Lycan Diaries


As the legends states, Werewolves look just like any other human until the full moon comes out. It is nearly impossible to tell them apart from any other mortal, that is unless you have ever met one in person and saw them phase, then you would see a big transformation from Werewolf to Man. Also they are confused with shapeshifters who are a completely different species altogether.. To become a Werewolf you also have to be bitten by another Werewolf. Again a myth not true at all. The only real truth to these legends is that the Werewolf population is male. Mostly because the male Were Gene is stronger than its female counterpart. It's very rare that a female Werewolf is born, the strong genes with both parents must be present and then it is just up to fate if this conception happens. We're born, born to our kind, a Mortal Mother or Witch and a Lycan father. (Lycan is also the prefered title of the Werewolf breed.) On a rare occasion, it can be Lycan to Lycan. A female child born into a Lycan family isn't guaranteed to turn at the age of Lycan puberty. It's a very rare and difficult occurrence that may not happen in decades or centuries. Just like the mortals, the only creature that is created outside of the reproductive cycle are Vampires, the exchange of blood is the way they are created.

We live among the mortals just like everyone else. We have jobs and we come from different classes of society. On the outside, we are human with traits that we have picked up from the outside world. To make sure that our species is protected by those who may see us as the monsters that history and hollywood has made us. After a certain age, our ageing process slows, which causes us to relocate multiple times for those of us who live outside of a private community. If you're wondering yes there are small towns or private properties that have been made into Lycan only land. As children we attend mortal schools, to give us the experience that some may have if they are not chosen to be the defenders of the race. Just like humans, we do need all occupations to make the communities function. Once graduated from prep school or High school, Males are trained to be protectors, guardians of our lands and people. Among other things to survive in the mortal world. The females that don't change are raised to be the ever-loving and respectable wife and mother; Depending on status, Debutants. For females that do change life as they know it changes for ever. We are Mortal with no threat to anyone until puberty sets in. Hormonal teenaged boys are nothing compared to hormonal teenaged Lycan males. Bodies change so a 15 years old could look 21. Hormones raging leads to aggravation and sexual tension. Muscles develop overnight turning skinny runt males into muscular sport models some even more than that. Ones that couldn't make it around the track and school can run for miles without even breathing hard.

That's why there is a school for all Supernatural creatures, Lycan, Witch or Wizard, Vampire. We call this place The Stonebridge School, mortal's think it is a school for bad children; a military academy, an extremely selective school.

I'm Sorren Graysen, This is my first year here at Stonebridge. I'm younger than others of my kind, I'm fifteen and I will be the youngest and only female child in the Graysen family. My three older brothers are already attending. I am also the only female Lycan in existence, as of today. My whole life I was being trained to be the wife of a Lycan not to join the ranks of the males, trained to be a debutant just like my mother. I was a lady, I was popular, I was a cheerleader, class president and homecoming queen. I was the most desired girl at Richmond Valley prep, even before the change. Was I anything special, I don't know I don't see myself as anything else but a compassionate and giving person. I was very active in all clubs that helped the less fortunate. I was the shoulder everyone would cry on, the problem solver, I guess everyone's best friend, or as my brothers and their friends teased me by calling me the little momma.

After the change it all changed. Not just physical but how the outside world sees you too. It's all an animal behavior at first. It's hard for any wolf not to look when an eligible female walks in. But when you put in actual Lycan pheromones in to play it's even more challenging for them. My brothers went through all of that, the animalistic need for one of their kind, Once they got used to the change over powered their natural instinct, their wolves found me rather disgusting. They became overprotective, their once petite little tom boy sister overnight became the walking spokesperson for sexy underware models everywhere. It seemed even my maturity level increased, I wasn't so much the giggling school girl anymore. But I'm not saying it wasn't there on some things.

I'm not as tall as the other Lycan's at school though. I'm not at all like a male in physique, I'm only barely 5'9. However, I do have the qualities of a Lycan. They really started to show during my sophomore year. My body before was thin, human fit, not to curvy but the closer I got the more my body slowly developed, I became curvier. My legs were long and athletic but not super muscular like the guys. I had the perfect hour glass you could say. My body wasn't as toned as Lycan male at that point. After my transformation, When I woke up with firmer breast, tone abs, my ass well you could bounce a nickel off of it. It was hard for everyone in my family to look at me, even my mother showed resentment of me at first but it quickly changed after all I was her little girl I was never a threat to her mate, the thought of it, my own father. She knew that too, My father's feelings with the change was a mixed bittersweet pride. His little girl was going to be hunted fought over and full of questions that now one could answer. In simple words, My father was not happy to see that his little princess was now going to be thrown to the wolves literally.

What he didn't know is that I've dreamed of this moment. Being a Deb was my mother's dream in life. Not mine. I would hang around with my brothers and their friends during vacations and the summer just to know what it would be like. Slade would tell me stories about the school and all the things they had to do. I couldn't wait, for the experience to prove myself, to make a mark on the Lycan world.

Part of it too was I would be able to see more of him. By him, I mean Braden Griffin, the love of my life that looks at me like a little sister. But then I haven't seen any of my brother's friends since the change. From the first moment I met Braden I knew we were meant to be. He's been Slade's best friend since the Griffin's moved into our community when I was four. Braden was turning six and we were invited to his birthday party. My dreams were coming true.

Chapter One

Now I'm here standing with my parents at the train station, waiting to board the transport that went up to the school. I wore loose fitting jeans, a tank top and a oversized hoodie, with my hair pulled up into the hood and covered my face. I also kept my finely manicured hands in my pockets. This was my disguise my father insisted I wear. After seeing all the guys around I'm glad he is the way he is about me.

" Dad can we just say good bye here. I mean no one else is hanging out with their parents, you're bringing a lot of attention." I suggested in almost a whisper.

" She'll have to face it sooner or later Stephan." My mom hated to admit. Her voice was so low I struggled to hear her myself.

" Oh my sweet princess, I am so sorry this happened." He kissed my cheeks and some of the Lycan's laughed, all of them thinking I was a boy.

" Daddy I'm not, it's going to be great. You should be proud that your gene was strong enough to create me." I smiled and hugged them both. "I'll be fine I promise what could happen."

"Try to sit alone, ignore the others, don't talk. Oh There's Braden." My father tried to call him.

"No Daddy please, If I get into a problem I'll go to B but right now, I want to do this on my own. Please." I made my posture more boy like. "Please."

"Call me when you get settled." My Father and Mother walked away. "We love you."

I could hear the boys making fun of me as I slouched with my head down kicking at a pebble. But I couldn't just walk up and talk to anyone, not with out one of my brothers there to run damage control. I just had to take it. If just one realized that I was female a whole frenzy would start. I have learned to control my scent and as long as I didn't get to close to a male I was safe.

"I really hope I don't have that runt on my team." One snickered. "Yeah bad enough he's a Lycan, what's up with that?"

"Mom must have been on crack, he's a crack baby Lycan." I cracked my knuckles at that one. I growled a little and that only made it worst. The comments seemed to radiate around the first year pack mates.

"Wait until the Alpha gets a hold of him, little guy is going to be running home faster than the transport could take him. Alpha Graysen I heard is the hardest Alpha in decades." Another said and I couldn't help but smile. Oh yes Alpha Graysen is going to make all of you pay for this.

About twenty minutes later everyone started boarding. "Yo Second we're boarding." One of the second years came up and told him. I was standing behind Braden as we boarded. The guy behind me started making comments. "Hey look the runt of the litter." He started laughing.

" I'll show you who the runt is." I said through gritted teeth. I was starting to lose it. The only real thing I had in common with the youngest of my brothers Syrus we both were hot heads. After a couple hours of heckling without a break I was raging inside. I was proud of myself for not phasing and taking out all of these boys who is going to be scrubbing toilets for the next three years of their lives.

"Hey cool it you two." Braden jumped in his hand flew right to my chest and he froze. When he felt something soft and not a pectoral muscle he locked his jaw and moved his hand off of us both.

Respecting my disguise he pulled me aside and acted like he was yelling at me. "I'm sorry, please forgive me, there was a rumor that we would have a female, I didn't know. Just please try and watch your temper, we don't need any surprises today. I seriously didn't mean to cop a feel." Braden was trying to hide his embarrassment.

"But, there's going to be a lot of surprises today." I giggled, Braden raised an eyebrow as he noticed my chest bounced. "Oh yeah it's so true what they say, if you thought I had a rack then, just wait." I watched his eyes to see if he figured out who I was. My voice was a bit distorted from my K9's that were still fighting to retract.

"Do I know you?" He asked and I giggled again.

"Think think think." I boarded the transport again. "Brawen." I used my baby voice that I use to use when I wanted something from my brothers. I could feel his eyes on me as I walked

Braden had to make rounds and I sat down in an empty area but then a bunch of first year boys sat down by me. I kept my face out of view and tried not to draw any attention to myself. They were all goofing off and finally noticed me." Hey I'm Victor Van-Heusen." He put out his hand.

" Sorren Graysen." I shook his hand through my over sized sleeve.

" Graysen, you're a relation to Alpha?" Another boy asked.

" Yeah my big brother." I felt very uncomfortable.I knew more jokes were coming and I didn't know if I was able to handle it.

" Damn you don't have any physical characteristics of any of them." A sandy blond guy said and they all laughed. "Wow, none at all."

"Yeah well I'm still growing." I took a deep breath trying to control myself. The first three hours of my new life was really starting to suck.

"Yeah well guess what, I don't think you'll catch up." Victor laughed and punched me in the arm. "Ever."

"Damn." I started to cry. "Owe." I rubbed my arm and tried to suck it up.

"Damn you're acting like a bitch, man up." Victor shook his head laughing. The other guys were disgusted with me, thinking a male Lycan was a cry baby, the animal in all of them started. Push the weak from the pack.

" Dude you need to man up if you're going to make it here, we're Lycan not pussy wizards." One of the others laughed.

" I think he's crying like a little baby." the Blond one said and I got up and started running to Braden. "Run to mommy little puppy."

" I want to go home." I buried my face in his chest, His arms held me awkwardly at first. "I want to go home."

"Hey I get it but You can't." He said reaching for my hood trying to be nice but I could since the disgust in him too. He knew I was female he just didn't get who I was. I clung tightly to his shirt and he pushed my hood off and my hair fell down my back.

"Please B stop the transport, I want to go back. I want my Daddy."My eyes pleaded with his. He brushed the tears off my cheeks.

"Sorren." Braden growled and became protective of me. "Awe Sorrie." his arms became tight and loving. The rumble in his chest soothed my hurt ego. I'm not as tough as I thought I was.

" He's a chick." Victor choked. "A witch in our cart."

" Dude she said she was a Graysen remember." The blond guy said.

"A Female." They looked at me and all three made this sound I didn't like it and pulled closer to Braden. I could feel a change in him the power of the Lycan. Daddy got that way when other males looked at my mother or me the wrong way.

" Call Daddy I want to go home." I looked up with my lower lip quivering like a little baby. "Braden I'm scared. What's that sound, I don't like that sound." I whimpered and Braden locked his arms tighter around me.

"It's alright Sunshine you're safe."His attention went to the others. " You 3 get lost now, you open your mouths about this, Alpha will have your ass. You call to her again I'll remove your vocal cords among other things." Braden growled the order and they disappeared. He shut the door and pulled the curtains. " It's okay now sweetie. Nothing will happen as long as I'm here." I felt him kiss the top of my head. "They were calling to you, it didn't work that's why you didn't like it."

" I feel so stupid." I pulled off my hot sweat shirt and found myself curled up in Braden's lap, like I would if he was Slade. "I didn't think it was going to be like this, why are they so mean?" I felt a rumble in his chest like he was fighting with the wolf within him. I sighed nuzzling into his chest. "Not You too." I let a heavy sigh.

" Don't, you're just a little girl. I know that, you look like sin but I know who you are. You don't have anyone that can explain this to you. You get guy sides of everything. It has to be hard, so you have a little tears. Do you realize you've totally made those guys feel like crap and Alpha is going to make their lives hell for this anyway." He hugged me tight. "Especially after sending out a mating call please. I'm dealing with it, I just have to remember who you were." He started playing with my hair. "So you were the big summer secrete. My summer totally blowed just so you know."

With a smile I looked at him. "I'm sorry, I blew everyone's summer." He looked at me with his sweet smile. "Who I am, I haven't changed, I'm still bratty little Sorren."

"I hope so Sunshine." He kissed the top of my head again.

I nuzzled into his neck. "Braden, you know you made that same sound in Rio. When you got drunk with Syrus." I blushed and heard his heart start racing. He cleared his throat and shifted in the seat a bit.

"Yeah, er, well I was drunk and horny and just wolfed out a few months before. You missy were flaunting that cute little body in front of me like a lollypop in a candy store. I don't care if you were fourteen, I can't believe your parents let you out of the house in a bikini that tiny." Braden trembled and brought satisfaction to my hidden face, my mission was complete Braden did notice, he saw me as a woman, not Slade's baby sister. Even if at that time, I was fourteen, he was fifteen and a half, not that big of a difference.

"I didn't mind it too much then." I sighed and rubbed my arm. "Maybe because I didn't wolf out yet. Or maybe because it was coming from you." He cleared his throat again and changed the subject.

"What happened, that's a nasty bruise?" Braden's touch sent chills over me. He barely touched the nice fist size bruise on my arm. "Slade's going to kill me more ways than one. Coppin a feel and now you're hurt."

"Victor punched me in the arm, he thought I was a guy." I whimpered and got another rumble from Braden. "He didn't know I am a girl, look I'm already regenerating."

We watched the landscaping pass by, not too much was said between us. He would tell me every now and then about the type of classes I would be taking, what it was like to be in battle training. He wasn't fond of me joining but then he laughed and told me I'd give the guys a show going up against Syrus.

I asked him how his summer was and was sorry that he couldn't spend it with us this year. We had gone to Europe in hopes that we wouldn't run into anyone we knew. I tried not to talk about my shopping but he noticed my necklace. Yep he was checking out my chest. I knew it.

On our two hour trip, I must have fallen asleep in Braden's arms, it felt like heaven. It was so warm and I felt so safe, his heartbeat was like the best lullaby ever. I don't know if it was a dream of an over imaginative teenage girl or not but I felt something or rather someone brushing their fingers on my cheek and neck. Caressing me, it was comforting. Then warm tasty lips on mine. "MMM" I moaned, hoping it wouldn't stop as the large firm hand on my breast hesitated its grip and moved away.

"What the hell am I thinking?" I subconsciously heard someone say and I tried to hold on to my dream.

I woke when we came to a stop. I was lying on the bench, alone. "B?" I grabbed my stuff and stumbled out of the room and right into Victor.

" Hey so sorry about earlier, of course you're not going to look like the others. If it's any consolation, you're way prettier." He smiled. I realized my sweatshirt wasn't on, so I pulled it back on. He bit his lip and shook his head. "Wow, so not a guy."

" Ah yeah." I got off the train and my oldest brother was barking orders. I had my hood on and I could tell he was searching the crowd for me. I lined up with the others." Your crap has been taken to your room. There is a table in the front hall and you will check in get your roommate assignment and key. You have thirty minutes to change into your uniform and get back in line." Slade said and he saw my hooded figure. " Who you hiding from?"

" Your ugly ass." I giggled and he pulled off my hood. " Hi."

" How was the ride? Any problems?" He glared at the boys who gave me a hard time. He even shot a dirty look at Braden who lowered his eyes defeated. "Yeah we'll talk about this later second." His tone made me cower the harsh words when I thought Braden didn't do anything.

"Stop it, be nice to him." I whispered. "None at all, Braden took real good care of me." I made him loose his anger to the boys but his harsh glare towards Braden was puzzling and he pushed me towards the door.

"How good?" Slade checked my neck. "That's the question." Then he sniffed me and growled.

"Stop, he was a good big brother." I glanced over and saw him looking at me.

"Don't take forever getting ready." He growled. "Keep your door locked at all time, the four of us have keys."

"Four?" I looked up at him. The half smile and arched eyebrow being so intrigued by who he would trust enough to give a key to my room to.

"Yeah, me, Sloane, Sy, and Braden which might be a bad idea now that I think about it." Slade rolled his eyes. "He's not going to do anything with you little sissy none of them are. You're forbidden to any of them. It's my order as well as the head master."

"I know Damn it." I grinned and he laughed. "Order is an order."

"Get dressed fast okay." He kissed the top of my head. "Be a good girl."

" I'm not a Deb any more I'm a Lyc." I smiled and walked up to the table where my other two brothers sat. " Hey morons give me my key. Hope my roommates hot."

" Respect bitch." Syrus growled.

"Sorrie knock it off." Sloane ginned.

" Ooohhh soo original." I laughed and took my key from Sloane. "Syrus."I gave him a smirk, when I turned and a young first year was next to me and smiled when he noticed I was a girl.

He inhaled deep and I tried to hurry away. " Hey who's her room mate?" The boy yelled as he was trying to look at my hidden assets.

" Sorren's room is off limits to all who don't have the last name Graysen." Slade howled his order. "Shit." He took a deep breath. "Sorren is off limits period!"

"What makes him so special? Is it because he's a runt?" Another guy said and Victor and the other 3 guys laughed since they knew the truth. "Gotta protect the little man."

"Oh my god." I rolled my eyes and in one graceful move I jumped on the table. "I'm not the runt. The next dog to call me that will find my foot up there ass." I pulled off my sweatshirt and my auburn hair hid most of my body as it draped over my chest. "I'm a FeLyc and I'll make it all clear to you right now that I've taken on all three of my brothers and I'm undefeated in battle. So if you even think of trying anything, they will have to surgically remove your testicles from your throat because I'll tear them off and feed them to you for breakfast. Are we clear?"

" Dude our class has the first chick in 700 years that's awesome!" One of the first years yelled.

I jumped down and went up the stairs I felt empowered all of a sudden. I felt strong and it must have shown because Braden stood at the door with a smile. "You scared me too Sunshine." I winked at him and headed inside to my room. As I looked for it I passed the door that read Braden Griffin Second in command. I felt the butterflies return knowing that we would be under the same roof for a whole year. That's when I saw my room number, Right next door. We were free to come and go as we pleased through the joint bathroom we shared. I jumped when a loud fist hit my door.

"Hurry it up Sweetheart this isn't a fashion show." Slade growled. I remembered then he could hear my thoughts the minute we crossed the border. I hurried and got dressed into my uniform which consisted of a short pleated skirt in crimson plaid with a crimson jacket with the Lycan crest, a crisp fitted white shirt and a tie. My mother gave me a pair of blood ruby earrings and I put them on and braided my long hair. I had five minutes to spare after I pulled on my socks and high heel Mary Jane's. I put on a little makeup and some perfume. I glanced over towards the bathroom and I could see into the next room.

"Damn that's Braden's room, we share a bathroom." I felt my heart start to race at the thoughts and I started to sweat. I shook off the feeling as I knew this was going to make my life hell if I kept up the daydreamy feeling every time I looked at a door. Regaining my composure, I walked out as some of the freshmen were trying to tie their ties.

I shook my head disgusted that not one of these men could tie their own tie correct. "Victor come here." I laughed at the looks I got and I tied his tie. "There. It's not that hard to learn."

"You Rock Sorren." He smiled and kissed my cheek awkwardly as he looked down my body. "So going to get myself killed for my thoughts."

Then the line of first years who needed assistance formed. "Great I'm the house mom." I laughed and hurried out to the line.

"Does that mean you'll come tuck us in at night?" The blond haired guy smiled. "I'm Micah."

"Nice to meet you, and no." I watched as Slade stood livid pinching the bridge of his nose. His muscles flexed and Syrus laughing. Sloane standing in line giving me a sympathetic smile as he looked at my uniform.

"At attention." Braden ordered. "First years that means you!"

I took a deep breath trying to control myself he just sounded so damn sexy when he went into Beta mode. The wolf was clawing at me wanting out. It was hard to control myself as he walked by inspecting our uniforms. I had my tie loose and more stylish, it wasn't acceptable but I'd like to think it was a way of Braden touching me. He fixed my tie and pulled my braid.

"This is a uniform not a music video." He looked at me his eyes locked in mine. "Discipline and respect got it?"

"Thank you Second." I smiled. "I'll remember that."

"Don't let it happen again, runt." He saw the fire burning in my eyes and he winked at me. I kept my eyes straight ahead containing the wolf at bay for now.

I started thinking about things from my human life while Slade went over the rules which I had heard a million times or two. For some reason Braden positioned himself right in my line of sight as Slade walked up and down the line. It just made my thoughts more about my past and made me even more sad, As a human girl since I was old enough to understand, I've been in classes to walk, talk, and act like a lady. I've taken all types of dance as well. When I turned fourteen, my Mother even paid for private instructions from a trained exotic dancer; that was embarrassing. But Mom thought it would help when it came to me pleasing my husband. I could make a gourmet meal by the time I was twelve. I would be ready by the time I would turn eighteen, I would be the picture perfect wife.

My parents became very close to the Griffin's and the conversations spoken between my mother and Braden's mother were something I never spoke of. It was things set up between parents of ranking families. I was being groomed to be his. I was going to be Braden Griffin's wife. This was the plan, until Mrs. Griffin was told the news that I was a full Lycan. She stood in front of my mother and me and let us know that she would never allow her son to marry a Fe-Lycan. I would become just like them and could never be faithful to her son. I'd be just a desired Bitch. That once my wolf had its first heat cycle, that would be the end of my life with him, I would except the first and nearest male regardless if it was my mate or not. I could never do that, I knew I would never. Braden held my heart for years. I'd kill myself before I would give in to another male. She didn't see it that way.

"You okay?" Micah asked me as I tried to hide my emotions.

"Yeah fine." I walked into the assembly hall taking the seat between Micah and another boy. "Thanks."

Then the Headmaster stepped up to the podium." Welcome to Stonebridge." The headmaster was a large man, well spoken with an educated voice. He was the product of a Lycan and Witch, inheriting both gifts from his parents. We were all told that he had powers and lying to the headmaster was impossible since he could read our minds, see our past thoughts, and smell fear. " I want to start this welcome assembly with some introductions. As you know I am Headmaster Christiansen. We have a new Battle Coach this year for the Lycan's; Henry Hunt. Also, as the head of the houses, you are all responsible for how your house acts as a whole. Of course, those who seek trouble as individuals unfortunately will bring problems to their own houses. Witch house, Cora Willowbrook, Wizard house, Philip Crestwick, Vampire female house, Camilla Richardson, Male Vampire house, Drake Richardson, Lycan house, Slade Graysen."

"That brings us to our greatest honor this year. The Lycan house of Stonebridge has been graced with the honor of one of the most unique treasures to our world."I was scared when he started talking. Slade stood up and walked toward me. "We hold the honor of the education of the only female Lycan in existence today, there has not been a female Lycan born in over 700 years. It is our great honor to introduce to you, Miss. Sorren Graysen."

My brother took my hand and walked me up to the Head Master. " Thank you." I said softly, as the girls glared at me and the boys talked about me, causing Slade to pinch his nose again. Then a female's voice shouted out.

" WOOHOO SORREN! GIVE THOSE DOGS SOME CLASS." I smiled when Cora who just happens to be my brother's girlfriend, was always a big help to me during this change.

"I will warn all of you, especially those in her own home. She is off limits to all. I know that males will find it difficult to stay away, remember to the older classes she is only fifteen regardless of her appearance. If you are thinking of how do you young ones say it. Hooking up or asking her out. All requests go through Alpha Slade Graysen. Remember wolves he will know your thoughts and intentions just as I do for the rest." Head Master said and I felt even more awkward. "Welcome Sorren, I hope that you can make stonebrook your home just as all of us have."

"Yes sir, thank you." I returned to my seat; I didn't realize I was shaking so much until Micah slid his hand in mine.

"You're okay, we got your back." He winked and then turned his attention to the headmaster who we listened to about the rules and regulations and all that stuff.

"And last but certainly not least, all first years the neutral ground is just that, neutral that means any of your kind will be there and things can happen and we have no control or say over. I suggest you stay away from there. Sorren, especially you unless you are heavily guarded by vampires. But then their should be no reason for you to patrol with the others that close either. Is that under stood Mr. Graysen, Mr. Griffin, Mr. Hunt." The Headmaster looked at me and I looked over at my Brothers.

"Yes sir." I croaked and I knew what he was thinking. We left the hall and Syrus pulled me out of Micah's hand and gave him a dirty look and Slade hit Syrus in the back of the head.

"He's being nice, lay off. Let her have friends." Slade growled. "Micah is a good kid."

"I don't give a shit, I don't trust myself let alone some horny post trans lyc around her." Syrus growled and I felt my lip quiver. "What?" He looked at me.

"I didn't think you cared." I smiled and stuck my tongue out at him.

We were given the first day off of school work and we returned to the Lycan house. I still felt like I was the flickering light bulb in the room. Annoying everyone but had to be there. "Get changed and meet in the common room." Slade yelled going into his own room. "STAY OUT OF MY SISTERS ROOM! ALL OF YOU!" He roared as I started pulling off my tie and jacket I went to my room.

"Calm down before you have a stroke." I thought and looked at him. He turned his head at the door to his room and nodded. "Love you Bubba." he smiled and went inside.

I changed into my jeans and a shirt nothing fancy and went bare foot into the common room. It smelled like sweaty boys. "Ugh wet dog." I groaned as I sat down on the ground between Sloane's knees. "Don't you guys know how to clean, open a window."

"What? You don't like our manly smell Sorrie?" Syrus smiled and smelled his arm pit.

"Ah No, no wonder the headmaster wants me to be guarded by sweet smelling suckers." I smiled and heard multiple growls from the boys.

" Alright, Shut up; The reason we are having this meeting is because the first party of the season has been given to us." Slade saw my face light up. "It's gonna be a lot of work."

"Awww man this sucks." Chris grumbled. "Just like all the other parties."

"The past years our parties have sucked. Pizza and spiked punch and video games. It can't be like this anymore." I watched him smile a little and it made me giggle. "We've been put on probation."

"Yeah a party." I hugged Sloane's leg and hopped a little like a little girl getting present.

"Head Master said if we throw another crappy party, our house is band from the rest of the houses gatherings for the rest of the term." Slade looked at the disappointment on the guys faces.

"Your parties Sucked, because you didn't have me." I smiled even bigger. "So at least I have some purpose for being here."

"You already make it smell better." Victor covered his mouth and the guys started laughing at him.

"Look better too." Micah winked at me and Slade shook his head.

"You can't call mom to help on this, we have to do it all by ourselves, can't even hire an event planner." Slade grinned and I jumped up. "It's a big job."

"Pisssh for you maybe, but I've spent the past thirteen years doing this shit with mom. " I walked over to my brother with my arms crossed looking at his clipboard. "What's the budget?" I asked. "I was born for this shit."

"The school gives us five grand a party." Slade relaxed as I computed everything in my mind. "The other houses put on huge almost prom like parties. They're fun but not us."

"Because Proms suck ass too." I replied.

"You also have to send invites to everyone on campus even the staff." Sloane said.

"Okay, where do we have it?" I asked. "That's right We or this will not be the party of the year; You will dress the part too. Or else."

"Or else what?" Scott asked sarcastically.

"You won't like me when I don't get, what I want." I looked at him and made my eyes glow.

"Shit she is scary." Scott laughed.

"Sissy focus. We have it Er…Here; that wall opens." Slade groaned with embarrassment. "It's not like a grand ballroom anymore like the other houses have. Over the years it's been run down and we just didn't see why it mattered."

"Open it." I told him. "And the windows smell like wet dog in here. We have to do something about that too. " I smiled as some of the guys laughed. The room given was huge I could just picture it. "How long do I have?"

" Two months." Slade told me. "You have access to the funds now."

" Do you have maintenance funds for the house?" I asked looking around at the peeling paint and broken moldings, the floor was horrid. "How do you walk on this let alone dance." I whispered to myself.

"Yeah; usually, but not right now, we blew out the gym last year and it took all the funds to repair it." Slade grumbled and watched me grinned and pulled out my cell phone. "Oh great excuse her now guys."

"You know what No I'm not calling Daddy." I crossed my arms and looked at the guys. "High borns raise your hands." I watched as over half the males raise their hands with pride. "Get on your phones and start calling for donations. My lovely brothers, that means you too."

"Wait, You want us to beg for money from our parents?" Victor looked at her.

"No, I want you to explain the situation to your parents, friends, family members, local businesses, get donations to help. Slade get on the phone to the Alumni association Dad has the number. Humble your high horse selves and do what your mothers have done for charities for years. Get moving."

"So because they are high born you think we can't do this?" Micah asked.

"No I know you can, you probably have, but I also know you're not helpless smooth handed cry babies like most of them." I said and started making a list while I talked. "I need at least ten of you to paint, has anyone taken wood shop?"

"We have." Declan and Micah said.

"My Dad is a Contractor, ever summer I work for him." Chris grinned, you could see that he was a laborer he was larger than the other first years. "I can get him to help with materials, at least get them at cost through his company."

" Good we need to replace some of this molding. I'll get some carpets and we need to refinish this dance floor." I patted his shoulder. "I want to remove this too. Even if we don't have a party there is no reason to have this moving wall. I'm going to look into getting furniture. When we have more time we can refinish these shelves, but until then a good buff and shine should work."
The others came in a couple hours later with lists of people and their donations, Slade walked in and smiled. "Alum is flippin the bill for the whole fuckin' thing." He looked over at me and laughed. "Word travels fast but we have to do the work. All of us guys."

"I'll call and have the tools sent over from the rental place." Sloane said.

"Get a list of what we will need from Chris, he's the contactor I'm the director. But for sure we need to get something to strip and restain this floor." I said shaking my head.

"Lycan's don't dance." One of the 3rd years said.

"Says who, besides if you want to find a good mate you need to know how to dance." I smiled. " If you help refinish this room I'll teach all of you. Chicks dig guys with rhythm."

"Hell yeah they do." One of the guys made a rude gesture and we all howled with laughter.
"I didn't mean it like that." I looked back at the list.

"And you're sooo good?" The third year said again. "How would you even know how to move, you're just a little girl." I walked over to the lame stereo and turned it on it was the beginning of Start a fire by Ryan Star.

"No, come on Sorrie." Braden grumbled. "Pick Sloane."

"They suck at dancing, that's why Syrus is single. Come on, Braden?" I pulled him to the floor. " Samba?"

"Damn it." He shook his head.

"Smack that ass." I giggled. "Show me what you workin' with."

"That never gets old." Braden laughed. Taking my hand, we started dancing. Our bodies moved in perfect sync and I could see some of the boys getting on board with the simple moves and mixed in a little of my own. I grinned and lead Braden around by his tee shirt.

Rolling and twisting my body erotically even Braden was reacting as howls began and I saw my brothers grimace at the sight. I toned down my wiggling but Braden was so into it that when the music started to end and Braden dipped me, grinding against his leg with my leg wrapped around him. By the end of the dance, I had all the guys sold. They were looking a bit wild in the eyes.

"Hey guys grab whatever cleaning stuff you have." Slade said and they all went running to change and grabbing whatever they had to clean with.

"You did good Sunshine." He raised an eyebrow.

"Boys are so easy, show them extra moves to get laid, they roll over and do whatever you ask." I felt a little strange and Slade came over causing Braden to retreat.

A couple hours later I was marking replacement areas when Braden came over. " So who's your lucky guy? I mean your mother had to be grooming you for someone." Braden leaned against the wall.

I never wanted to think or talk about that part of my life ever. I was groomed for nothing. " Not anymore, his mother doesn't want him with a Lycan female." I felt the sadness fill me like it did when I was brought into the mother's conversation. "I don't want to talk about it okay."

" Why, you're like the perfect catch for a Lycan." Braden smiled and I felt a tear fall. "Oh shit, you love the guy."

"I said I didn't want to talk about it." I felt more tears and I saw the pain my snapping did and I took a deep breath. "I'll I can say is it will never happen and yes I love him with every part of me. I see him everyday and it kills me knowing I'll never be the one to make him happy. Please don't bring it up again." I pulled myself together again and went to help the guys out.

Even though I am completely capable of lifting the same amount of weight as the males. The boys refused me to lift a finger. They asked for direction but that what they should do next. But I couldn't even help clean the windows. "Guys I think we're good." I smiled. "You guys did great, go have fun."

"Thanks Sorren." Micah smiled and they all thanked me and walked out. I walked back to my room. I had the monster size head ache too. Slade had gotten us all pizza for dinner and I took mine back to my room, I wasn't feeling like socializing when my head felt like it was going to explode.

"Hey, take these." Slade handed me a bottle. "I have more, think I'm going to need it more now that you're here. These er thoughts are crazy."

"I could imagine." I smiled and closed the door. The headache medicine worked and I laid down on my bed reflecting on my first day. So far my first day at Stonebridge wasn't too bad, It's been like a super long day. Getting up in the middle of the night to go sit at the transport station for 2 hours travel for another 2 hours, have some crazy dream after having hurt feelings over name calling. I snickered about it now, about the runt jokes, seeing their faces when I revealed myself. But that ended when I looked across the room after hearing the water start running. My head wasn't hurting but the pain was killing me. It felt like my whole reason for breathing was shattered and I was walking around without a pulse on life support.