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Where we belong

Chapter one- Colby Andrews (for lack of a better name :) )

""Love doesn't make the world go 'round; love is what makes the ride worthwhile."

"What are you smiling at, Colby?" A soft, sweet voice whispered softly in my ear.

I jumped in surprise and looked over at my friend. Sarah Pinewing grinned back at me with a knowing look in her deep blue eyes. Her eyes were sagging slightly but mine were, too. The air was filled with the scent of dozens of different spices which could put a human into a coma; though would only put a weak witch to sleep.

"I'm meeting Talon at the dock after this," I tried to hide the blush on my cheeks but it refused to fade. I knew exactly what he had planned.

Sarah chuckled softly, making sure none of the elders could hear, "Judging by the blush on your cheeks, I can guess what you two have planned."

I just smiled down at my hands and shrugged.

At the moment, I was at weekly clan meeting in the scared grounds, which was a certain field deep in the woods. There was a giant fire pit, big enough to fit fifty people which were now blazing with deep blue flames that were about ten feet high.

One of the five elders, Sacoba; an old woman with white hair and the tallest person you could ever meet, was brewing the fire and chanting incantations. The rest of the clan sat in a circle around the fire. There were about one hundred and sixty of us and the children were in the front and the stronger adults were close to the back.

Sarah and I, being fifteen and not full witch yet, sat behind the children and in front of the adults.

Sarah's parents were standing in the back, being one of the most powerful witches in our clan. Jacob, Sarah's newborn brother was in their arms. I glanced back at them and Sarah's father, a black-haired man with cold green eyes, glared at me with fire in his eyes. I quickly turned around and faced forward again.

Sarah's parents had hated me ever since I was ten and they first met me. They hated that their daughter would befriend me, though I didn't really judge them. Most of the witches disliked me, not because I did anything but because of my heritage. My mother and father were once one of the most powerful couples in our clan and the most respected until my mother ruined everything by joining them, our ancient enemies the Weres. Now, my father was a drunk who never left the house except for when he had to, like clan meetings.

I looked down and pulled out a tuft of grass in anger, everyone thought I was worthless because of what my mother did. I couldn't even bare thinking about her.

My mother left when I was five and I had been considered the traitor's child since. I had only had one friend until Sarah came along, Gabriel. Gabriel was my older brother who had been eight when my mother left and had been the only one to take care of me when dad just...gave up life, I guess.

I looked behind me and saw my eighteen year old brother standing with his arms crossed and an angry expression on his face. He was standing a small distance away from everyone else though he didn't need to, he was not judged anymore. He was the most powerful young witch in years.

"Have you told Talon about yourself yet?" Sarah's voice was soft so that we wouldn't attract any unwanted attention.

I shook my head and sighed, "No...I can't find the right time. It isn't easy walking up to your human boyfriend and telling him that you're a mythical creature who actually exists."

She laughed softly, "I guess not, but you've been dating him for two years now...I think he could take it."

I sighed, "Maybe but what if he thinks that I'm crazy?"

"I've heard that insanity can be a turn on to some people," She grinned back.

I looked at her with wide eyes and pushed her lightly, laughing along with her.

"Is there a problem, Mr. Andrews?" Oh shit.

I looked up to see Sacoba staring at me with her piercing white eyes and looked down, shaking my head violently, "N-No , elder Sacoba, there is no problem at all."

I felt everyone's eyes on me and I could almost imagine how angry Gabriel must me right now. I heard snickers to the left of me and I saw Raphael Adams sitting with his group of snobs, laughing at me. Raphael was a tall auburn haired boy the same age as me though as powerful as most adults. Girls fawned over him for his power and looks. Of Course, he hated me.

"Good, because if you are ever facing a werewolf attack, I that the goddess will shine down upon you, without that you'd be dead," the tall woman's voice was cold as she looked upon me with a hint of contempt.

I just stared down at the grass and nodded. Sacoba was the worst Elder in my opinion. The Elders were the leaders of the tribe, the oldest, wisest and most powerful of the clan. They were also supposed to care for each of us as their own children but Sacoba hated me, she had since she first laid eyes on me when I was born.

"We haven't seen the Weres in their wolf form for years," I muttered angrily to Sarah, "they are hardly a threat any longer."

"Just because we do not see them," She began in a strained voice, "does not mean that they are not there. It also does not at all mean that they are not a threat; you die if you think like that. They are out there, Colby, remember that."

I just kept staring forward, watching the fire grow larger and larger. I knew that the werewolves were out there, the ones my age go to school with me. Of Course, I am not a full witch yet so they do not know that I am one and I cannot tell if someone is a werewolf or not. Witches do not even get to gain their powers and start hunting for werewolves until they turn sixteen. Many people do not start hunting until they are nineteen, though.

There are two ways to make a werewolf. The most popular way to make one of them is for a female and a male to breed. The other way is for one of them to bite a witch between the ages of sixteen and eighteen. This is why many witches do not start hunting until they turn nineteen.

I hated the man-eating monsters more than anything; they were the absolute bane of my existence ever since my mother... left.

I sat and watched as the sun began sinking into the horizon. I'm not sure how much time had passed, I had tuned out everything else and just contemplated how to tell Talon about me. I wasn't going to say anything tonight, it would ruin the evening. I had been trying to tell him for ages now though and I have never gotten up the nerve to. It was against the law of my clan to tell a human but I didn't care. I loved Talon, more than anything and I wanted him to know.

He tells me everything about himself and I haven't even told him who I am. Hell, he has never met my father or brother. Of Course, I never let him meet my father who spends all of his time in our basement, though I did try to introduce him to Gabriel. My brother never seemed to be home whenever Talon was there; well Talon never seemed to be home these days. He was always in the woods hunting.

I didn't realise how much time had passed before everyone stood up and said their blessing to the goddess. Sarah grabbed my arm and pulled me to my feet, shaking her head and sighing.

"Goddess, watch the moon.

Goddess, protect the sun.

Goddess, hide the stars.

Goddess, hunt the wolf."

Each of us chanted this for ten minutes straight. The fire grew high with each verse we sung until I was almost scared that we would start a forest fire. I closed my eyes and felt a surge of power flow through me like fire and I chanted louder.

After ten minutes the fire roared vigour and we all went silent in awe.

Sacoba got to her feet and bowed before the fire, "Oh Goddess, watch over us as we leave you're sacred grounds. Protect us from impairment, give us your blessing."

Everyone was silent for a moment, before we all slowly turned around and were allowed to leave. We all walked away from the field silently until we were out of range and everyone slowly started talking again.

"Sacoba hates me," I grumbled, kicking a stick as Sarah and I trudged back.

Sarah sighed and wrapped an arm around my shoulders, "If it's any consolation, she doesn't seem to like anyone our age."

"She loves Raphael," I scoffed angrily.

Sarah raised an eyebrow, "Does any adult not?"

I glared, not wanting to admit that she was right.

Raphael was the prodigy of the clan. He was almost bursting with untouched power and he hadn't even hit sixteen yet. Also, he was the most handsome guy who has not yet turned sixteen. The better looking you are, the more powerful you are. Most people who are not sixteen look plain and usually ugly.

"Why can't you just sit and listen for once?" I felt someone grab my arm and was whipped around to see Gabriel looking at me angrily.

"Sacoba hates me! You know that!" I pulled my arm out of his grasp.

Witches walking by gave us disapproving looks but I didn't really care, they could just fuck off. I glared at my older brother and he glared right back. We looked nothing alike; he had platinum blond hair and snowy skin with tilted brown cat eyes. Gabriel was beautiful and immensely powerful.

I had golden blond hair that never went the way I wanted it to and a tan due from the days I would spend outside with Talon. I was plain and absolutely nothing special. I couldn't even use my powers yet.

Gabriel stared me down for a moment and sighed dropping his gaze, "Colby, you are not helping you're reputation."

I crossed my arms indignantly, "I don't care what the clan thinks. They're all pricks anyway."

I felt Gabriel slap me in the face, not hard enough to really hurt me but it didn't feel good, though he hadn't lifted up a hand. He grabbed my hair and growled in a menacing tone, "Fuck, you idiot! The clan is all we have! We would fucking die without them, don't you get that? If they shunned you then I could leave, too!"

I shoved him off angrily, "You don't have to fucking humour me."

Gabriel growled, "Don't you even care about your future?"

I shook my head, "Not in the clan. If they hate me for mom then they can go to hell."

Gabriel's eyes flared in anger, "You insufferable little bitch! Do you really think that you can just live your life as a loner, married to a fucking human?"

I crossed my arms and nodded, "Yes."

"You fool!" Gabriel roared.

I was glad that all of the other witches were gone by now and we were alone in the forest. Even Sarah had turned around and left though I didn't mind. Gabriel and I fought whenever we were together and it was irritating. The forest had gone quiet now and the sun was drawing close to the horizon, colors had begun to emerge into the sky.

A thought hit me; Talon was waiting for me at the dock. Panic filled me and I hoped that Gabriel would finish yelling at me so I would be able to leave.

"The Were's will kill you," Gabriel growled, glaring at me like I was a two year old ham and cheese sandwich.

"I don't really care," I replied shortly. "The day I turn nineteen and become a full adult, I am going to leave with Talon."

"Then die, Colby," Gabriel sighed, running a hand through his hair and looking exasperated. "If you do not care then I don't either."

With that, he turned and stomped away toward the north. After about ten steps, he stopped and muttered a few words then vanished. I was used to that, Gabriel's specialty was teleportation so he was naturally amazing at it.

I sighed and looked around the woods. Nothing moved or made noise though it wasn't eerie. This forest had been around for ages, being the holy place of the witches. Werewolves could not enter this forest in their wolf form, just as we wouldn't be able to enter their village and still be able to use magic.

I knew that Gabriel didn't want me to die but he was still an asshole and I usually wished that I was an only child. I knew Gabriel didn't like me; he never did and never will. I was just plain and weak. I knew that I look just like my mother and that fact killed him whenever he looked at me; I could see it in his eyes.

I turned and began running toward the west where the river was. I checked my watch it was 6:10; I was supposed to meet Talon ten minutes ago. Panicking, I ran as fast as I could, which was about three times faster than an Olympic athlete.

As I sprinted away, I had no clue that there were two bright eyes watching me hungrily.


It took me forty minutes to sprint there, which wasn't bad considering that I had to run fifteen miles to get to the docks. I also had to run through the forest and had to jump over fallen trees and such.

I finally emerged from the forest to a beautiful sight.

A giant river glimmering in the dying sun's last light with a background of snow capped mountains. The sky was shooting off dozens of colors and the water was peaceful and untouched. Gentle ripples broke the giant lake's surface and ran across the warm sand softly.

It was a truly beautiful place; it was the place I had first met Talon.

I smiled softly at the memory before I slowly began to walk down the dock.

There he was, sitting at the very end of the dock.

Talon had his back to me as he faced the water so all I could see what his tan, shirtless, muscular back. I suddenly had a giddy feeling in my stomach and I crept towards him, trying to make as little noise as possible. As I grew closer, I heard him humming. It was a tune I had never heard but was slightly unnerving.

I was three feet behind him and I reached my hand out to scare him but before I could, Talon turned quickly and grabbed my hand with his.

"I was starting to believe that you weren't coming," the dark haired boy grinned as he brought my hand to his lips and gently kissed it.

He kept his deep brown eyes on me and I found myself getting lost in them as I usually did, they were so dark and intense. I found myself blushing a bit at him and smiled back, embarrassed that I had been so late.

"Talon, I'm sorry," I sighed softly, wishing I could tell him why I was so late.

"Don't be," He grinned back as I sat down beside him with my feet dangling over the edge, "you came."

I sighed, remembering why I loved him so much. I never interrogated me on anything and I appreciated more than anything. He wrapped an arm around my waist and I lend into him, my head resting on his shoulder.

"The view is beautiful," I smiled softly, staring off at the water.

"It is," He agreed. I looked up at him to see that he had been watching me the whole time, not even looking at the water.

I blushed and lent up and kissed him gently on the cheek, his tan skin was warm against my lips.

"My, Talon," I smiled jokingly, "If I didn't know better I would swear you were trying to flirt with me."

He grinned back, "And if I was?"

I laughed and lent up and whispered in his ear, "then you would be doing a fantastic job of it."

We both laughed and cuddled up closer to each other. Talon pulled me closer to him so I was almost on his lap and ran his fingers through my hair, humming softly. The tune was so soft and calming this time, I lay down with my head in his lap and snuggled in to his stomach with my eyes closed.

After a few minutes, I opened my eyes to see Talon staring down at me intently. I was surprised by the amount of emotions swimming in his eyes, lust, love, covetousness, possessiveness, longing, and I was surprised to see excitement.

"What are you looking at?" I smiled softly.

He shrugged, running his hands through my hair once more, "summer is coming very soon, Colby."

I laughed at the randomness of his statement, "I know, it is going to be nice to get out of school finally. And you'll be turning sixteen, too."

Talon sighed and replied, "I am going to have to be away for that, Colby. My father wants me to visit my grandparents in Washington for three weeks."

I sat up in alarm my eyes going wide, "Three weeks? Why so long?"

Talon shrugged and looked away, "Apparently she has been asking about me and is growing ill. My father wants me to see her before she passes on."

I nodded and lay back down with a slight frown on my face, "I guess that is fair." I was dreading when he would have to leave. I hadn't been without Talon for longer than two days since I had met him and I had grown more attached since then.

Talon chuckled softly and caressed my cheek softly, "I do not wish to leave you either, Colby, but I...need to."

I nodded but didn't say anything.

Talon sighed softly and wrapped his arms around my waist before slowly pulling me up into a deep kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck and moaned as he nipped at my bottom lip. His tongue lapped at my lips, and I opened them, allowing him to explore my mouth. I moaned once more and got up to straddle his hips.

Talon's hands went up my shirt and he pinched my nipples. I moaned into his mouth and helped him slide my shirt off before attacking his mouth again.

Talon eventually grabbed my shoulders and flipped me over so I was lying in my back with him on top of me. I moaned as he rubbed his hips against me, the friction driving me insane. I felt his prick get hard against me and mine followed, he felt it, too. He cupped me through my pants.

"Talon!" I gasped.

Talon growled back and worked on lowering my pants.

I gasped and shut my eyes as I felt my boxers come off and I was suddenly exposed.

My boyfriend looked down upon me with a certain look in his eyes that was almost animalistic. A shadow had come across his face and he looked almost like a different person. His lips were slightly parted and he growled, "Mine."

He suddenly took my entire shaft down his throat and I gasped and tangled my hands in his hair, almost screaming in pleasure. Talon and I did this every weekend but I still hadn't gotten used to the feeling, it was too good.

Talon began sucking so hard, I was moaning more than I ever had and I was loud, very loud. The pressure was almost too much and I groaned, "Going to cum..."

Talon suddenly stopped and growled at me, "No. Not until I am in you, Colby."

I whimpered, not sure if I could wait but nodded anyway.

Talon reached into his pants and pulled out a bottle of lube before he began pouring some onto his finger and grinning down at me.

Ready, baby?" He asked with an evil look in his eyes.

I felt his hand reach down and grab my ass before a finger pressed against my opening. "Oh god, Talon yes," I groaned and gave him a pleading look.

With another smirk, Talon wiggled it in causing me to moan. As soon as it was in, Talon added another and began thrusting, preparing me for something much better. Talon finger fucked me harder and I found myself moaning louder but careful not to lose myself and use magic. Whenever juvenile witches cannot control their emotions, they cannot control their magic and bad things can happen.

I was moaning so loud, I barely noticed when Talon removed his fingers and pressed his tip against my entrance.

"Ready for me, Colby?" Talon panted breathlessly.

I grinned and wrapped an arm around his neck before yanking him down into a deep kiss. Talon kissed back gladly, lapping at my lips and sucking on my bottom lip. I moaned into his lips and granted him entrance into my mouth. Our tongues fought for dominance and Talon quickly won.

Before I could even think, Talon slammed into me.

I gasped and pulled away from the kiss to moan. The feeling of Talon inside of me was amazing, like nothing in the world mattered but us. I couldn't think about anything but the feeling. Flesh against flesh and the soft groans he was making were driving me insane.

"Oh fuck," Talon groaned as I began to flex and roll my hips up, meeting his eyes thrust.

"Harder," I demanded.

Talon growled and pounded into me even harder. After a minute, I felt him touch something that made me scream out in ecstasy.

Talon grinned and began pounding into that spot harder, leaning down to kiss me.

I could barely take it and I knew I was about to lose control of my magic. I reached down and grabbed my cock, stroking it so I could cum before I lost control.

After two minutes, I screamed out, "Oh Talon!"

I came all over my stomach and allowed Talon to finish with my body before he, too, ejaculated.

After a moment, Talon rolled onto his back and pulled me onto his chest.

I grinned down at him and kissed his jawbone, "I love you, my sex god."

Talon laughed and kissed me back lightly, "I love you, too, Colby."

I smiled contently and curled up into his chest, listening to his comforting heart beat. I loved Talon more than anything in the world; I could never let him go. I couldn't imagine my life without him. I closed my eyes contently and allowed my thoughts to drift. Talon wrapped his arms around me in a protective embrace.

I was not sure when, but I feel asleep, dreading when I would have to get up and go home.

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