We pull into the driveway slowly. Daddy stops, and I unbuckle my seat belt and jump out of the car. I fall and cut my knee on one of the sharp rocks, but it doesn't really hurt. Daddy goes to check the mail and frowns when he sees a big envelope. It's white with big red letters on it. It looks really important, but he looks sad, so I forget about my knee.

Later that day, a car comes to the house. I go up to the window and a blonde lady comes out of the car. She walks up to the front door and I run to get my dad. He is sitting on his bed looking at the letter again. I wonder why it's so important.

"Daddy, someone's at the door." I say loudly. He looks up.

He gets up and walks to the front door. When he sees me following he stops me. I try to listen, but I can't hear what the adults are saying so I stomp into my room and slam the door. I walk through the doorway, and step over stuff to get to my dresser. Pulling my note book out, I draw my dad; his eyes are really big, but his mouth is tiny.

My daddy walks into my room and the drawing goes behind my back. The lady is behind him and I don't want her to see it. She is frowning and looking around. She smiles at me, but her eyebrows are still together. My daddy wants me to go outside with her. I stay sitting down until he comes with me. I don't wanna be alone with this lady. I don't like her.

"C'mon daddy," I pull on his hand to get him to come along. He follows me outside, and then stops.

The lady then kneels down and starts to speak, smiling brightly "You and I are going to go for a drive to get ice cream, okay?"

Now I like her more. "Is my dad coming?"

"Oh, no; he doesn't want any."

"Ok! When are we going to get back?"

The lady looks away; her smile starting to shakes a little, "Soon."

I run into her car really fast. The last time I had ice cream was so long ago. But I'm confused. If my Daddy didn't want any ice cream, then why is he crying?