Character Profiles – Minerve

Name: Minerve ? Mistreave
Age: At current transformation, James's age, 26. She is two months younger.
Height: 177
Gender: Female
Weight: 66 kg
Hair: Silver-blond, with the occasional dark grey, nearly black, streak.
Eyes: Crimson
Skin: Lightly tanned
Fav. Colour: White, grey, black and blue
Hated Colours: Orange
Species: Timus Lordia
Weapons: Magic, guns
Affiliation: Moon and Night
Skills: Time manipulation, Healing, 'Huntress Call', Transformation
History: Against her will, she was saved by another Timus Lordia, who sacrificed his life, his last life, for her. She gained his powers, and her won were amplified. Little is known about the stern woman, only superficial knowledge, such as family and friends. She was born in the slums, to a family of twelve brothers, two sisters, two mothers, a father and a grandfather. Her parents owned an orphanage, and they were all fairly normal, except for her. With silver hair, only slightly tanned skin and her red eyes, she was thought to be devil, but her parents still called her their own, holding to their belief that even if she was Satan's spawn, she could be redeemed. Murdered by a lynch mob, her family, and the orphanage children, died protecting her. The Timus Lordia, known only as 'Medici', in honor of their sacrifice, died to save her soul. She later became a teacher at Elementralia Academy, and sends her wages to Orphanages United, a charity organization that sends the money people donate to orphanages around the world, for medical and education, repair and adoption fees.