Fairest of Them All


It was the first day back at school after summer. Girls would flock to me to ask about my summer, and the latest gossip. The males would admire from afar, whilst some of the bravest would summon the courage to ask for a date. But the answer was always no.

As I walked through the doors, an aisle opened up right down the middle of the hallway, leading straight to my locker. Some people were pressed completely against the wall, but sacrifices have to be made for wonderful beings like myself.

One girl didn't move though – probably a new kid.

"Lily White," Stacy informed me, falling into step on my left.

"Transferred from Australia," added Grace, from my right.

"She'll be out of here in no time," I finished. It was always the same.

Oh how wrong I was. By the third day of school, her name was on everyone's lips.

Apparently, she had the makings of being the next, well, me. But that wouldn't happen, because I had a plan to take her down. No, she'd never done anything to me, but her presence was – dare I say it – a threat to my social life.

Lily White was going down.

"Jakey!" A tall, dark haired guy turned, and smiled at me.

"Hey Brit! How was the break?"

"Listen, I need you to do something for me. Remember this name: Lily White. Take her down. And make sure there's a public humiliation involved."

"What's in it for me?" That was such a typical Jake thing to say.

"The usual – I'll buy you lunch for a week. That is, if you accomplish it." He usually did though. But that's alright – I'd just ask Daddy for more money. He could afford a teensy blow to his multi-million salary.


The next thing I knew, Lily was dating none other than Jake Prince. I guess he still had the moves.

She was gushing all about him during the classes we shared, meaning that everything was going to plan. She would get attached, and then BAM!, he'd drop her. And she'd never show her face again. Win.

However, I was wrong again - he never dumped her into the pits of humiliation.

"I can't do it, Brit," he said. By now, at this point, Jakey was dead to me.

It was time to take matters into my own hands, and do my own dirty work. Everyone was starting to like her. I needed to act fast before all of them turned against me. It was reassuring that no matter what, I would still at least have Stacy and Grace.

Jakey–I mean, Jake - must've told her something about my plan, as over the next few days, Lily took every opportunity to avoid me. She sat with a group of short nerds at lunch, over in the far corner of the cafeteria.

For some reason, this only made people love-I mean...like her more. But who needs people who like you when they can fear you, anyway? And don't forget, I sill had my partners in crime, Stacy and Grace.

It was time to put Plan B – finally, taking her down myself - into action. I slipped the crimson note into her locker. Meet me at the gates after school – J, it had said.

After school, I took my spot behind the bushes. I'd wait till there was absolutely no-one around before striking. I had my weapon, my high-tech camera phone, in my hands. And...snap.

The picture was perfect. I hit send, distributing the picture to everyone on my contact list, with the caption: Hey- Look who got stood up.

I smiled. That should do it. Things like this spread like wildfire here at North High.

I walked into school the next morning feeling very proud of myself. Things would be different today, because Jake was dead to me, and because I had just gotten rid of this pain in the neck – all by myself.

What I didn't know was just how different things would be. No one even so much as acknowledged my entrance. What was worse was they all turned away and left the main hallway. Not even Stacy and Grace came to me.

"You lose," someone whispered into my ear. Jake stood there, looking smug.

"Your plan failed," Grace continued, stepping out from behind Jake.

I rolled my eyes and continued to my locker. They'd get be crawling back in less than five minutes.

"And something else – No one cares about you, Brittania." Stacy joined.

I froze. No one called me by my full name and lived to tell the tale.

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me. Everyone hates you. We prefer Lily – she's actually nice, and so much prettier than you'll ever be. Have a nice life."

I was shocked. No, that was an understatement. This was absolutely ridiculous. Lily must have poisoned them or something.

I went looking for them at lunch. Jake was talking to Lily, who was flanked by the seven little nerds, plus Stacy and Grace. Traitors.

"Hey Lily, wanna go out for coffee later?"

My world came crashing down.

So, this was a task for English: Rewrite a fairytale from another character's POV - max 3 pages.

Brownie points to anyone who guesses the right fairytale and POV :)

Also, kudos to Rickey for editing this for me, though you'll probably never see this...

Hope you liked it :D

xx mwah