The First Time

I wish I could remember

The first time that you held me

But back then

I was only a baby

I want to know what happened

The first time that I spoke to you

Did you clap and cheer?

Were you proud

Of what I let you hear?

And the first time

That I took a step towards you

Did you know that I wanted

Only to hug you?

The first time

I walked to the bus

Did you look at the pictures

And make a fuss?

Of course the first time

I sat with the women

Did you tell the men

That I was your young lady?

But now I wish

My first time driving

Could include you

As the instructor

That the first time

I grab a diploma

You would be there to see

The high school graduation

Of your young lady

And the first time

I tell a man I love him

You would be there

For me to whisper that you

Will forever come before him

And the first time

I hold my child

I wanted you to be there

To give them some of the memories

That you left me with

The first time

That I knelt beside you

And realized that it was

The last time I could be with you

I cried for all the first times

That you would never see