Right some of you may remember i said i only had uploaded 2 chapters last night...well i got confused i did in actual fact upload 3! and here's another one! :)


"Ha, what else did we expect?" April's laugh filtered through the fog, and I could tell she was shaking her head. "Typical David. Can't even go to a hospital without finding someone to flirt with!" April kept laughing, totally unsurprised. Her laugh was good-natured, this was something totally typical of David. That boy would flirt with anything in a skirt.

...So why do I feel like my world just fell apart?

Said it all

Nothing to say at all

Nothing to say that matters

Haven't we heard enough

Said it all

Nothing to say that matters

Doesn't matter anymore

Yes so its kinda short but anways the next bits may take a while to upload as i kinda have a bit of writers block...

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