling all of her best poems for a book that would come out in another month and a half.

"It's getting there. I have a lot of mistakes to correct but I did come up with a title for it," she replied.

"What's it going to be called?"

A full-fledged grin broke out on her face and she scrolled up through the document to the first page where she'd placed the title in a fancy font.

My smile softened when I read the title.

To Write Love On Her Arms.

I wrapped an arm around her shoulders and kissed her softly.

When she pulled back, she asked, "So, did you get Hope and Aiden to bed?"

"Yeah, I had to beat them in the head with a baseball bat but I did it."

"Oh, you're horrible!" she exclaimed, laughing.

"Always." I moved the laptop aside and wrapped my arms around her and pressed her against the bed. "You know," I murmured, "Since the monsters are asleep, why don't you take a break?" She laughed as I kissed her neck.

We both paused as "I'll Be" by John McCain came on the radio.

Casen's expression softened. "Our song," she breathed.

I pulled away and offered her my hand. "May I have this dance?"

She didn't say anything, just took my hand and allowed me to pull her up against my chest. Holding on to each other, we began to slow dance in the open space of our bedroom.

I kissed her temple gently. "I love you," I whispered in her ear.

"I love you, too," she whispered back and I rested my head on top of hers, closing my eyes.

As we continued to dance to the song, we both became so lost in each other that neither of us noticed the two six and four year olds spying on us from our doorway.

I am so very pleased to say To Write Love On Her Arms is complete! I want to thank each and every one of my loyal readers on here! I know it's been a bit of a rocky road getting to this point so thank you for sticking with me! I must admit, I'm not 100% happy with this story and the way it turned out, so after completing a few other story projects of mine and getting a little better in writing, I intend on returning to TWLOHA to fill in the plot gaps I feel are there and to make it even better and more twisted than this version. Until then, however, enjoy this completed first edition of To Write Love On Her Arms! 3