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Chapter 1

"Look at the subject. Also sometimes known as Josh. Here, he is in his natural habitat, searching for a suitable shelter to eat his meal." Megan whispered to me. I giggled in response at her narration.

Josh stood at the front of the cafeteria, looking for a table with his friends. He soon found one, and took a seat.

"During his meals, Josh likes to talk with his friends. They often chat about things happening in their clan, or about the horrible quality of food in this region."

I laughed quietly. She turned towards me, her gray eyes glittering. "Good, right?"

"That was hilarious." I told my friend.

She smiled and added. "Better write that in the journal."

"Will do," I promised, pulling out the weathered notebook.

It was a blue spiral notebook, torn and aged. On the front cover it was blank, but inside the cover was the title:

The Guide For Guys

Megan and I had been writing in it for a few years now. And we worshiped it like crazy. It was what kept us laughing during boring school days.

I flipped to Josh Stanton's page and wrote: Subject is known for sticking with his clan. After searching for a shelter to eat his meal, he and his colleagues often discuss the weather and the horrible quality of food in this area.

I shook my head after writing it down, Megan had a knack for being comical.

Megan and I didn't have boyfriends. Instead, we viewed them from afar. We wrote down some of their traits, and their normal behaviors. So it really was like a guide for guys at our school.

The bell rang, telling the students it was time for class again. I dumped my trash away and headed to my locker. Opening my locker, I checked my reflection briefly in my little mirror. My ebony locks were actually behaving today, and my blue eyes were clear. I smiled, glad I looked alright today, for once.

I grabbed my books and slammed my locker shut and then proceeded to run into someone.

"Oops," I told them, bending down to pick up my things.

"You should watch where you're going," They said back.

I looked up to see Desmond handing me my belongings.

"Maybe you should, Desmond." I stated back.

He narrowed his hazel eyes at me. "Nice comeback. Not."

"That's it?" I questioned him. "You must be feeling nice today." I smirked, relishing in his reaction.

His jaw twitched, and I knew I got him.

"Someone's PMSing."

I rolled my eyes. "Yeah, and I think it's you." He finished helping me with my books and we stood up.

"Just watch it next time, Evans." He said, using my last name.

He retreated down the hallway without a single glance back. I stood there for a moment, watching his leaving form. Desmond sure was cocky, and annoying.

I wasn't really sure how our relationship started, but I think it began when we were little. We were in the first and I was playing at the park. Our park was so awesome, it had a ginormous sandbox to play in. Once my mother brought me there, I hopped in the sand, trying to build something. Next thing I know, a dark shadow passes over my head. I started to look to see what it was, but I was too late. Sand was dumped all over me, leaving me looking like I was coated in brown sugar.

But of course, sand isn't as sweet as sugar.

I hastily wiped the gritty stuff out of my eyes, tears forming in the process. I squinted my eyes and saw a boy standing above me, my age.

"You're in my spot." He stated.

"Please," I cried. "Can't we share?"

He huffed dramatically. "Fine." And he sat beside me.

We played for a while and I actually enjoyed it.

Of course, the little boy was Desmond. And we had teased each other ever since.

I got back home later that evening, exhausted. School definitely wore me out.

My mom peeked her head into the living room from the kitchen. "Hey honey, how was school?" She chirped.

"Fine," I answered, rummaging through my bag.

"Okay. I made some cookies, they're on the table."

"Thanks," I offered, my head still bent towards my book bag.

Resorting to my last ditch effort, I picked up my heavy bag and turned it upside down. I shook it repeatedly school supplies flinging out in all directions. Once I was sure my bag was empty, I sifted through the items lying on the carpet.

Where was the notebook?

My eyes widened at the possibility of it being lost. No, it can't be misplaced! It was my everything! It helped me release my sarcasm in a non-sarcastic world. I needed it to vent my feelings and to keep my humor.

Megan would have my head if she realized I lost it. A World War 3 would occur, my death by her starting it. This thought made me search even faster, my eyes skimming over folders and books. After minutes of scrutinizing all the objects, I slumped back on my heels, defeated. It simply wasn't there.

My chest tightened. This was bad, really bad.

Where did I put it?

I cleared my mind, trying to remember my day at school.

Okay, in the morning I went to my locker and I had it then. I went through my morning lessons with it, and then I brought it with me to lunch. After that, I ran into Desmond and my stuff went flying. Flying. My notebook must've gotten lost in the mix up!

A cold hand clenched my throat. Fear crept its way into my mind, taking hold of my thoughts. Having the guide in Desmond's possession was even worse.

Who knew what he would do with it! Considering we weren't exactly on good terms, this would very likely become disastrous. This sudden turn of events would cause World War 4, right after Megan hung me like an outlaw.

I pinched the bridge of my nose, trying to calm myself down. Okay, positive thoughts. Positive thoughts. Ponies and rainbows, ponies and rainbows. I actually felt a little bit better. My gaze settled on the throw up my back pack had heaved. My heart sped up. Desmond has the guide!

Not good, not good!

I tried to look at this logically. I know I was sounding over dramatic, cause it's just a silly old notebook, right? Well, that's where you're wrong. This isn't just some notebook filled with random things about guys.

Okay, well, maybe it was. My point being, was that it had some of Megan and I's thoughts about guys in it too. Like how we rated them and our opinions on them. If Desmond leaked this info to the school body, we'd have some seriously angry males on our case. (And some pleased ones. Hey, not all the guys at our school are bad looking.)

My panic rate sky rocketed. What do you do in desperate times?!

I did what any normal woman would do.

I went into the kitchen and inhaled several chocolate cookies. I devoured them, savoring the warm gooey centers, and the luscious chocolate that peppered the cookies. They were delicious. I paused in mid-lick of my fingers, thinking. I should just admit my action to Megan. She needed to know, anyways.

Taking a deep breath, I whipped my cell phone out of my pocket. I stared at its digital screen, really not wanting to dial Megan's number. She'd have my head in a heart-beat if she learned who now had the guide.

But I had to tell her. I dialed her number, holding my phone to my ear.

"Hey Michelle, what's up?" Came a cheery voice on the other side of the line.

I cursed Megan's cheeriness. This was going to make breaking the bad news to her even harder.

"Hey...you..." I stalled, wanting to lengthen this conversation.

She laughed. I could picture her eyes crinkling in amusement at my weirdness.

"What's going on?"

"Um, well, do you remember that notebook we always write in? About guys?"

A pause. "Yeah, why?"

And this was why I was glad Megan was my friend. I knew she had to be an amazingly loyal friend if I felt this horrible telling her I had misplaced one of her most prized possessions. She was honest and faithful. She always had my back in all situations, no matter how bad. She wasn't one to lie, either. Megan would tell you straight up, how she felt. Which was good in some cases, and just plain horrible in others. I absently shook my head, wanting to get this over with.

"Well, it seems, I, uh..."

"It seems you what?"

I shifted the phone to my other ear, and took myself up to my room. After I heard the soft click of closing my door, I told her the truth.

"Imisplacedtheguide." I mumbled quickly.

"I'm sorry?"

"I misplaced the guide." I told her clearer.

Then followed an audible gasp. I heard the phone shift, and she drew a sharp intake of breath.

"Please tell me you didn't!"

My lips pulled into a frown, hating the sound of her disappointed voice.

"I'm sorry, Megan. I swear I'll get it back as soon as I can."

"Is it lost?" She questioned.

"Not exactly..."

"Michelle," Her tone of voice indicating she clearly wanted me to get to the point. "Where is it?"

"Desmond has it."

"You what?!" She screeched. I pulled the phone from my ear, my hearing temporarily gone.

"I'm sorry! I bumped into him today in the hallway. My stuff went airborne and we had to sort everything. And I guess I was too busy teasing him that I didn't realize he had the journal. I'm sorry Megan!"

Megan was probably putting a hand to her forehead, her eyes closed.

"You do remember what we put under his profile, right?"

My heart screeched to a halt. Of course I remembered what we had put.

Megan had said he had the sexiest butt in our whole school. She also had said his hazel eyes were like golden halos, lighting up the world. I, on the other hand, had said he seemed shallow. He was a jerk to me, like he was earlier. I also hadn't failed to mention how he seemed so full of himself.

If he saw that, we were doomed.