This is my first story. It came to me out of nowhere...A lot of Kaylee's dreams are based on some weird ones that I've had.

"Are you ready, sir?" murmured a figure, hidden by the dark shadow.

"Yes. Prepare for launch," came the reply from the chair beside the first.

"Are you sure about this, sir?" questioned the first figure, yet again.

"Absolutely. She annihilated 250 of our most loyal soldiers, singlehandedly. She shall pay," the creature said boldly.

A beep followed by a red flashing light sounded within the room.

"10 seconds to mind invasion."











7 hours later…

I stomped into my room, tossing my backpack in one direction and my Gatorade and coffee-soaked jacket in another. It was one of those days where you wished you had 3 wishes and you could use one of them to do that day over. My phone beeped from inside my pocket with a text from Mom saying, "How was your day, hon?" I scowled and turned it off.

Flopping on the bed in an awkward position, I heard a crack from my pocket. Whimpering miserably, I willed the tears not to fall as my I-pod, the one I had saved for weeks and weeks to buy, stared back at me with a broken screen. I cradled it and laid it gently on my desk, sighing loudly as my original plan to listen to the song "Had a Bad Day" swirled down the drain.

Punching a pillow violently and screaming into another released some of the steam in me. There was absolutely NO WAY the day could get any worse. A pop quiz for a section we didn't read yet in science, my voice cracking up during my solo in the choir performance for the kindergarteners, the loaner PE uniform ripping when I tripped over a rock 2 feet away from the guy I liked, getting a D- on the math test I studied HOURS for. Yup, best day EVER, I thought, rolling my eyes.

I rolled onto my back, getting comfortable as I dreamed of different ways to get back at the guys that had placed a peanut butter sandwich, peanut butter side down, on my head during lunch so the hungry birds would attack my head. Choking to death would be too quick and painless, while poisoning had its merits. Chinese water torture sounded appealing though. 169 sheep later, I had fallen asleep.

Whoa, what IS this place? I wondered, stepping over, yup, you guessed it: marshmallows. Rows and rows of marshmallows, one after another, floated like clouds below me, fluffy white like new snow. Well, I could get used to this, I thought, plucking a mini one off the ground, but before I could swallow the sugary goodness, an eerie, deep voice came from directly behind me, moaning, "KAYLEE….KAYLEE…"

I choked on the marshmallow and turned on the spot, doing what everyone in my situation would do. My natural reaction? Punch whatever was behind me. I swiped violently, still coughing on the dissolving lump in my throat, and hit nothing but air. Shaking my head viciously, I looked down. Holding back a snort, I stared down what looked exactly like Santa's elf. Big ears, long nose, rosy cheeks, pointy hat, and dainty green shoes with a bell attached. Except this one had its hands on its hips and looked at me like my mom would if I had gotten into trouble at school. How could such a deep voice come from such a small creature?

As if answering my thoughts, the elf squeaked in a voice even more high pitched than a 3-year old girl, "Santa is very upset with you Miss Kaylee. You did not bring Santa his chicken noodle soup with purple potatoes when he was sick with reindeer-itis." And with that, I dropped. Into nothingness.

And then I was running. Running from who knew what, for who knew what reason. All I knew was there was something bad behind me and I had to get away from it. After about a minute of absolute sprinting, I tripped over a rock and fell flat on my face. At least this time my pants didn't rip. But all thoughts of sarcasm quickly left my mind as my pursuer came into view. It was a grotesque looking monster, with the school bully's face and double chin. It was wearing black and white Converse, just like him, but instead of a black jacket and skinny jeans, where his body was supposed to be was a Caprisun juice pouch. His arms were two yellow straws. In any normal case, I would have bent over; laughing like a madwoman, but just one look at his expression was enough to make me scream. His eyebrows were contorted into a bushy caterpillar in the shape of a "V," his squinty eyes glaring straight at me, and his yellow, straw arms pulled out something from behind him. My eyes widened in fear when he pulled out a gun. I couldn't do anything but stare in shock as his face settled for a grin and started to jerk back the trigger.

I closed my eyes, waiting for the shot to happen, but it never did. The Caprisun-monster had put down the gun and was examining something on the ground. I peered down, curious to see what it was when he lifted something above my head and brought it down with a SPLAT!

The remnants of the shattered water balloon were strewn on the ground, my hair, and my clothes. I wiped the water from my eyes, picked up a water gun that had appeared out of nowhere. Seeing it was filled with water, I aimed it at the monster that was currently tying his shoelace and was about to shoot when someone came up from behind me and pinned my arms back and duct-taped my mouth.

Groaning from my splitting headache, the tape was brutally yanked from my eyes and mouth what seemed to be hours later. Standing in front of me was a large marshmallow, dressed in a suit and tie and opening what seemed to be a suitcase. He took it out and said to me, "For attempting to eat one of our minions, you shall suffer the consequences."

Before I could ask what the "consequences" were, a bucket of sugar was dumped on my head. Then a jar of syrup, 12 eggs dropped one by one from above, and someone threw a pie to my face. I heard an ominous click behind me. Struggling to free myself from the ropes binding me to the chair, I let out an ear-splitting scream. And woke up in my bed.

I freed myself from the massive jumble of my blankets and pillows and went downstairs to get a glass of water. Even in my dreams I can't escape a bad day, I complained. The stairs creaked below me as I made my way to the kitchen.

"Hey Kaylee," my sister said. I managed a nod and a grunt that would have made Fred Flintstone proud. "Why the long face?" she asked, laughing at my bed head and something that was behind me. Whirling around, I found a wad of toilet paper protruding from the waistband of my pants. I groaned and pulled it out.

"Want something to eat?" Kerrie asked.

I moved my head aimlessly. Taking it as a yes, she strolled over to the cabinets. "How about some chips?"

I shook my head.


I, the Silent One, just stared at her.

"I know you love these! Mom just bought them yesterday! Want some marshmallows?"

Coming out of my wordless reverie, I shrieked, "NO!"

"What do you want then?"

"I dunno…"

"At least sit down. You don't think so well standing up," she said.

I nodded and sat down. On a whoopee cushion. Hooray.

"Mission accomplished, sir?" asked the first figure.

"Yes. Mission accomplished. Never again will she attempt to destroy our army," cackled the Marshmallow King.

Well, that's it! So the Marshmallow King got his revenge, huh?

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