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Year 1

"Are you sure we should be sending him away? He's still so young."

"All these other parents are doing it, why can't we, besides, the rep made it clear that if we didn't send him something… worse, could happen."

"But he's so little. What if he gets teased?"

"He'll be fine," humor came into the man's voice, "If someone picks on him he could always-," the woman next to the man hit him on the arm.

"Don't even kid about that." She and her husband looked at each other, then down at their son when he spoke, which he didn't usually do.

"Mom, Dad, when will I see you again?" His musical voice, with a hint of panic in it, broke his parent's hearts.

"We'll see you for winter break," his mother told him, kneeling down and squeezing her son, hard.

"They said you can call us whenever you want. They have our numbers, if you can't remember." His father told him, never one for physical affection, not in front of others, that is, and most definitely not with his eldest son, "And you can always e-mail or write us."

The little boy looked up at his parents with his wide doe eyes, bright blue and shining even more than usual due to the sudden moisture threatening to spill out. The boy straightened, his eyes narrowed slightly, and the moisture just seemed to disappear. He looked up at his parents with his characteristic emotionless face and looked them straight in the eyes, his eyes still shone like headlights, but his long lashes now covered them slightly, so they weren't as prominent. "I'll see you then," he said, his musical voice laced with steel, he held out a hand to his father, who took it, confused. His eldest had always been a mystery to him, the way he never seemed to show what he was thinking, unlike his twin sister, who showed all one million of her emotions on her face, not caring who saw.

The little boy turned to his twin and nodded, "Take care of yourself," he said, he held out his hand, the little girl pulled him into her arms, it didn't seem like she was going to ever let go.

"Don't leave me," she cried, "Why do you have to go? I love you, don't leave me! Big brother, I love you, please, please, don't leave me."

"I'm older than you by ten minutes," he told her, his parents looked at each other, when had their little eight year old learned how to talk like such an adult? They saw the little boy whisper something into his sister's ear, but they couldn't hear. The girl hugged him tighter and let go, her brother had made no move to hug her back, she didn't seem to care.

"Luke," his mother said, he turned to her, she kneeled down in front of him, "I just want you to know, no one blames you for what happened. We know you didn't mean to do it, and, in the end, no one was permanently injured. We love you so much; we just want you to be happy, that's why we're sending you away. If we thought that it wasn't necessary, there's no way we would let you leave." She hugged him, tears falling down her cheeks, he patted her on the back, trying to console her, his father laughed inwardly at the picture.

"I love you so much," his mother said, pulling away, "We'll see you in a couple of months." She hugged him quickly again at the announcement for his plane.

She stood up and the little girl rushed to her side hugging her leg, "Lily, it's okay, you'll see him again, it's not like this is goodbye forever." She picked the girl up and consoled her while her husband led her son to the plane.

The boy got in line behind other boys and girls his age, and turned to his father once more, "We'll miss you," he said, "Even Sam and Josie." He added.

"Josie is two and Sam is only a few months, they won't even know who I am the next time I see them," he told his father confidently.

His father put a hand on his son's shoulder, "They'll miss you just as much as us," he said, just as confident. "Have a good time, make a bunch of friends, and get into a little trouble every now and then," he directed, giving his shoulder a little squeeze. "See you soon," he said, and walked back to his wife.

The little boy turned before he entered the tunnel to the plane. His family waved at him, he turned back around and kept walking. A pretty stewardess showed him to his seat and he busied himself by messing with the stuff around him and situating his things.

At first he thought he was going to have the two seats to himself, then another little boy was ushered to the seat next to him. The little boy next to him looked almost green, Luke was afraid he was going to get puked on any second.

"Hey," the boy said, nausea clear in his voice.

Luke looked at him in acknowledgement, but didn't say anything. The boy next to him was gripping the arm rest with such determination that his hands were a deadly white and Luke could see the bones poking at the stretch skin.

Luke knew enough of what was wrong with himself that he knew what he could do to help the poor boy next to him, "You should calm down," he said, it was barely audible, but this way Luke could be sure no one else could hear him. The other boy visibly relaxed. His fingers moved to his lap and were gaining their color, his face turned more tan than green, Luke was satisfied, he no longer had to worry about being barfed on.

He leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes, the trip was going to take a while, he might as well get some of the sleep he had missed the night before. He'd only had his eyes closed for a few minutes before the boy next to him started bouncing in excitement, now that he was no longer nervous.

"My name is Kyle, nice to meet you."

Luke opened one eye at the boy, who was prodding him with a finger to his arm. Luke lifted his finger to the nametag he had been given and tapped it twice, bringing it to the boy's attention. The boy looked at it then back up at Luke, who now had his eye closed again. The boy started poking him again, "Why don't you talk?" he asked, he had obviously not noticed that Luke was the one that had told him to calm down.

Luke shrugged, the boy was quiet for a second, "So, did your parents go to Laurden?" Luke shook his head; Laurden was the name of the school they were sending him to, "Really? Neither of them? That's odd… Both of my parents went, the school wasn't established when my grandparents would have been in school, but they would have gone also, if you know what I mean…" Luke shook his head, looking quizzical, "You know, they can do stuff too…" at Luke's continued absent face the boy went on, "My grandpa can play any instrument absolutely perfect the first time he touches it, and my grandma can incorporate moods into the food she makes, like, this one time I ate one of her cookies while I was in a bit of a mood, you know, angry because my little brother had a cooler gift than me, but one bite of that cookie and I was happy as a pig in a mud pen, at least, that's how my grandpa put it."

Luke was suddenly struck dumb, he looked at the boy, his face not showing his feelings in the slightest, "What kind of school am I being sent to?" he asked the boy, trying not to put any emotion or hidden command behind his question, well, except one that made the boy answer whether he wanted to or not.

"Did no one tell you, or did you just not listen?" the boy asked, he didn't give Luke the time to answer, "Laurden is a school for the gifted…They teach us how to control our powers and use them in efficient, non-threatening ways." Luke stared at him, "You do have a power don't you?" Luke nodded slightly, "Mines not very cool, all I can do is throw things hard and hit exactly where I was planning. Not that cool, I know, but they say there are a lot of fields I can go into with training and control. What can you do?"

"Control things," Luke said evenly, putting in his neighbor's head to not ask to explain.

Luke watched the little blond boy squirm uncomfortably in his seat. Luke leaned back and closed his eyes, the next time he opened them it was time to get off the plane.

"So, which house do you think you'll be in?" Kyle asked Luke as they gathered their carryon bags, "I'm hoping for red or blue. I suppose yellow wouldn't be too bad, just as long as I don't get green." Luke was looking at him like he was crazy, he had no idea what he was talking about, "You have no idea what I'm talking about… Have you ever heard about a series called Harry Potter?" Luke nodded, He'd seen the first two movies, but wasn't allowed to watch the others until he got older. "Well, the school was modeled after it, the founder, apparently, was obsessed with it, and she made houses that went along with it. The only difference between the houses at Laurden and the ones in Harry Potter are that they aren't named after wizards, but for their main color. Everything else is pretty much the same, Red is for the brave, outgoing, popular people, Blue is for the brainy people, Yellow is a bit of a reject group, to be completely honest, and Green is for the scary, powerful and mean people.

"My dad told me it wasn't nice to objectify people like that, that not all the people in every house are the same, I figured he was right is some respects, but I still think seeing them as a whole is easier than looking at them all as individuals." He concluded, Luke got the feeling that Kyle would be in the blue group, he'd never heard another person his age talk like that before. "So… where do you think you'll go?" the boy asked.

Luke shrugged, "Probably yellow," he said, just as even as usually, not allowing his disappointment to show.

Kyle patted him on the shoulder and they walked along with the rest of their classmates. They were informed that all of their things had been taken care of, that they would be put in their respective dorm rooms once they had been sorted. They were piled into buses and taken to their new school. Luke had been expecting a castle, but it looked more like the college campus that his mom taught at.

Kyle stuck close to him the entire way, and through the sorting, they were two of the last in the line, there were at least two hundred kids in his class. He looked around, the place was gigantic; the teachers sat up at the front, like in harry potter, and the kids sat at long tables in front of them, the ground level wasn't big enough to seat all the students of the school, but there were three levels total, thought not above each other. There were two, balcony like levels that wrapped around the ground level. Luke looked up at the first, the kids standing three or deeper all around the railing seemed older than the ones down on the ground. The students on the third floor were even older, high school aged students.

Another student walked up to the headmistress, she put her hand on his head, "Shooter," the headmistress's voice carried to everyone in the room, "Green." She said, the chatter that never seemed to stop was interrupted by a clapping and whistles from the students with green ties or skirts, seeing as how they were in uniform, applauded from the left side of the room, none from the right.

Luke and his comrade were getting closer to the front. When it got to their turn Luke pushed Kyle to go in front of him, Kyle looked back at Luke in his last few steps, he relaxed when Luke silently calmed him, he didn't have to talk to use his controlling ability.

Kyle stood in front of the headmistress and she placed her hand on his head, as she had for all the others, "Shooter," she said, after two or three seconds, "Blue."

The kids in blue burst into applause and Kyle joined his rightful table, getting a pat on the back and smiles. Luke walked up to the platform, his heart leaping into his throat; he wished he could use his powers on himself. Luke looked up at the headmistress and she placed her hand on his head. After a few seconds she stiffened, but she didn't say anything, Luke was confused. After another few seconds his ears started to ring, the chatter had ceased, the room was completely silent. Luke felt like he had been standing up there forever, but was only a minute or two, finally, the headmistress opened her mouth, "Green," she said, she didn't say what he was, it was silent for a long time, the headmistress didn't move her hand. There was a loud clap from somewhere up in the third balcony, then the rest of the green house joined in, confused, but still happy to have someone join them. Luke started to move, the headmistress grabbed his shoulder and looked in his eyes, she looked confused, scared, and, at the same time, overjoyed.

When Luke got to his table he got cautious smiles and a few outright gapes, no one touched him. The rest of the new students were sorted and Luke quietly ate his dinner and followed an older green student to his dorm. He and the other first year green students shared a wing with the second years. Luke was last to get his room assignment, seeing as they did it alphabetically and his last name is Zollie.

When he got to his assigned room there was already a boy sitting on the bed near the window. He was lying on his back, flipping through a magazine. He looked over at Luke when he walked in, "Hey," he said, then went back to his magazine.

Luke shrugged and went over to where his stuff was on his bed. He started putting his clothing into the drawers then put his suitcase under his bed. He lay down on the dark green and gray silk covered bed once he was situated. He put his arms under his head and looked up at the ceiling, nothing was going on in his head, he just sat there, staring, thinking about absolutely nothing, until his roommate interrupted him.

"In case you were wondering, you got paired with me because there was an odd number of each of our years and we were both last." The boy informed him, Luke looked over at him. He wasn't much taller than Luke, he had short light brown hair, dark, chocolate brown eyes, a bit of freckles across his slight pug nose, he was lanky looking, but not unhealthily so. He had on black slacks and a white undershirt; he had obviously ditched the black blazer, white button up shirt and green and grey tie. He was barefoot, his shoes and socks sitting next to his bed. Luke liked how laid back he seemed.

Luke nodded his head to what he said and looked away, "Look," the boy said, "Last year my roommate and I didn't get along very well, and it sucked ass," Luke was looking at him again, his eyebrows raised at the last word, he didn't know that little kids knew how to talk like that, then again, he knew how, so why couldn't this boy. "So I don't want to get off on the wrong foot." He stood up and walked over to Luke, who sat up. "I'm Tad, by the way." He said, holding out his hand.

"Luke," Luke answered, taking his hand.

"I'm a…" he trailed off and blushed slightly, "I'm a humming bird." He told him.

"I'm sorry?"

"That means that things happen when I talk. I haven't really learned how to control it, but as long as I'm wearing this," he pointed to the small green stone hanging around his neck, "Nothing should happen, unless I'm really really emotional… Um, I happen to remember Mrs. Biel not saying anything for you… so… what do you do?"

Luke bit his lip, "I guess I'm part humming bird, I mean, I can control things with my voice, but I don't have to use my voice, though, I can't do some of the things I can do with my voice in my head and vice versa."

"What can you do though?"

"Do you want me to show you?" he asked, putting in the undertone that he didn't want him to, the other boy shook his head, "That's one thing I can do," Luke told him, he took all undertones out of his voice, "Do you really want me to show you?"

"Yeah… what did you mean that's one thing?"

"I asked if you wanted to see, but I made you say no." the other boy's eyes widened, he was shocked, angry, and excited, "Sorry, I try not to do that. I know people get mad when they find out what I did. And as long as they know I did it they can speak and act for themselves, but if they don't realize it they have no power over themselves when I'm around…" he was silent for a second, letting the fact that he didn't like it set into the other boys mind.

"You said that was one of the things you can do?"

Luke looked away, he didn't blush, he knew how to control his features, "Yeah," he held out his hand and the magazine his roomy had left on his bed flew to his hand. Tad looked from his bed back to his roommate's hand.

"That's cool. So that's all, I don't see how Mr. B had such a problem naming you, I mean; you're just a control freak… That's not an insult, that's the nickname for people who can control people and or objects."

Luke looked away, that wasn't all he could do, "Yeah, right."

"Why do I get the feeling that's not all?"

Luke looked back at him, his emotionless eyes gave Tad the chills, they had held a little bit of laughter before, now, they were completely and utterly void of all emotions, yet they sparkled and shone like stars. "Do you want to know?"

Tad thought about the fact that he could be using his powers on him, once he was sure he wasn't he said, "Please."

Luke took a deep breath and closed his eyes holding the magazine between his hands. Tad watched as is started to disintegrate into sand like particles which disappeared as well, floated up, not down. Luke opened his eyes.

"Where did it go?" he was looking around, when he looked at Luke, a tear was running down his face, "What's wrong?" he asked.

"To your first question, you're breathing it in right now." Tad was confuse, "Everything and everyone everywhere are made of teeny tiny things called atoms, have you heard of them?" Tad shook his head, "I don't know how I know this, mind you, but I do, it might get confusing. The air you are breathing is made of atoms, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon and nitrogen being the main ones. They are so tiny you need a super, and I mean super, microscope to see them. You can't feel them right now, but there are constants bouncing off you and the walls, and… everything. When I do what I just did I can feel every one of them, that's what the tear was for, it's not fun. Anyway, I caused you're magazine to separate into the separate elements it was made of and repaired them so they could be safe to breath."

"That's kind of… cool."

"You think? That's not even the half of it," he couldn't stop the words from coming now, this was the first person, besides his father, that he had told the extent of what he could do, "When I go into atom mode I can control them. Watch." He held out his hands and the magazine he had destroyed slowly came back to existence in his hand, Tad watched in amazement. Luke handed the magazine to him and he flipped through it.

"It's exactly the same, well, almost, this page isn't folded anymore. That's…" he stopped when he saw another two tears appear.

"I can control them, control them. That's how they found out about me… Another boy at my old school made me angry. I made all the oxygen vacate the space around his head. I almost killed him. You need oxygen to live; I knew that, that's why I made it go away… They distracted me in time, but he had to go to the hospital."

Luke looked up at his roommate's horrified face, "That's…" he shook his head, he had been sitting next to Luke, now he got up and paced the room, "That's scary…"

"I'm still not done." Luke said, Tad looked at him in horror, "It's not as bad," Luke said, "Do you know that it's impossible to create stable elements, through science?" Tad shook his head, "Scientists throughout the ages have been trying to turn an element into another, usually trying to make gold… I can do that. I can control the tiniest particles in the known universe, protons, neutron and electrons, and I can make elements," Luke lifted his hand and a small gold disk appeared in his hand.

"Is that…" Tad walked over and picked up the small coin, "Is this real gold?"

"Yes, 24 karats, that means it pure gold." Luke closed his eyes and made the coin disappear, "I'm not supposed to do that, my dad says it's illegal." He was curled up on his bed now, "I think I should go to sleep now," he said, particle bombardment did nothing for his energy level.

"Oh, okay," Tad said, he looked at his new, scary roommate's sleeping form and drew his curtain around him.

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