Love You

I stood alone one day
Clouded by despair
The storm only growing
Waiting to sweep me away

"Used" was what I was
Thrown away again
Heart shattered to bits
Broken with no repairs

I was foolish to think
They'd let me stay that way
There was a knock at the door
The sky suddenly brightening

They cradle me in arms
Much like a warm blanket
Sooth the pain I've held in
Opening up the sky

Take me away from home
And out of the cell of sorrow
Going everywhere we can
Yet nowhere in specific

Make me laugh again
Though I fight it
Force me to smile
Unfamiliar happiness

Before I can comprehend
I'm back to normal again
Accepting myself
Forgetting the mistakes

We continue into the night
And when rain starts to fall
I merely turn on the wipers
And park near the river

We get out of the car
Dare the gods to smite us
Stronger than I ever was
Because of caring friends

When in doubt or sorrow
When love slips away
When you can't fight despair
Call in your reinforcements

Because they will always love you