Anya squealed as she left her room, skipping down the hall to Bunny's room. She stopped in the door way and began to hop up and down, grinning as her blond hair bounced around her face. Bunny looked up from her bed, where she'd been playing games on her laptop.

"God, I am so lucky!" Anya squealed, bouncing into the room and jumping onto Bunny's bed to quickly tell her all the details. Popping a pink bubble, Bunny quirked a brow and sat up to make room for Anya. Setting her laptop aside, she waited.

"I called my cell and none other than Adonis himself picked up-the guy I hooked up with yesterday! He's bringing the phone back later today and when he gets here, I'm going to seduce him. I mean, imagine having him for your boyfriend, he's of the same hotness caliber as Taylor Lautner and Johnny Depp. Fate meant for us to meet again," Anya spilled to Bunny. Bunny smiled and shrugged.

"Maybe he's more like Aaron Carter or Hanson caliber, don't get carried away," Bunny warned. Anya turned with an accusatory glare.

"What's that supposed to mean?" she asked.

"Nothing beyond the fact last time I checked, your man has blond hair like Gwen Stefani," Bunny said.

"Well, I can assure you, he looks nothing like Gwen Stefani with his clothes on or off. I swear, he'd be the perfect boyfriend for me," Anya told Bunny, flushing with pleasure at the thought.

"Mmm, it depends don't you think? What if he has bad morning breath or he has a time consuming job or he doesn't have any money?" Bunny asked, thinking on her past experiences with previous potential boyfriends.

"No, he's perfect. Now the only thing I have to worry about is seducing him and chaining him to my bed," Anya told Bunny, laughing lightly. Bunny looked slightly worried.

"Wouldn't that be kidnapping or some kind of felony?" Bunny asked. Anya rolled her eyes at her friend, restraining any wayward insults that came to mind.

"It's not a felony if he wants to be chained to my bed," Anya said, though she didn't even want to chain Kristos to her bed. She thought of it more as a metaphor for all the fun they would have in the bedroom, whether he was her boyfriend or not.

"Oh, ok. Still, Kelly's coming back tomorrow, maybe you should consider his place?" Bunny suggested, on the verge of being helpful but failing to do anything but cause Anya's right eye to twitch.

"Well, the first thing I need to figure out, before we even consider where we'll spend most of our time together, is what I'm going to wear when I answer my door. Do you think it's a bit too forward to be naked straight off the bat?" Anya asked. Bunny considered the option a moment, pursing her lips.

"Don't you want to play hard to get? I mean, it's no fun for the guy otherwise."

"Bunny, I'm trying to get into this guy's pants. I don't want to play hard to get, I just want to find a way into his bed, even if it means being a booty call. So, do you think any degree of nudity would be tasteful or should I just opt for lingerie and a pair of pumps?"

"Lingerie and pumps. Then, when you open the door and the fun starts, it'll be like a little boy unwrapping a present on Christmas, except he's no little boy and it's not Christmas. But you know what, I always thought my boobs were a present from God, so it's close enough," Bunny confided to Anya, giggling.

Anya quickly returned Bunny's phone and left the room, trying to breath and think calmly so she could answer the door with focus, not irratation. She was on a mission and she was going to get her man.

o o o

Spencer couldn't explain the appeal of his job to any of his peers. At 28, he was still working as a campus security guard and though the pay was low, Spencer enjoyed the job more than the drones he called friends working in small cubicles all day.

For one thing, every year brought a new onslaught of gorgeous, young and loose women, who in their pursuit of a degree also enjoyed dancing, drinking and stripping upon occasion. Of course, as a security guard, Spencer worked to try to stop campus residents and visitors from illegal or inappropriate behavior, so while he didn't openly condone drinking, he always thought it was the best part of college life.

Another thing his family and friends also couldn't understand were the perks of working as a campus security guard. Spencer had always been a rather simple individual, taking pleasure in simple things and every day he clocked in for work, he looked forward to patrolling the campus in his golf cart, his pride and joy. Something about the freedom to simply drive a cart at top speed (15 mph) without your boss knowing or even being able to object made the job that much more fun and relaxed.

On top of that, Spencer's boss, Ms. Shea, was quite a looker for being six years older than Spencer. As manager of the campus security, Ms. Shea managed campus security guards in addition to cooperating with other departments to keep the students and faculty safe from danger.

Of course, every job has it's downfall as well. For Spencer, the worst part of being a security guard was the sheer boredom that came with routine. It was not every day he stopped a brawl on campus or broke up a frat party with underage drinkers. Some days, all he could do was drive his golf cart around campus, searching for something amiss but find nothing more than kids that littered and visitors who needed directions.

During those days, not even speeding around corners helped Spencer through the day, and so often times Spencer would bring his iPod, park his cart under a tree (always near a likely "hot spot"), and listen to his music.

It just so happened that one day, parked on the west side of the campus just off to the side of the Marielle Performance Arts Center, Spencer happened to catch sight of a girl with light brown hair cut short around her face dancing around her room, singing into a hair brush. Spencer watched her bounce around her room in a bright red dress until she fell back onto her bed, apparently exhausted.

Spencer watched for another glimpse of her the rest of the day, unable to admit to himself he'd developed a bit of a crush. When she failed to show up, he returned the next day during his lunch break and made a point to stop in the very same spot hourly just for the chance to catch a glimpse of the girl in the red dress, as he'd come to think of her.

And so, Spencer had one more reason he loved his job more than anyone else could possibly comprehend, and though he had no name for the girl in the red dress, he admired her from afar and vowed to keep her safe as best he could as a security guard.

o o o

"You guys aren't going to like this, but I have an idea," Remy stated once the quartet reunited in the kitchen, supplies taken care of and nearly everything in order except for one thing: the target of their espionage.

"I feel like tonight can't possibly end on a good note," Annabelle said, pulling her hair back into a ponytail to keep it from her face.

"I haven't even told you my plan yet," Remy countered. Anna shrugged and sighed, indicating to Remy she would listen.

"So, we need a target, a real target and not just a friend who wouldn't be angry at us for spying on them. I don't know about you guys, but I don't feel like spying on a complete stranger, nor do I feel like spying in a completely foreign area. With that in mind, I nominate Anya to be our first target for the night," Remy proposed, smiling as persuasively as she could.

"First? Don't you mean first and last?" Anna asked.

"Well, I guess it depends. If it turns out spying is a lot of fun, we might try to do it again sometime," Lily replied to Anna. Anna looked horrified.

"Would you listen to what you just said? You guys are crazy," Anna said, acting as the voice of reason.

"All I know is Anya's always had the upper hand on me ever since I met her. She can make up any story she wants and plant something in my bedroom if she were really determined to stir up trouble. Now, I just want a little leverage in case our 'relationship'," Remy made quotations in the air with her hands, "ever comes to that point."

"So you want to blackmail her?" Anna asked, still in awe of the thinking (or lack thereof) of her so called friends.

"Basically, yeah. She's blackmailed me like three times this semester, and I don't even want to think about next semester," Remy replied honestly.

"In the two years I've know Anya, I've had not one good experience with her. In our Government class together, she didn't even bother to learn my name, she just always called to me by my shirt color," Lily revealed, wrinkling her brow at the memory with distaste.

"I guess she is kind of a bitch," Anna added, at least happy with their choice of target now if not the fact they were about to embark on something that was definitely illegal and definitely could lead to jail time.

"My only thought is, how would we use the terrain to our advantage?And what if we aren't able to hear or see anything?" Morgan asked, thinking of the situation as more of a logical problem to be solved.

"Well, there's a tree outside the building. If one of us manages to climb up it with a camera, I'm sure we'll document something embarrassing or unethical. We'll need someone to watch for any guards or onlookers as well, and perhaps we should have someone on the inside?" Lily answered.

"A person on the inside? Why?" Anna asked, confused.

"Just in case nothing happens of particular use for blackmailing, we can at the very least plant something in her room to document for blackmail or play a prank on her."

"Fraudulent blackmail? As if blackmail itself wasn't bad enough?" Anna inquired, the beginnings of a head ache pounding at her temples.

"For Anya, even blackmail might not be enough," Remy replied, "She's not exactly shy about her sexcapades and even if we caught her making out with two other people, she'd probably be more proud about it than embarrassed."

"Sad but true. She's not overly concerned about her grades either, so I doubt we'll find her cheating or bribing any one," Morgan remarked.

"We'll try it, and if nothing comes up, we'll just spy on Anna's boss instead. God, I would so blackmail him into a relationship with me," Lily revealed with a dreamy smile that made Annabelle shiver.

"Ok, that's just plain old creepy now. Have you thought of maybe coming into my work one day just to talk to him?" Anna suggested off hand. "You could try the normal way of starting a relationship."

"Well, I guess, but then where's the excitement in that? It'd be a great story, wouldn't it, if we fell in love while I forced him to make love to me regularly?" Lily asked rhetorically, apparently lost in a fantasy in her mind.

"Even I'm creeped out now Lil. Maybe you want to keep your freaky fantasies to yourself?" Remy suggested. Lily sighed but nodded.

"I wouldn't make you guys spy on him with me anyways," Lily admitted, pausing a moment thoughtfully. "I'm pretty sure I could do it all by myself."

Annabelle, failing to catch Lily's teasing tone, looked shocked. Lily laughed manically, and then the quartet of girls sat down to watch TV until it got dark.

o o o

"Here's the plan," Kristos told Nathaniel as they walked on campus, toward the Marielle Women's Dorms. Kristos looked around suspiciously as they walked, as though afraid someone would attack them from behind.

"A plan? Why do we need a plan?" Nathan asked, "And why are we whispering?"

"We need a plan because Anya is psychotic and clingy. As for the whispering, I'm not too sure. I just want to get this over with as quickly and painlessly as possible, alright. After this is all said and done, dinner and drinks on me, I swear," Kristos bribed Nathan, who nodded at the fair arrangement. Burgers and beer Nathan thought fondly, imagining the taste of a blue cheese infused patty along side a nice cold glass of brew. His mouth watered at the thought.

"So, like I was saying, the plan is to get in and out without Anya attaching herself to me in any way. From what I could tell on the phone, she's clingy and desperate. I'm not quite sure what to expect from her, so you're going in first, alright?"

"You don't think she'll club me over the head and drag me to her bed, do you?" Nathan asked though he seriously doubted any sane person would think to do that to a guy like Kristos.

"Honestly, if it happened to you, I'm sure you'd like it. But just in case she assaults you or forces you to do anything-"

"Who said anything about force? You're the weirdo turning down some poor hot and bothered girl," Nathan interrupted.

"I'll be right behind you," Kristos assured Nate, "and believe me, I wouldn't let you have sex with Anya if your life depended on it."

"Oh yeah, afraid I'd get better reviews than you?" Nathan remarked casually as they approached the dorms. Kristos snorted at the thought.

"More like I'd be saving you from a life of torture. Can you imagine a relationship with a girl like Anya? I wouldn't be able to stand it. Luckily for both of us, I happen to have a rational brain while your brain is little more than horny mush," Kristos stated as they entered the dorms.

"Of course, because I'm the one who goes through girls like a hair dresser goes through bobby pins," Nathan responded sarcastically, following Kristos up the stairs to the second floor.

"No, you're the guy who doesn't get any, and because of that thinks he had better snatch up any opportunity he can, even if the opportunity is so not worth the trouble. And Nate, did you really just compare me to a hair dresser?" Kristos asked, mocking Nathan's similie. Nate scoffed at Kristos' mocking smirk.

"Sure, I mean most of the girls you hook up with look like bobby pins anyway. It only seemed appropriate," Nate replied, smirking at his wit. Kristos seemed to consider the statement, and then nodded his agreement, surprising Nate.

"It's true, most of the girls I like are kind of twiggy," he commented as they reached the right floor. Kristos could spy Anya's door down the hall and with a deep breath, he stopped Nate before they went any further.

"Are you ready?" he asked Nate. Nate nodded, looking about curiously, almost like a puppy finally let out of the backyard.

"Ready as I'll ever be," Nate responded with a crooked grin. Kristos ruffled his hair affectionately, like he was a younger sibling, and then lead him to the right door.

Deep breath. In. Out. In. Out.

"Now open the door," Kristos instructed Nate as he hesitated in front of Anya's room. The moment felt pregnant with energy, as though the universe was waiting to spring upon this moment, like a spring snake popping out of a peanut container. You don't expect it to be there, and it scares the shit out of you at first, but somehow you manage to laugh it off in the end.

With this in mind, Nate knocked lightly on the door. Then he reached for the door handle slowly, grasping the metal loosely, watching his fingers move with a certain fascination, as though he'd never seen fingers move before.

The only warning he had before he was pulled into the room was a squeal of excitement muffled by the closed door. Then, everything went dark.

All Nate could think was [i] Kristos lied. This chick is insane and just knocked me out to drag me off to her bed [/i]. Of course, he didn't tell Kristos the thought of being manhandled by a desperate woman kind of turned him on.

o o o

Remy was in place when the two anonymous guys walked by her room. She practically jumped to her walkie talkie, sure the two guys were not only familiar but headed straight for Anya's room. This was their chance!

"Morgan, are you in place yet?" Remy asked over the channel, waiting for Morgan to respond.

"Negative, I'm moving into position as we speak. About another minute," Morgan estimated.

"Two unidentified males are heading toward the target, prepare for anything," Remy replied, feeling her stomach flip over with excitement and anxiety, somehow in disbelief that they were lucky enough to possibly get some real blackmail material.

"Almost in position, keep watching the hall. Have they entered the room?" Morgan asked.

"Negative, the two males are currently walking to her door. Now they've stopped in front of the door. The blond said something, the brunette knocked on the door and-"

"I'm in place," Morgan interrupted.

"The blond is still in the hallway, but Anya's pulled the brunette inside and slammed the door. I can't get a better view, the blond will suspect something."

"Don't worry, I can see everything in the room. Anya left the blinds open, and this is quite a show," Morgan assured Remy.

"Guys, we've got trouble," Lily suddenly came on the walkie talkie.

"What kind of trouble?" Remy asked. Suddenly, the anxious feeling in her stomach returned, but this time, it wasn't the giddy feel of excitement.

"Real trouble. Campus security trouble," Lily replied.

"Shit," Remy cursed, thinking. "Where?" she asked Lily over the walkie talkie."

"He's approaching from the Performance Arts Center. I don't think he's spotted Morgan in the tree yet, but he see's Anna by the windows. Run Anna," Lily insisted, seeming rushed.

"Shit," Remy cursed again, thinking as fast as possible. "No, wait," she instructed Anna, "I'll be right there, we don't want to draw attention to Morgan. I've got the beginnings of an idea."

"Finish that thought fast," Anna hissed into the walkie talkie, "My ass is on the line here."

o o o

First, Nate disappeared into Anya's room. One moment he was there, about to turn the handle, and the next moment, it was like he'd been swallowed up by a black hole. Poof! He was gone. Kristos was too stunned to move fast enough when Anya opened the door. The next thing he knew, the door slammed in his face and he could hear Nate groan from inside, followed by a perverse giggle from Anya.

Twisting the door handle, Kristos cursed. It was locked. He began knocking and then kicking the door, fueled by anger and adrenaline.

"Open the door!" Kristos shouted.

"Busy," Anya replied, muffled. She giggled again and then Kristos heard Nathan moan, though he couldn't determine if it was a sound of pain, pleasure or a mixture of the two.

About that time, Kristos noticed a girl racing down the hall at the other end. Dressed in all black, with her hair pulled into a tight bun and what had looked like black paint smeared beneath her eyes like a foot ball player, Kristos thought she looked like a thief on the run.

"Motherfucker," she cursed loudly as she pushed open the exit door and appeared to race downstairs. Momentarily distracted by the odd event, Kristos soon returned to pounding on the door frantically, trying to get Nate out of Anya's room before she raped him (and it would be rape by Kristos' standards-Nate had no idea what the hell he would be getting himself into).

o o o

The girl appeared to have come out of the shadows, almost as though she were born out of the darkness. Spencer squinted his eyes and tried to get a better view of her spindly form as she leaned against the dorm wall, hands crossed over her chest with something in her hand.

She whistled a morbid tune and looked up at the stars. To Spencer, it seemed like she appeared next to the dorms for no apparent reason, and if not for the fact she was dressed in all black with black paint smeared beneath her eyes, Spencer might have simply watched her from afar until she wandered away somewhere else.

Because she looked so suspicious however, and because she was so close to where the girl in the red dress lived, Spencer decided he had better check the girl out and figure out just what was going on.

As Spencer leisurely advanced toward the girl in black, she appeared to take notice of him, leaning slightly, whispering into a phone or walkie talkie. To Spencer, she looked too nervous and too flighty to be completely innocent-she had to be up to something.

"Excuse me," he called out, still rather far off from where she stood. She appeared to ignore him and began whistling again. He frowned and walked forward more.

"Excuse me," he called again, and this time she responded. She looked up and seemed surprised to see him there, approaching her.

"Me?" she asked, looking slightly confused while she looked around to see if he could possibly be talking to someone else.

"Yes, you," he affirmed, growing more suspicious of her as the exchange continued. She laughed nervously.

"Ah, of course," she responded, still laughing lightly, "how silly of me!"

"What are you doing there? Do you live on campus?" Spencer asked. The young woman looked slightly panicked and glanced around nervously.

"I, uh, I don't-" she started but was cut off.

"There you are Anna! What the hell are you doing out here? We're all meeting in my room before we start the game," another young woman said, jogging around the corner from the dorm entrance.

"I a little mixed up," the red head, Anna, responded hesitantly.

"Well, we're all waiting for you upstairs, we're getting started soon you know."

"Of course. I'm sorry, but do you mind?" Anna asked the security guard, smiling sweetly, almost innocently. Both girls held their breath, waiting for the tall, muscular man to reply. He quirked a brow and surveyed the two, hesitant to respond without properly considering the situation at hand.

"No, not at all, go ahead," he replied, and both girls nearly sighed with relief. Then he paused, stopping before he turned back to where his golf cart was still parked.

"You know, on second thought, why don't I escort the two of you upstairs. It's dark out and I just want to be sure you two get back safely. You can tell me more about this game you're taking part in?" he suggested, crossing the distance to join the two by the wall. He couldn't help but notice how a look of terror seemed to cross over their faces for a moment, a quick second. Then they both smiled, motioned for him to follow them, and made small talk as they walked upstairs.

Although she didn't reveal it, Remy felt like throttling the security guard, pinching herself to keep from screaming or running away, which would only draw more attention to her and Anna. Instead, she kept walking and smiling, talking about an upcoming safety awareness fair while she attempted to formulate a plan in her head. Of course, when nothing came to mind, that's when the real panicking began to kick in.

o o o

Lily watched Remy and Annabelle lead the security guard into the dorm and couldn't help but think the worst. Remy looked pale and somewhat panicked while Anna's face was an almost comical mixture of terror and anger for even getting involved in the spying stunt.

"Shit," Lily repeatedly cursed under her breath like a mantra, sprinting from where she was on the other side of the dorm building to where Morgan was perched in the tree. Breathing heavily, she made sure to hide in the shadows to be sure no one passing by could easily spot her.

"Morgan, can you see anything?" Lily whispered as loud as she dared. For a moment, she thought Morgan hadn't heard her clearly.

"Anya's mauling this guy. She knocked his head on the door way and then began making out with him on her bed. It's kind of gross but fascinating at the same time. Kind of like a snake swallowing an egg," Morgan replied, apparently not concerned by the fact Remy and Anna were leading a security guard upstairs.

"Any sign of Remy or Anna? I'm afraid to say anything on the walkie talkie, who knows what the hell is going on," Lily responded, looking about with a frown on her face and the intense paranoia that another guard would pop out of nowhere to catch her too.

"No sign of either of them, just Anya and her man. I think someone's trying to beat down her door though, you don't think it's the security guard do you?" Morgan asked, using binoculars to watch as Anya teased the man who was clearly still in pain beneath her.

"Probably the second guy Remy told us about, upset he's not in there with them, which god knows why she's only with one of them," Lily pondered, glad to distract herself from the real problem at hand.

"Oh my, is that whipped cream? Wow, I never even thought to do that with a whipped dairy product, she must have a lot of experience."

"Do I even want to know?" Lily asked, the beginnings of curiosity piquing her interest.

"You can see it on video later. I also got a snap shot of it, so it's safe to say we'll have plenty of material when this all is sad and done," Morgan responded, seeming pleased with herself.

"Great. Why don't you and I high tail it out of here and catch up with Remy and Anna later?" Lily suggested.

"It's going to take me a while to get down from here, don't jump ahead of yourself."

"Sure, I'll just wait, down here, by the tree. Not suspicious at all," Lily tried to convince herself, the paranoia rearing it's ugly head again.

"Oh wow, on second thought, I don't think I'm finished yet. Anya's got more tricks up her sleeve," Morgan replied a moment later. Lily wanted to drag her down from the tree but couldn't even contemplate how to get up as high as Morgan was.

"Fine, whatever. Don't you think this is bordering on voyeurism now?" Lily asked, hoping to change Morgan's mind about staying.

"Only if you get off on this kind of thing," Morgan responded. Lily wrinkled her nose with distaste.

"Oh, gross Morgan. I can't believe people get off on this kind of thing," Lily said.

"You know, not over two hours ago, you admitted you would black mail Anna's boss into a relationship with you. Just want to point that out."

"Yeah, well, that's different," Lily grumbled.

And it was at that particular moment, when Lily was distracted by the thought of Anna's boss shirtless and Morgan began to put away all the equipment that Anya had two stunning epiphanies.

One, that the guy she was currently grinding against with wanton abandon was not Kristos. He was shorter, darker and apparently in pain, holding the side of his head as she rocked his body on the bed.

Two, when she looked around, she found that there was a person outside her window. No, not just a person, a woman dressed in all black so all that Anya could see clearly was her face. And when the woman looked up, she stopped like a deer in the headlights, her eyes wide and her jaw slack.

Suddenly, Anya something bubbling up from her stomach, a gripping, burning fear that made her jump from the bed and trip on her way out of the room. It was only once she opened the door, half dressed in her lingerie and still wearing her bright red pumps, that she let loose a blood curdling scream.

She was met by four very confused faces-Remy, who looked shocked and repulsed by Anya's exposed upper body; her friend, who stared with a slack jaw at her get up; a security guard, who looked like he still needed to compute what was going on; and Kristos, beautiful god-like Kristos, who looked like some one had just shit on his shoes.

Unable to comprehend anything, Anya grasped for words but found her mind going fuzzy. She opened her mouth but then the world went black. Anya fainted and fell forward onto the security guard who belatedly caught her and stopped her head from cracking against the wall.

"Does anyone here care to explain what the hell is going on?" Spencer asked with authority, looking around at the clearly clueless faces surrounding him. Nobody responded and Spencer only knew one person to call.

"This had better be important," Ms. Shea hissed into the phone when she answered. Put off by the irritation in her voice at first, Spencer hesitated to speak.

"Yes, I believe we have a situation on our hands boss," Spencer responded, not knowing exactly how right he was in that statement.

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