Filly's POV (point of view)

Filly trudged through the snow, on her way back home. She felt numb after seeing her boyfriend, or ex-boyfriend with another girl. She could still remember his eager pants as he touched the girl. Even though he had amnesia and could not remember who his girlfriend was exactly, she still felt heartbroken. She had left him that night after the car accident, scared that he would not remember her and may even push her away. She felt as though she had lost a piece of her heart.

As she opened the door to her flat, she entered without closing it, letting the cold air penetrate the suffocating stuffiness in her house. She shuffled to the bathroom and pressed on a camouflaged tile on the wall. The tile popped out, like a drawer. It was filled with little maces. She took the sharpest one she could find and placed it on the sink. She got a piece of paper and a pen and wrote down several words. She then sank tiredly to her knees on the floor. She gripped the mace-like thing until her knuckles turned white. She slowly dragged it across her wrist, gasping at the sudden pain. Blood beaded along the line she had made and dripped down her wrist, onto the floor like tears. It stained the floor red. More blood pooled beneath her as she dragged the mace thing faster and faster across her wrist. By then, blood flowed freely from her self-inflicted wound and pooled around her. She started to feel faint and fell onto her side, into her blood. She whispered brokenly, tears flowing down her cheeks, "I… love you… Saburo…"Her eyes closed and the note she wrote on the sink floated down. It landed on her shoulder. Silence stretched across the room like a disease.

Saburo's POV(This is happening at the same time as Filly's POV)

Saburo sighed but covered it up with an eager pant. His hands were resting on the girl's hips. He felt empty. 'She claims to be my girlfriend. But why do I feel so empty?' He thought to himself, feeling the gap in his heart widen further. He pulled back from her abruptly.

"Saburo?" Kaya asked. Saburo frowned for a moment, hesitating before deciding to end it quickly.

"Look… ever since you told me you were my girlfriend, I really couldn't feel anything for you. As in, I like you, but only as a friend. I can't go on with this anymore…" Saburo said with a black expression on his face, watching her face fall as he spoke.

Kaya's eyes watered as she turned away. Her heart was full of guilt. She ran away from him, wiping her tears as she sobbed. Saburo rubbed his neck awkwardly before heading back to his house.

'Maybe I should go for training tomorrow…" He thought as he reached up the shelf to pull down his bag which held his equipment.

Something fell off the shelf and hit him on his head. It landed on the floor with a thump.

"I-itte(Japanese for ow)…" Saburo muttered under his breath as he rubbed his head. He stared at the book on the floor for a minute. It was brown all over with curly borders at the edges of it. He bent down to pick it up.

"Wh-wha…?" His eyes widened as he looked through the photograph album. He stared at the front picture of him and Filly. He flipped through the pages quickly, his heart pounding against his chest.

He gasped as pain filled his head. Memories flashed through his head: The time when Filly was in the hospital, the time when they were in the park, the time that Kano had yelled at them to stop eating each other's faces in the living room… It all happened so fast that he was stunned. He jerked slightly as he came back to the present. "Filly…," he murmured and suddenly swore. He jumped onto his motorbike and sped towards Filly's place.


"Filly!" Saburo shouted as he raced into her house. He searched for her and his heart stopped when he saw her pale form in the bathroom. He went over and hastily stemmed the bleeding, eyes searching for a bandage. He used his shirt as a bandage when he couldn't find one. Something caught his eye and he picked up the blood stained note. It read "I o e ou, S b ro". There were several letters which were too smudged for him to read. He put it on the sink as he carried Filly. He ran desperately to the nearest hospital.


Saburo waited in the holding room of the hospital, tense. When the doctor came out, Saburo almost knocked him down in his haste.

"Doc, how is she?" Saburo asked immediately, face etched with fear and worry.

"I am very sorry… She lost too much blood…" He droned on but Saburo didn't hear anything else. He just grimly nodded. It was only later that he allowed his emothins to flow through him, engulfing him in sorrow, with only a blood stained note to console him.