When they put me on the pills I wonder what I'll lose
Will I stop wanting to be up all night?
When they finally medicate me I wonder who I'll be
Will I stop wanting to stir up a fight?

I'm waiting for the seasons to change and wash out the corners of my mind
I've been thinking this is the way to go to make sure I don't finish up on the side of the road
While I'm sure I'd make some good-looking road kill I don't want to be left behind
But things get to a point where I just don't know when I'm going to be able to sit still, and so...

When I swallow the pills will I lose my edge?
Will I stop going down the rabbit hole?
When I start going sane will I stay the same?
Will I stop wanting to run away from home?

I'm waiting for my chemicals to start rearranging themselves
I've been thinking this is a good idea for the time being
I can't sit still and I can't think straight, and I'm tired of having to hurry up and wait
But it probably means I'll be a different soon, or is this the person I'm supposed to turn into?

I'm sure taking these things will tell me the answer
To why I've always been such a bad slow dancer

These little white things are supposed to kill the sting of whatever is wrong with me
These little white pills will stop the spills that have my crying onto bleeding knees
These little white dots are supposed to stop whatever has me so dizzy
These little white tricks are supposed to fix the problems I've had lately

When the pills go down will I settle in?
Will I finally stop spinning my wheels?
When I take these things will I sober up?
Will I get the back the moments they steal?

AN- This still feels a bit awkward to me, but hey, it's a work in progress, right? Aren't they all?