Be quiet. I'm speaking.

And you'll listen
because you gotta change.

I want you to become crazy
Rip off your clothes
Let your eyes become hazy
Get up off your couch
Stop being lazy
And change!

You gotta change the way you introduce yourself.
Say your name with conviction.
Like you stepped into a warzone and your name is ammunition.

Walk like you're a dead man.
Like this road is the last one you'll see.
Keep your back up straight, square your shoulders—don't disappoint me.

Change the way you make mistakes,
change that annoying sound you make
Not ugh, uh, or some other bullshit—
Be silent.


Wait a moment.

Begin again.
And change.

Change the subject.
Change the channel.
Change ways.
Change places.

Change your name, change your number, change your mailing address.
Change the way you walk into mass and confess.
Change your confession, say you were telling a lie;
all like, "I'm sorry, Father, but I need a little more of your time"

Change of mind.
Change hands.

Change the way you make ablution;
give me something more than just a Band-Aid solution.
I want to hear a change in your voice.
Hear it crack with emotion when you confess not being part of that revolution.

Change the way you sleep, the way you dress.
Change the way you make a mess.
When you drop something, I want you to pick it back up and smash it.
I wanna see some passion!

Change back.
Change into.
Change out of.

And I want you to ruminate.
Tug at these strings of thought and meditate—




Short changed.
Small change.
Change of heart.
Change of pace.
Change of scenery.
Leopard can't change its spots.
Times have changed.

I don't think you can hear what I'm saying
over your constant bitching and complaining.
Can you hear me? Are you listening?
'Cause I'm tired of continually insisting
that you change.