I Like The Way It Hurts:

"Now there's gravel in our voices

Glass is shattered from the fight

In this tug of war, you'll always win

Just gonna stand there and watch me burn…"

"Hello, officer."

The two words caused him to wake up abruptly, spoken in such a way that had shivers running down Tiberius' spine. He blinked emerald eyes open, taking in his surroundings as quickly as he could, scanning for the source of the voice.

The room was darkly decorated, with black covers and furniture, the walls a navy blue. It looked like something that should belong to a bachelor, one who seduced women with their darkness rather than their seduction skills.

His eyes finally landed on the man that had spoken, eyes going wide in surprise. Dark brown hair fell just to his chin; narrow brown eyes watched him with an amusement that was borderline evil. The man could easily take down a quarterback, or at least Tiberius, if he wanted with his size.

"Although I'm partial to calling you captain," the man continued in his seductive timber.

Tiberius frowned, opening his mouth to ask where he was even if he vaguely recognized the man before him. However, before the question could be formed he was interrupted, the question answered for him.

"You're in my room. I found you in the bar, I know what you came for. I spoke to my brother about keeping you, rather than sending back your body parts like we did the other messenger. Consider yourself lucky, you're my gift. You're mine now." The smile that left the man's lips would have left a normal person scared and quiet, but not Tiberius.

His fever was still present, the room hazy and his vision a little fuzzy, but that did not calm his infamous temper. "It's the twentieth century, you can't own a person! And I am not going to belong to anyone!"

Expecting a hit, or anything else from the man, Tiberius was surprised when a gentle hand moved forward before he was picked up and carried from the room. The movements were so swift and unexpected that Tibi had no time to follow what had happened until he and the male were standing within a dimly lit hallway.

About to yell at the male to put him down, the officer was surprised when the stranger leaned down and spoke softly into his ear, "you came to save your friend. I will make you a deal, you can stay with him, but you must stay with me. If not, I'll make sure your friend gets hurt. And trust me, it won't be so bad, you'll be treated real nice when you're mine."

Tiberius growled, about to protest when he heard it, the soft squeaking sound that was unmistakable with other sounds. His eyes widened, turning to glance down at the many doors that were in the long hallway.

A hand moved to stifle any sound that might escape him, the words whispered into his ears sending horrid feelings down through his chest. "Even your friend seems to enjoy the treatment he's been given."

The silence that was forced from the officer caused the sounds to become clearer. Somewhere down the hall, in one of the rooms, he could hear the bed moving. The grunts of a deep male voice, followed by the soft sound of another, his friend.

Tiberius fought harshly, hands moving to elbow the man that held him so he could stop what was happening to Malachi. He felt the nerve getting pinched, couldn't fight it as he found darkness once more swirling before him.

"Don't worry sweet captain," he heard whispered to him as he lost consciousness. "You'll get your turn."

Had Malachi known who was down the hall, listening in on the situation, he would have been even more mortified. It was a good thing he was blissfully unaware of his friend's presence in the criminal home, less he give Ryker more to hold over his head.

What had started as a bandage replacement had evolved into something more, something that he should have seen coming from miles away. After having finished the sandwiches, the mafia king had swept him up and to the bedroom to change and nurse his wounds.

At first the ordeal had gone normally, with the bandages changed to accommodate his head so that they would no longer hurt, but then Ryker had gone down the other path.

"These bandages… I wonder how strong they are…" He had made the comment off hand, but soon enough had tested the question by using the extras as a way to restrain little Malachi back onto the bed. The clothing he wore had gone swiftly after that, and Malachi had once again resorted to begging for mercy.

When his cries became an annoyance to the man who was trying to be creative, he found himself gagged, bandages serving as bonding gear quite well. Two more restraints were made, securing his legs to the sides of the bed so that he was spread so openly it was like an invitation.

He had felt it again then, the small ribbon that was tied securely around the base of his penis to block off any sort of release from what was going to happen. However, what he had not expected was for the male to step away, let the cool air touch him. The tears fell; there was no way to stop it even if he didn't want to replace the bandages again with what was happening.

"You know, I didn't get to eat my little snow bird. Yet, you had your fill." Ryker's voice drifted to him. The boy could not stop his shaking, unsure what was to come from the male's tone.

Soon he found out, as a mouth engulfed his limp organ and sucked. He would have screamed at the sensation, but the bandages wrapped securely within his mouth stopped the sound from fully escaping. Ryker pulled back after a moment, looking down at the little male, satisfied.

And that's where the tongue came, working its way up his chest, down to his thighs, and back to nibble at his collar bone. Again, he was so taken aback by the situation he did not feel his hands released, not until they were suddenly restrained high, above his head, tied together.

Pulled to his knees, Malachi found the bandage used to muffle his sounds ripped out of his mouth. He whimpered, unsure why he was in such a position in the first place.

"You'll suck me, and I feel so much as an attempt to bite me, I will hurt you little snow bird. Even if that means going after someone you care about, understand?" Malachi nodded his head vigorously, surprised when two hands grabbed his head.

Without warning he found his mouth full, chocking as the head moved too far and down his throat. With a buck he tried to pull back, trying not to gag on the large thing that had invaded him. He heard a groan above him, and would have yelped when he found that the two hands on his head weren't going away.

In fact, they began to pull his head back and pump it forward, stretching his lips farther than they were used to going. He struggled a bit, gagging each time it hit the back of his throat.

The sound of flesh hitting flesh hit the room, and soon enough he heard the man groaning louder above him. With alarm Malachi realized what it meant, but could do nothing to pull away as the man released into his throat. He started to choke, but was given no remorse as the penis pulled from his mouth and continued on his face.

The warm liquid ran down the side of his neck, and Malachi could do nothing to wipe it away, only take it as Ryker finished spraying him. However, what the male had expected to be a break did not come.

He heard the mafia boss step away from his front and move behind him, and relief was replaced with terror as he felt the body behind his own. "Your gag has been removed, I expect to hear my name if you wish for release."

The only words of warning spoken before he felt it, the erection pressed against his behind. Ryker sat behind him, giving him no time to adjust as he thrust into the male, hands holding Malachi's hips in order to push and pull the boy as he pleased.

However, unlike the times before, the other angled himself in a way that a sudden thrill shot through the pain. There was no stopping the scream, surprise on his face as he bucked against the male. No denying the pleasure he felt as he continued to move against Ryker, all against his will. His body was going insane, and Malachi was not happy with it.

It took only minutes before he found himself feeling his own need to cum, but pride turned an ugly head, not wanting to release the terrible words that would show how much he needed the man. When Ryker once again angled a thrust in the right direction, Malachi couldn't withhold the sound of a half whine, half moan of his need.

"Tell me what you want," Ryker growled, having stopped his movements. "Say you're mine, call my name, and I'll let you reach it…" When Malachi shook his head Ryker moved a little, eliciting a gasp from the boy. "Say it."

The man's voice and breath on his ear, it was all too much, and soon enough he found himself all but begging, throat almost raw in his harsh pleas. Ryker didn't need any more encouragement, the moment the words left the boy's mouth he had moved so that they both finished, though he did not remove himself from Malachi.

Released from the restraints, the criminal brought Malachi so they were spooning, one leg thrown over the boy's body to relax further.

Malachi had never felt so defeated in his life. He had never succumbed so easily to his father, never cried so freely in front of a man torturing him. It was a shame and he knew that, even with his eyes covered, that Ryker had taken notice of his weeping.

He heard the man quietly telling him to quiet down, a hand playing and caressing his hair even as the quiet cries turned to horrid sobs he couldn't control. "Malachi, you have to stop, I'm going to have to change those bandages again." The crying only got worse, and surprisingly Ryker allowed him the tears.

It was an unfortunate circumstance, when he found himself crying to the point of exhaustion. But what made things worse, was that Malachi had done something he would regret, in that moment, he'd moved closer to the man in bed with him, seeking comfort.

Arms wrapped around his body, and even as he was lifted to get his bandages changed, Malachi found the darkness all consuming, and soon was gone into the recesses of his own mind.

I wrote this a while back, I am posting it as I want to continue my stories. I chose not to reread it, so I'm hoping it's not too bad. I wanted to give you guys something to at least know I'm working on it. Thank you!