Sometimes I forget to be thankful for all that I have. Every small frustration becomes so overwhelming.

Can't find something in the bottomless pit known as my purse? That's easy. Dump it out all over the floor cursing at the purse, at all the useless crap I have in it and at myself for not cleaning it.

Sitting in traffic watching the time on my GPS increase minute by minute and having to switch from neutral to first gear every time the asshole in front of me feels the need to move forward a centimeter results in me screeching at the top of my lungs. My hands slam against the steering wheel repeatedly until they are throbbing.

Buttons on my phone seemingly have a mind of their own. Pressing them is an exercise in futility. With every push I can feel my teeth grinding together. Of course, the only logical answer is to throw the phone at the wall.

I spend so much time being angry. So much energy goes into my usually unsuccessful attempt at deep breathing or rationality which seems to be completely consumed by these everyday events.

Some days I wish I knew how to take a step back. To breathe in all the beauties of nature and the blessings in my life. To let those ideas take over my mind. But most days I forget that's even an option.