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Tad was fuming, Luke had been avoiding him all day. He got to class late and sat in the back, then he left before the bell was done ringing. When Tad got back to their room after dinner, which Luke didn't show up to, the curtains around Luke's bed were drawn. Tad shrugged, this wasn't the first time his friend had done this type of thing, he'd get over it in a day or two.

After almost two weeks of being ignored Tad was pulling his hair out, he voiced his concerns over Luke to Kyle and Tilly. Kyle seemed worried, but Tilly looked guilty, "What do you know?"

She wasn't looking at him, "I don't know what you're talking about."

"What did you do?"

"I…I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said anything, it was too early."

"Oh god…" Kyle said, looking at his best friend in horror, "You didn't, did you?" she squeaked slightly and nodded.

"She did what!?" Tad said angrily.

"Trust me, you don't want to know. The best way to handle this is to convince him that whatever she said wasn't true, and that she was just being stupid old Tilly."

"Hey, I wasn't wrong!"

"It doesn't matter whether you were wrong or right, this is Luke, if he gets too upset this entire campus could be blown to bits."

"It's not like what I told him made him angry, I just confused him."

"And when Luke gets confused, he gets angry," Tad said, "What the hell did you tell him?"

"If he wasn't ready, you're definitely not ready," Kyle said, "Luke's always been the understanding, though overly logical, one. You deny until you pass out then deny some more, you never take things in stride, and instead pass right by them without really seeing, if we told you, you'd do something stupid, or you'd over react more than Luke."

Tad stood up and stomped out of the hall. He walked around the entire campus almost ten times before he realized it was dark, and he should be getting back to his room. The thought of going back to that lonely room made his heart sink a bit. He missed his best friend.

When he opened the door he found a very small, very naked boy straddling his roommate. Luke's head was thrown back, "Colton!" he moaned as the other boy ground his ass on Luke's hips. One of Luke's hands was on the smaller boy's hip, the other was on the younger boy's surprisingly not small cock.

Tad was frozen. He'd never walked in on his best mate doing something like this. Luke usually kept it out of the room. Tad heard him moan again, it sent a shiver down his back and shook him out of his daze, he quickly stepped back out of the room and shut the door. Right as the door closed Tad heard a loud, not quite low pitched yell, then he heard "Fuck!"

Tad leaned back against the door and closed his eyes, "Shit," he whispered, he was hard, and he needed to get rid of that, fast, before he could think of a reason as to why seeing two guys shagging, especially since one of them was his best friend, could make him hard, yet heartbroken at the same time. He walked as fast as he could to the bathroom to relieve himself. He still didn't feel better afterwards, so he turned a shower on freezing and stood under, not taking his clothes off. He didn't leave until he was completely numb. He made as much noise as possible opening the door, luckily, they were both dressed when he entered. They were standing next to Luke's bed, Colton had his arms around Luke's waist and was looking up at him. Luke kissed him then whispered something in his ear, Colton giggled and turned around. He blushed when he saw Tad then hurried out of the room.

Tad didn't notice, he was busy watching Luke, who was watching the other boy leave with an odd look in his eyes. Tad couldn't place it… Compassion? Pity? Love? Tad shook the thought out of his head, it was impossible, Luke can't fall in love.

"Hey," Tad said, once Luke looked at him.

Luke turned away and sat down at his desk, "Hey."

At the sound of Luke's voice something in Tad snapped, he stomped over to Luke and spun him around so he was facing him. He put a hand on each arm rest and leaned forward, "Whatever Tilly told you, just forget it, I'm sure it wasn't true anyway."

"You have no idea what you're talking about," Luke said, turning his head away from his friend, "She was right, and it scares the shit out of me."

"Well, Tilly's the one that told you, why are you avoiding me?"

Luke looked back at Tad, who recoiled slightly at the look in his eyes, "I can't talk about this right now."

"Why not?"

"Because I just had sex with my boyfriend, and exploring anything related to what Tilly told me wouldn't be right," He said, he pushed Tad way and got up, he closed his curtains and the room was enveloped in silence.

"What the fuck does what Tilly said have to do with you, me, and you fucking your boyfriend?"

"You'll find out eventually," came the muffled reply.

"I want to know now!" Tad yelled frustratedly.

"No, it will hurt more than it will help at this point. I've been denying it for years, and, as far as I'm concerned, it could go on for the rest of my life, nothing good will come of this."

"Fucking Shit!" Tad yelled, he forced the curtains open and got in his friend's face, "I thought we were best friends. I thought we told each other everything," he growled through his teeth.

"This is one fucked up thing you don't want to know, trust me." Luke said quietly.

"The fuck I do." Tad snarled.

Luke was staring down at him, his eyes glowing brighter than ever, "I…" he slumped a little, "I'll tell you in a week or so, once Colton and I break up, is that okay?"

Tad was about to say no, he wanted to know now, but he restrained himself, the look on Luke's face told him that this was serious business, "I still don't see why Colton could be attached to anything that has to do with me, and vice versa, and whatever it is your keeping from me," Tad mumbled, he walked over to his bed, pulled the curtain closed and laid down, he didn't sleep a wink, neither did Luke.

For the next three weeks both Luke and Tad ignored each other as much as possible, Luke and Colton were working out their break up, in secret, of course, and Tad was growing more and more impatient every day. Whenever someone tried to say something to him, he blew up, he'd rant and rave and end up storming out of the room, the first time it happened all Kyle had done was ask for the salt.

Luke and Colton were walking around campus when Tilly came running up to them, "If you two don't break up soon someone's going to get killed."

Colton looked horrified, Luke rolled his eyes, "Stop being so over dramatic. What's the matter?"

"Surely you've heard that Tad is going crazy? He just erupts when someone looks at him. Do you have any idea what you do to him? You're not the only one in love you know."

"What!?" Luke yelled, Colton and Tilly jumped, "You never said anything about him feeling the same!"

"I didn't think it needed to be said, I thought it was implied."

"He's completely obtuse when it comes to these things, why would you leave anything implied, you have to explain everything to him clearly or he'll make up his own stupid ideas." Colton told her, a little angrily, "this entire school has been waiting years for them to get together, and you're completely ruining it."

"The entire school? What the fuck? I didn't even know, how could they."

"Most players play to hide their feelings for something, it was obvious what you were trying to hide, especially since a few of your… playmates have said that you say Tad's name when you cum sometimes."

"I do not!"

"Yes you do," Colton supplied, "I've heard you."


"You say that sometimes too."

Luke fake glared at him then went back to his thoughts, "What could he possibly be thinking right now? Has anyone talked to him about this?"

Tilly shook her head, "We thought it would be best if it came from you, we didn't think you'd be so dense."

"I…" he turned to Colton, "I think it's time."

Colton grinned then set his face, tears started to pool in his eyes, "I hate you! We're through!" he yelled at the top of his lungs, so that everyone could hear, he winked at them then ran off towards his dorm.

"He's going to make a great actor one day."

"Yeah, probably," Luke said, watching his now ex boyfriend run away, "I should go find Tad."

"Is it really smart to jump in with him so soon?"

"Colton's doing the same thing, why can't I?"

"You two had a very complicated relationship."

"Not really," Luke grinned, "It was mostly sex, him for experience and me, well, his tongue really is amazing."

Tilly grinned, "Go to your room."

"Gladly." Luke said, then he ran off towards his room, Tilly grinned like the Cheshire Cat while she watched one of her best friends run off to find the love of his life.

Tad jumped in his seat when the door banged open, he stood up, thinking he was being attacked, "What the fuck?" he said when he saw who it was, "Was that really necessary?"

"Sorry," Luke said, he blushed and Tad instantly forgave him for everything over the past month and a half, though he didn't say anything.

"So… What's with all the excitement?"

"I-Colton and I broke up."

"Huh, is that so?" Tad's heart was thumping in his chest, he was finally going to be let in on the big secret. He acted like the news didn't affect him and sat back down in his chair, then turned back to his laptop.

"That's all you have to say?" Luke asked, disappointed.

Tad turned around, "Well… I would like to know why you've been avoiding me."

Luke grinned. He sat down on the couch and patted next to him, wanting Tad to come sit next to him. Tad complied, looking at his friend in askance. "Does your heart ever beat uncontrollably over seemingly ordinary things?" Luke asked seriously, Tad felt himself blush.

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"Mine does." Luke told him, "It does when I hear your name, or your voice. It does when you smile, and laugh, and yell, and whisper. It does every time I see you." Luke chuckled, "I told Tilly I was dying, she's the one that told me why this was happening. I tried not to believe her… Tad," Luke breathed deeply, "I…I love you." Tad was frozen, even his eyelids wouldn't move, "And I don't mean that in a brotherly way. I'm in love with you." When Tad still didn't move or speak Luke started to get up, embarrassed, thinking Tilly had been wrong, that Tad was completely straight, and would never, not in a million years, like him back.

Luke started to step away, but Tad's hand clamped around his wrist and pulled him back onto the couch. They sat there for a long time, completely still, staring off into space, Tad's hand around Luke's wrist. "I-," Tad started, then stopped for a second, "There's really only one way I can answer that…" He turned his head in Luke's direction and stared at him for a second, he took his hand back and stood up, "If you love me, why the fuck did you go off and fuck Colton like a couple of rabbits!?"

Luke blushed, "I-I was in denial, I didn't think you'd ever like me back… I'm sorry."

"I'm sorry doesn't cut it."

Luke felt like his heart was ripping apart, "What can I do?"

"Kiss me." Tad said, standing up straight. Luke looked up at him, he hadn't expected that. Luke shot off the sofa and launched himself at his best friend. Tad was surprised when Luke didn't crush their lips together, but instead softly pushed his lips against his.

Luke wrapped his arms around Tad, and Tad wrapped his arms around Luke's neck; neither of them could believe what they were doing. Luke timidly swept his tongue across the slightly smaller boy's lips, inwardly pleading for entrance. When Tad opened his mouth Luke's senses went into overdrive and he might have increased the pressure more than he meant to, but that did seem to deter Tad any, if fact it seemed to encourage him. Tad's hands found their way into the larger boy's hair and they pressed so tightly together they were pretty sure they were going to have to use the Jaws of Life to pull them apart.

Luke felt Tad grin into the kiss, then, all the sudden, he was on his back on his Tad's bed, and, somehow, managed to get in between his legs. Luke blinked up at him and laughed quickly, "I thought we already agreed that I was the more dominant one."

Tad smirked down at him, "No, it was decided you were stronger. But you are obviously so dick whipped that you would let me have or do anything I want."

Luke's eyes went dark in that thoughtful way he has, then he looked up at Tad and his eyes softened and he smiled that smiled of his; then he said something that made Tad melt, "Yeah. I would."

Tad reconnected their lips trying to convey to Luke just how much he loved him. "So, you'd be okay with me…" Tad motioned downward.

Luke blushed and nodded, "As long as it's not, you know, all the time."

They started kissing again and clothing started coming off. It was slow, and Luke was okay with that. He didn't try to use his powers to get rid of their clothing. He wanted to do everything right with Tad. Plus, he was fucking nervous, this was his first time to bottom, ever. Once they were naked and felt like they were going to explode any second Tad reached between then and covered his fingers with their precum; then he moved his fingers down to Luke's puckered entrance and gently inserted his middle finger. He felt the other boy's muscles tighten around him for a second before he relaxed. Tad slowly moved his finger in and out, until Luke was no longer showing any signs of pain, then he inserted a second finger. This time he used his fingers to hit Luke's sweet spot. Luke cried out and thrust his hips down on Tad's hand. Tad had just inserted a third finger when Luke started pulling at his wrist.

"It's good enough…please, just…" Luke whined, looking at Tad with almost completely black eyes. Tad nodded and slipped his fingers out of his ass.

Tad got some lubricant out of his drawer and covered himself with it. He looked directly into Luke's eyes as he slowly pushed into him. Luke winced slightly, but never made a sound. They both stayed still, staring into each other's eyes for a few minutes before either of them could move. Luke blinked slowly with a bit of a nod, telling Tad that he was ready, and tad started to move.

He started out slow, but Luke started begging for speed and Tad was only too willing to accommodate. He pounded into him as hard as he could, hitting his prostate with each thrust. He could feel the larger boy clenching around him, close to the edge. Their pace turned erratic and they came together, screaming each other's names.

Once Luke came down from his high, he turned and wrapped his hands around his best friend turned lover. They stared at each other for a good ten minutes before either of them said anything.

"Hey, Tad…"


"I love you."

"I love you too."

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