She Didn't Know…

"I love you! I love you!" She kept repeating it over and over again. It burned as if scorched into my brain, left to torture me with its remaining embers. She stared at me again, a flame in her eyes.

"I love you so much! I loved you so much! But I know you don't feel the same way! No one loves a psycho..." She looked down at her hands, as if they were growing something horrid, and looked up at me frightened. Tears flooded her eyes and spilled freely down her soft, rosy cheeks.

"Please don't do this, darling. Please don't do this. I love you, too. I love you so much…"

"DON'T!" she interrupted. Her blonde hair was wet from the rain outside and it hung in strands around her bright green eyes, which blazed in agony. "Don't you DARE lie to me! I'm not stupid! I'm not fucking stupid!"

I couldn't help but let a few tears escape my eyes as well, as I looked at her, then back at my teacher. He stood motionless, speechless. "I love you, too. I do love you. I promise I do, darling. You mean the world to me."

She looked down at the floor and backed out of the classroom doorway slowly, touching the smooth, white stucco wall as she passed. "You were beautiful, too; the mysterious boy with dark hair and big blue eyes. So beautiful…" she said.

I looked back at my teacher again. My look was pleading, but in his face, I didn't see the man I had seen every day in class. This man was sad and scared. He held no superiority at this moment. He had no textbook in hand and a loud booming voice telling us what to read. He expressed no need to protect me or my loved one, as her mind lost control. He only saw two young people fighting, as he had probably never seen before, and a pained look on his student's face.

"Where are you going?" I asked. I was terrified of the response, terrified of what she would do. I loved her. She made it so hard, but damn it I love her.

"I'm leaving," she said shortly. I followed her out cautiously. I could hear my teacher's footsteps behind me. Maybe he did care, or maybe he was trying to escape. He was lucky. He didn't love her. He didn't know what it was like to love someone who thought you weren't real, or to care about someone who thought you wanted to kill them.

"If I don't do it, you're going to do it eventually, right? I'm right, right? You will, won't you?" she mumbled almost to herself, but the questions were for me. She continued to walk slowly down the hallway, wringing her hands nervously. Her shoes slapped the linoleum floor, splattering rain water from the soles.

"Do what, dear? Hurt you? I would never ever hurt you. How many times can I say it before you believe me? I love you so much. I have always loved you." She didn't acknowledge me, or my attempts at stopping her. The hallway never seemed so endless, so torturous. She had never known the tales of these halls, never personally, anyway. But she had dreamed so much to know, to experience them like me, with me. She was never psychologically capable. The poor dear never got her chance…

"I just want it over," she said. She began to sob. "Please stop. Please stop! STOP! LEAVE! ME! ALONE!" The voices, I knew the voices would come back. And she was having such a good week. We were having such a good week…together. She won't remember, though. When they're there, she won't hear me, and she won't listen. This is too much, too much for a seventeen year old.

"I WANT THIS OVER! I WANT THEM GONE!" She continued to sob and she quickened her pace. As she finally reached the end of the hallway, she made a left turn to the platform that led to the staircase. It was unexpected for me, but I immediately knew what she wanted to do. I ran after her now, the seriousness of the situation becoming fatally high.

"No, please!" I yelled. "Please don't do it!" I knew this wasn't the way to handle it, but it was terrifying. She stood at the rail to the staircase, smiling now. She looked down adoringly at the floor below it then closed her eyes, as if to dream of all the peace it brought.

"Come join me, love," she said. "Come join me, we can be together. It doesn't matter where we go, but this way, we'll be together."

"Don't leave me! Don't do this! You can't!" I was screaming maniacally now, but her face remained composed.

"Mm hmm," she said. Not to me, but to the voices.

"What did they say?" I asked breathlessly. "What are they telling you?"

"They say it's OK. It'll be alright, and we will be together. We will, they promised me that we will."

"Remember how we practiced, love, remember? They're not real, love. I am. I am real! I am here!"

She swung her legs gracefully over the rail and sat on it, and for the first time in what felt like hours...

"NO!"…the man spoke. I peered behind me to find him looking frantic. My teacher, frantic about something other than a failed test or missing homework assignment. My love's eyes fluttered open, and she looked back at me.

"This is the only way to escape my demons. It's the only way."

"It's not the only way. You're doing so well, and I'm so proud of you. I'm so proud of you…" The last part came out in barely a whisper.

"I love you so much," was all she said, before she pushed off the rail and plummeted to the ground; to her death. A soft thump on the ground was all that could be heard, but I knew that she was gone.

For a second, I could feel my heart stop beating. My world spun around me and a ringing began in my ears. My legs became numb and gave out as I fell to my knees and sobbed. The teacher came behind me and knelt beside me. "I'm so sorry, son," he said in a shaky voice. "I called the police, but…" he trailed off. We heard sirens in the background. Too late, I thought. The teacher helped me to my feet. I stared at the rail, unable to ever look at it the same again, before he took hold of my shoulders and turned me away from it. It was a killer. A killer. But…that wasn't true. She was gone, forever, because of her actions. I would never see her again. She was my love. She didn't know it, but I loved her.

A/N: This is just a one-shot, and I don't really know why I wrote it or what I was thinking when I wrote it. Pretty much, I just wanted an intense scene. Please read and review, I'm open to critique. Actually, that's what I really want on this, is just what you guys think about it. Enjoy!