Important Notice:

To all Open Your Eyes/Cheated Hearts readers, I have to apologize because I have removed both of these stories from the site. Because Open Your Eyes is complete, I decided to take it down for copyright reasons, as I will be looking into publishing it sometime in the near future.

As for Cheated Hearts, I am very busy with my second year of university right now and I just don't have the time to work on it, as much as that breaks my heart. Also, I was sort of unhappy with the direction it was going and plan on editing and revising it thoroughly.

I am sorry for any inconvenience or upset this might cause, but I believe it is just the right thing for me to do right now. Thank you so much to everyone who has stuck with me throughout the 5 odd years it took me to complete Open Your Eyes, and to any new readers who gave Cheated Hearts a chance.

I appreciate all of your wonderful reviews and criticism, and thank you again! I will absolutely let everyone know when Open Your Eyes will be published and where you will be able to find it for those interested.

Sorry again, and happy reading!


Michelle (Lemony Snickerz)