Character Profile – Shin

Name: Shin Aelistrel Cierclal Minstralis

Age: 16

Gender: Male. Often mistaken for a girl. Has a complex about his height.

Height: 154cm

Weight: 34kg

Hair: Black hair with blood-red tinted strands. Long, goes down to his waist. Is normally braided. Straight, with slight curling at the ends. (completely natural)

Eyes: Golden. Occasionally the light makes them seem red, but that's just a trick of the light… right?

Skin: Pale white

Markings: Silver etched sigil in the middle of his forehead, mostly covered by his bangs. He also has many faint scars.

Personality: Quiet, shy, innocent, naïve. Has no knowledge of earthly matters as he was brought up with the Univir, a race of half-human, half-unicorn people who take purity and make it a way of living. Has a beserker mode.

Fav. Colour: Black, red, gold

Hated Colour: Pink

Species: Unknown


Affiliation: The Elements. Fire, Earth, Wind, Water, Moon and Silver magic's are the ones he can control as his main elements. The 2 others, sun and soul magic's he controls to a lesser degree.

Skills: He has high agility and gymnastic abilites. Jump : max. 12m. Can twist his body more than a contortionist. Is a fast runner , is very fit and has mysterious abilities. He is very smart, getting into the Elemantralia Academy with perfect scores. He does have physiological issues though, so he never shows off.

History: Found abandoned by the Univir when he was 8. He had been whipped and beaten cruelly, his mind and heart broken by what he had had to go through.

He does not deal very well with humes and aliens, but animals are naturally attracted to him. If in a forest clearing, it is not unusual to see many usually shy animals gathering around him, occasionally predators and prey lying down with him together.

He wakes most nights from nightmares so horrible that he has not even told his adopted mother, the leader of the Univir about them.

His best friend is a blood tigress, a species of tiger that can speak telepathically with those it has bonded with.

Hikariana is snow-white with black stripes, black tipped ears and tail and blood-red eyes, hence the name of their species, the Blood Tigers.

Clothing: He likes wearing black, (eg. black top, black pants) and other similarly androgynous clothing. He wears a scarf to disguise his face or a pulled up sweater, he has a complex about his height and cute face, so as not to be mistaken as a girl.