Away from Earth

Cutting my palms

As I squeeze my fists

I can't think of a struggle

Greater than this

To forget what you told me

And forget what you taught

Is an idea they push at me

And I constantly fought

But now that you're gone

Is there any other way

To possibly, maybe

Get me through the day?

Death is so permanent

But life seemed so long

And to think all this time

I've been so completely wrong

When thinking of you

I saw so much strength

Memories of our happiness

Now bring so much angst

How could this happen

To someone like you?

My savior, my hero,

And guardian too

But look at it this way

It's what the adults try to sell

That you are in Heaven

And we are in Hell

I guess that right now

All it really means

Is that away from Earth

You may finally rest in peace