The place, the time, the date

Not expecting, not suspecting

Waiting for another, who's always running late

Then from the crowd a face appears

Not even features, just a gaze

Eyes lock, colors connected by more than sight.

And then lost, back to the sea

The roaring crowd sweeps the man away

And his features are a mystery, lost to detail

And then the reason you were standing there,

Late in the cold, and you have to go too

But that look, that haunting stare, follows the path of your steps

A year passes then two,

There have been other guys, some great

Some not. Then another. He seems familiar, you're not sure why.

Talking late into the night. A smoldering kiss

He stands to leave and turns to say good night.

And you know him, those eyes, sightless and yet seeing.

The same look from before.

The same feeling, intense transcendence.

And he realized it too. And you have found each other again.