Poor Restless Soul

Her body lay limp on the floor

And there I silently weep

For all the horrid emotions

This poor restless soul must keep

She bleeds for the words

She was scared to say

And she gasps in pain

As he runs away

His butchered hands

Match for a butchered heart

That tore the poor

Restless soul apart

As a witness I stand

And look at the broken state

Of the girl I loved and could've saved

Had I not come so late

Her beating slows

Yet I beg and plead

Telling her of a man

She didn't see

Another behind

Her supposed "love"

That truly cared

For who she was

And now he's gone

The "chosen one"

Terrified of

What he had done

To the girl I clutch

Ever so tightly to me

Mourning where a now

Poor restless soul should be