Right ok guys... am warning u now... this is taking a while... so erm like every papragraph is a chapter on its own atm... this is only till i get it finished tho then i'll sort it... i promise! :)

HOPE YOU ENJOY! despite all the page flicking...

Dancing in the Dark

6.25: "Becky!"


"Where's my red heels?"

"I dunno...Why? Do you need them?"

"YES!, David's picking me up in like 5 minutes"

6.29: "Jo!"


"I found them..."

"Oh brilliant your a star, Becky thanks"

"That's the door"

"Oh rats, phone, keys, bag, jacket... do I look alright?" Panic was starting to set in and a strange nervous butterfly effect which was weird because it wasn't a date, and yet she had a feeling like she wished it was, but that was a far fetched dream which would never happen, hadn't she'd known David practically her whole life, she knew his thoughts and mind, or at least she thought that she did.