"What did you say?" Kerry stared at Ayako in horror. "Hayate is… dead?"

Her voice sounded hollow even to her own ears as the information sank into her brain that her childhood sweetheart and now boyfriend, Hayate, was gone. She stumbled back several steps as she held her head. She squeezed her eyes shut as sorrow tore through her body. Images of them together flashed behind her eyes. A tear leaked out from the corner of her left eye and rolled down her cheek.

Ayako watched her with pity. She got up from her seat and left the room quietly. Kerry sank to her knees and stayed in that position, holding her head and crying silently. She remembered Hayate's voice saying, "We will always be together. Forever and always." He had held her hand then, and looked deeply into her eyes. Kerry remembered how he usually looked with his slightly tousled up hair and soft lips. His lovely bluish-gray eyes and soft black hair which she loved to run her fingers through as they kissed. She broke down and wept for her lost love.