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Chapter One

The greasy smell that filled my nose informed my brain that I was home. Making my way to the front I already knew what I was going to do. My stomach growled in response to the image that was now filling my mind …

"Are you serious?" I heard someone call out." We haven't been in this country for more than an hour and Olivia already found a McDonalds!"

I turned and gave my best friend a death glare, that it, before my stomach protested at the lack of food in front of me. Dashing towards the cashier I yelled, "4 huge orders of HUSH BROWNS … Please?"

The face that the girl made would have made you think an old guy in a trench coat had just flashed her. Well excuse me for having an undying love for Hush Browns. Mmm, I mean the Brown (that's the name of the creator of Hush Browns… in my head at least) is a genius!

"Umm, you mean HA-sh Browns right?" The cashier girl seemed to recover her voice.

"Oh My God your accent is so sexy!" Oops, now she might call security." Did I say that out loud? I'm sorry, I tend to not think and then talk. In other words I don't have an idea filter. You know what I mean?"

To my surprise I wasn't tackled to the floor by a huge security guard in the moments after I stopped talking. Instead I was greeted by a warm laugh.

"It's ok," She said smiling at me," Anyways it'll be £2.40." At least I didn't scare the first person I met in England. Right?

"I don't know if it's the air or if it's because we're in a different continent but those were the best Hash brown's I have ever eaten!" I said after finishing the 3 packages I had bought after the first initial 4.

"How can you be so skinny when you eat like a pig?" I turned to look at Bruna.

"Look who's talking! Jeez. Anyways it's called fast metabolism and going to the gym!" I said matter of factly. My best friend should know better than to say that, being my partner in crime with everything I do and all.

"You and I both know you go to the gym to look at the hot guys. And you too Bruna so shut it!" I looked at the end of the table.

"Whazzap Nickety Nick Nick? Oohhh what'd you get? It smells good!" I said with a grin on my face. Nicholas Bermel and I go way back. He was my first kindergarten boyfriend, after our break-up over crayons we decided we would be better off as best friends. We were very mature.

"Olly, how did you ever convince me into renting the flat for a whole summer with you guys?" He said this as he took the first bite of his Big Tasty. That looked delicious. He saw the predator look I was giving his burger and smirked. "Olly, are you checking me out? I thought we got over all that in kindergarten nearly 10 years ago! I'm sorry Olly, you're hot and all but that'd be like incest."

"Oh yeah Nick, I mean you sitting there in that white tee! I mean I can totally see your beer belly and, wait, is that, oh my, it is, Nicky poo, you're beginning to go bald! No worries, we'll just buy that spray thing that sticks to the hair that's left on there. OR we could totally buy a wig!" The truth was, Nick was a really good eye candy. He's what'd you'd call a preppy guy. Ok all of us were, well what would you expect coming from us? We were what you would call "wealthy" people. But going back to Nick he's 6'2, has short Dirty blonde hair, long enough for some pieces to fall over his eyes, a perfectly toned body, his six pack looking more like an eight pack, defined hip bones. High cheekbones, ocean blue eyes and we can't forget about his trademark smile out lined by a dimple on his right cheek. Some girls back home would call him a "Greek God".

"HA. HA. HA. Not funny Olly! Now stop raping my burger with your eyes! It's quite disgusting!" He said, taking the burger out of my reach when I tried to get it from him.

"Fine! If I die because an elf riding a bicycle runs me over, just know, you left me craving a burger! SHAME ON YOU! And I'll haunt you forever because of that." I was not over reacting. I mean, it could happen, you never know!

"Olive, you do realize, elves don't exist right? And because of that, what you just said could never happen." I turned my attention to Bruna.

"WHY ARE YOU SIDING WITH HIM? You guys are hopeless. I'm pretty sure you just killed an elf by saying that." Looking around the table, I noticed two things. Both Bruna and Nick shared a quick smile and turned to smile at me patronizingly. And that someone was missing. "Oh my God! We totally forgot Aiden at the bag check-in! Guys, I told you we should have counted so no one got lost. What are we going to do?"

"Chill Olive! First of all, you totally laughed at me for suggesting the counting thing back in New York. Second of all, the boys got here a couple of days ago remember Nick was just picking us up, third Aiden is on his way over and fourth of all… you just realized Aiden isn't here?" Bruna looked questioning with a glint of amusement in her eyes. Damn her for being right.

"Well I'm sorry! I had a dream on the plane ok? You're so annoying when you're right." I said crossing my arms and sinking into my seat. There I was, in the London Heathrow airport's McDonalds with two of my best friends. Waiting for my third best friend to catch up with us. "Where's Aiden Anyways?" I asked quite curious what he was doing at 10 in the morning.

"In a meeting with his father and his new client here." Ahhh he was with . New Yorks most known Celebrity manager.

"He's getting British customers now?" I said, suddenly curious about the meeting.

"You didn't really think this was real did you?" I heard him say quite incredulously.

Making no move to speak, trying to preserve as much dignity as I could, I just stared back. Feeling as my eyes were coated with a fresh pool of warm water.

"OLIVIA WESTON WAKE UP NOW!" I heard someone yell.

Startled by the noise I rolled off the queen sized bed onto the floor. "WHAT'S WRONG? IS THERE A FIRE?"

"You're not on fire Olivia; can you please stop rolling around on the floor like a maniac?" I heard Bruna's amused voice say.

"BRUNA! Did you really have to wake me up like that?! Shit, you scared me!" As I said this from the ground, I saw Bruna's face grow worried.

"Olive are you ok? What's wrong? I didn't mean to scare you; you just seemed to be having a bad dream, that's all!" I hadn't noticed the warm trails of tears that my eyes had let out. Once I noticed the tears falling, pools of unshed tears invaded my eyes.

"Olive honey, everything is going to be okay, it was just a dream you're awake now." As Bruna held me in a tight hug, all the memories I tried to forget came rushing back. All I could do was cry and sob into my best friend's shoulder.

"That's. Just. It," I said in between sobs, "It wasn't a dream."

After a whole morning spent locked in the bedroom, we decided that we needed retail therapy. The last thing I needed was my dream to ruin my day. We phoned Aiden and Nick and decided to meet up for an early dinner.

"This is paradise!" I couldn't contain my happiness when we finally got to Oxford Street. "Look, Massimo Dutti, Zara, River Island, Topshop, French connection, H&M, what more could a girl ask for?"

"I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. But seriously, Olive, shopping isn't all that great." On the other hand Bruna looked like she was about to enter a slaughter-house. Take the girl to a bookstore and she explodes with happiness, take her shopping and she starts searching for the nearest bookstore.

"BRUNA BIANCHI! I'll let this one slide, but next time I will hide one of your books. Don't give me that look, you insult shopping and you insult me capiche?"

I heard her mutter, "Figlio di Troia."

"Sucammillo." That semester of Italian finally paid off. "Truce ok? Now let's go shop, we don't want to be late for the dinner now do we?"

"Olive, the dinner isn't until seven. Wait, Olivia we are not going to take THAT long shopping are we?" The look of pure horror on Bruna's face made my plan even better.

"What? I haven't the slightest idea of what you're talking about."

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