A loud crack rang out as the sniper fired his shot from his vantage point atop the half-destroyed torch of the once undamaged Statue of Liberty. He watched the round make contact on an unaware sentry in a guard tower. The man dropped down in the tower without alerting the rest of the base. He shifted his view to the base of the wall the tower was overlooking.

"Tango Down, East wall to Ellis Island Bridge clear." He said talking into an earpiece on his mask.

"Roger that moving in to position, redeploy at position Charlie and hold fire until my command" replied a stern voice. The soldier stood up and drew back his hood and he bent over and took apart his rifle and stored it in a bag and slung it over his shoulder. The soldier raised his foot on what was left of the railing then launched himself over the railing plummeting to the ground. Only few feet from the ground the soldier touched a button weaved into his armor, causing his boots to shoot out a pulses of air allowing him too safely and quietly land on the ground. He stood for a few seconds on the shore of the island. After another touch of a button the pack on his back shot out with wings. He gently rose into the air then silently rocketed towards the bombed out city of New York. The soldier flew to the other shore to the top of a tall building and redeployed his rifle on the corner of the roof and sighted in and located the rest his team at the base of wall, two where throwing grapple hooks over the wall, while the other two covered both sides.

"Hotel-3, this is Hotel Over watch. Two tangos in bound to your left, they are comin' around the corner. What are your orders?"

"Hotel Over-watch hold your fire we are over the wall." Replied the squad leader as he was climbing down the other side of the wall. The sniper let out a sigh as he pulled his eye away from his rifle. For a quarter of an hour, he sat waiting periodically looking through the scope and through his binoculars. He looked through his scope and noticed something moving. He moved the rifle and increased the magnification; a patrol was walking right in the direction of his team.

"Hotel-3, Over watch here, four tangos heading right for you. Take cover."

"Roger, we'll take the back three, you take out the head one. On three."

"Got it!" the sniper whispered.


The sniper locked onto the lead guard.


The sniper chambered a round, and flicked the safety off.


The sniper squeezed of the round and seconds later the guard dropped to the ground, as the rest of the team ambushed the other guards, stabbing their combat knives into the necks of the unsuspecting guards.

"Nice job, Overwatch."

"Thanks sir, all in a day's work." The sniper said leaning back into the makeshift chair he had made out of rubble, putting his hands behind his head. He sat there for about five minutes until he checked the scope again, nothing. He sat in his chair, waiting, waiting something to happen. It finally happened as he started to drift into sleep. The team was crossing back across the bridge when the bridge pillars exploded sending the bridge and the team into the water. He quickly stood up, behind him he heard a gun being loaded. He felt the barrel being pushed against his head.

"Nice try, but you'll have to do better than that." Said a voice masked by a helmet microphone. He pulled the sniper around to face him. "You resistance scum need to learn when to stop fighting." He said as he cuffed the sniper.

"At least we fight back, unlike you traitors who joined the Martian bastards. How could you betray your own race?"

"Traitors?! We are helping our race; we are making the world better by having peace with the Martians. You are the traitors to the human race!" The masked human said, backhanding the soldier. He turned away from the sniper and began to walk through a bombed out door way.

"We will be free of this tyranny! Or die trying!" yelled the soldier. The man stopped in his tracks and reached into his coat. Pulling out his handgun, he put it to the forehead and said, "So be it" in a deep whisper. But before he could pull the trigger and execute the sniper, he touched two buttons on his gauntlet with his middle and index fingers. A light flashed as an IED made from an outdated XM1060 40-mm Thermoberic grenade exploded. Hours later the sniper woke up, as he stood up the bottom half of his cowl deteriorated into ash. He stumbled through the bombed out city for half an hour when he finally stopped in an area riddle with craters and charred corpses, all of them human, none of them military. The sniper leaned over and picked up a piece of a sign. It read, Liberty State Park, he had finally made it.

"Control, this is Hotel-Overwatch. Requesting extraction at Extraction Point Liberty. Please Respond." The soldier coughed into his backup wrist communicator. "I repeat; Control, this Hotel-Overwatch. Requesting extraction at Extraction Point Liberty. How Copy?" After silence that lasted seconds, but seemed like centuries he finally got an answer.

"Hotel-Overwatch, this is control. Extraction on the way, but how did you survive we saw the whole team go dark except you. Then you activated your IED how did you survive?" the replied in a stunned voice.

"I activated my kinetic barrier and directed all power to the front of my suit. Now get me the hell out of here, the team barely succeeded in the mission and I don't wanna be here when the bomb goes off."

"Uh. Yes sir, sorry sir." Stuttered the soldier.

After about an hour of waiting in a nearby crater, a CH-146 Griffon landed nearby. The young marine manning the machine gun reached out his hand and pulled the soldier on to the helicopter. He slouched into the chair and let out a sigh. He looked to his right and lifted a headset from the rack and placed it on his head.

"Let's hightail it out of here. We have about hour to travel 50 miles." He yelled over the mic to the pilot as he leaned to look in to the cockpit. The pilot gave him a thumbs up as they began to fly away. The soldier finally began to relax when the marine at the door started to unload his heavy machine gun into the city below. The sniper lifted up the machine gun on the other side of the helicopter. He held down the trigger of the gun, firing randomly into a filed full of Martian-Human Coalition. "You traitors! I'm gonna kill you all!" He stopped shouting and shooting and leaned his head out the door. He looked into the city as a bright blue flash erupted from Ellis Island in the distance. Then a blue mass of energy engulfed the rest of the city taking out the nearby Martian command center and all the troops in the city. The sniper slouched in his seat and smirked. He hit the power switch of a screen on the wall in front of him. It showed a satellite view off Earth and the Martian fleet surrounding it. All around the Earth masses of energy engulfing all the major Martian installations, which just happened to be most of the major cities around the world. The Martian Fleet prepared to fire on Earth and completely glass the planet, human commando teams fled the Martian ships. As their cannons began to fire, the ships began to glow orange as they started to break apart and explode.

"YAHOOO! We did it!" yelled the pilot over the radio. The sniper said nothing and just smiled as he shut his eyes. We finally did it. We are free once again. I can finally go home or at least what's left of it. He thought to himself as he began to fall asleep. Below him and the crew of the helicopter resistance fighters were rising up and fighting back. The Martians were being driven off Earth and after Earth rebuilds, they will be wiped from the face of the universe.