- maybe we're complete fools; undoubtedly out of our minds. but what's love without a little mental instability?
so, here you are; a simple declaration of my adoration. let it brighten up your day.

remember those walls i built?
well, baby they're tumbling down

cool hands touch my face -
you thumb away my tears; wonder why i'm crying
my face burns
i look at you

hit me like a ray of sun; i think i'm addicted to your light

sea-glass eyes. never seen anything so beautiful.
my mouth opens; your fingers move away from my skin
we're staring
green into brown
deep breath; i'm going to tell you

heart constricts; panic
i can't
you belong to Liv.

i force a smile; i don't deserve an angel, anyway.

i could stay away, just to hear you breathing
watch you smile while you are sleeping; while you're far away and dreaming

rest your head against me; slowly, you drift to my lap
for once, i ignore disney
i look at your face
i am sleepy; my eye-lids are heavy, but i stay awake

i don't wanna miss a thing

i reach down slowly, push away dark hair
eyelids flutter, butterfly wings

i wonder if it's me you're seeing

gently, i sweep my thumb over thick, dark eyebrows
so charming, even in sleep

i just wanna be with you; just like this

pang of envy; why are you Liv's?
i look up at ariel and eric; they kiss

why can't it be us?

everyone's around; no words are coming now
i can't find my breath

single? i stare at you. disbelief.
you're too beautiful to be single.
something is wrong with the world.
i glance to the side; nykki is staring

she knows; i've told her
her eyebrows raise; do it. it's your chance.

her words are silent, but loud.

instead, i look away from your sea-glass stare
i can't find the courage
i'm not special enough

i do want you to know i hold you up above everyone
and i do want you to know i think you'd be good to me
and i'd be so good to you

we're just friends.
i tell myself that's all we could ever be

i date; aries, erik, tajh
you date no one.
i wonder why

his eyes, his eyes, make the stars look like they're not shining

sometimes i catch you watching
you look away quickly; i pretend like i don't notice
but butterflies flutter in my stomach
how i cherish that sea-glass stare

i am single- i try not to be bitter
harder than it sounds
i watch the world move forward

i stay still


i sit and watch the rain
and see my tears run down my windowpane

"make it happen"
oh, nykki. it's easy for you; you're beautiful

i sit and watch the sky
i think of him

i don't want just anyone

they tell me we "fit"
"why aren't you guys together?"

because i don't fit the mold of perfection
and i'm scared

what if it changes "us"
the thought kills me

i cannot lose you

we are better off friends.

i bruise easily, so be gentle when you handle me
there's a mark you leave, like a love-heart carved on a tree

sea-glass in the rain
you feel the same!
i feel unparalleled joy
nykki smiles when i tell her, "i told you so"

picture perfect memories
first date: you hold my hand
cloud nine welcomes me

i just need you now
first date: you waste no time. i like that.
lips are softer than i'd imagined

said i wouldn't call but i lost all control
and i need you now

hoarse with sleep, you answer the phone
"you're real," i smile; i clutch the phone
please, don't let this be a dream
you laugh and i'm hooked; forget about it
"you're real," you say and i exhale

"and you're all mine"

my heart stops at your words.

yes, yes, yes... i cannot stop smiling

i don't know how i can do without
i just need you now

i'm all yours

nothing can go wrong. nothing.

for better or worse
i got you

i love kissing you; i could kiss you forever, and ever
i'm reluctant to let you go
"drive safe," i want to cry and you kiss me again
"i love you,"

there are no words. you love me.

sturdy artist's fingers grasp yours
sea-glass, look at me
"i love you," i couldn't be happier

i love, love, love you madly

and i swear
by the moon and the stars in the sky

is this happening?
don't think; let it happen

i'll love you with every beat of my heart
i swear

it's official; what more can i give?
all of me belongs to you

i start to doze off; eyelids grow heavy
i look up at you; smile, touch your chin gently
gently, those long arms encircle me
a kiss on my forehead; my hair, my eyelids last
i smile. i've never loved sea-glass more

in his eyes, i see a gentle glow
and that's where i'll be safe, i know

tanned arms hold me tightly, so tightly

safe in his arms, close to his heart
his eyes are an open book
everything is worth living for

"i love you," in unison

...is in his eyes

i adore sea-glass

i bruise easily
i'm reading your letter; breath catches
i re-read your letter
my mother catches me in her arms; i let her hold me as i cry

you leave a mark on me; a love-heart carved on a tree

i've never felt this heartbroken before; i'm at a loss

there's no safety net to cushion the blow

what now?

your fingerprints
do you know you're leaving them all over my heart?

i forget how to breathe,

for now, i'm simply

it's not enough

norah, she's an amazon goddess

you introduce her; my eyes go straight to her mid-section
your baby is in there
i want to vomit

i excuse myself
nykki holds my hair as i lose my dinner

take me back into the arms i love
need me like you did before

nykki hugs me hard
my skin is clammy with sweat

"i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry," she croons
she is crying

remember when there was no one you wanted more
don't go; you know you'll break my heart

i see norah's perfect body, face, that long auburn hair

she won't love you like i will

i know i'm not beautiful like her; but i can love you better

i'm the one who'll stay
when she walks away
just believe in me
i will make you see all the things that your heart needs to know

you laugh when you're with me; you sing, sea-glass sparkles

i can give you everything you need
let me be the one

i'll be waiting for you
here inside my heart

"come back to me,"
only nykki hears my whisper
she grips my hand so hard; bones squeeze together
i don't complain

my heart hurts more

but i can't be angry; love trumps anger

i don't care who you are, where you're from
what you did...
as long as you love me

"pick me," i whisper against your face
we shouldn't be here
you shouldn't be with me; yet here you are

call it what you will- i believe in destiny again

i would give everything i own
give up my life, my heart, my home

you kiss me; heaven on earth, olive skin on brown
"ti amo, ti amo, ti amo..."

i would give everything i own
just to have you back again

"you can be happy with me,"
i need to justify it
explain myself

a husky voice laughs, nuzzles my neck
"i never doubted that," hot breath against my skin
cool sheets beneath me; my gaze meets his
one, two, three seconds pass
our gaze does not break

"don't hurt me again,' i warn and his angel's face is serious

baby, i can see your halo
you know you're my saving grace

"never," a vow. i believe it. "nothing will ever get in the way."

no one, no one, no one
another kiss; a kiss to begin and end all kisses
a familiar feeling
it's been too long

a smile against soft lips

can get in the way of what i feel for you
no one, no one, no one

i can see your halo

Italicized portions are lyrics from various songs I used as inspiration. They are as follows:

Halo (Beyonce), I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing (Aerosmith), Good to You (Marianas Trench), In His Eyes (Jekyll and Hyde), I Bruise Easily (Natasha Bedingfield), Need You Now (Lady Antebellum), I Got You (Leona Lewis), I Swear (Boyz II Men), To Love You More (Celine Dion), Everything I Own (Train), No One (Alicia Keys). These talented artists own these beautiful lyrics. If I could personally thank them, I would.

Love is messy, isn't it? It tears right through you, making you an empty shell, and yet you can't help but feel fulfilled and like you're worth something.

Inspired by a friend and the most significant love of her life (so far). I apologize if the format bothers you; it's just the way I penned this. I didn't want to change anything. This felt more personal. Like it was pulled right from a diary.

I need more inspiration to start writing again; I've hit an amazing rut. Can't seem to pull myself out and produce anything worth your time. My humble apologies. I haven't forgotten you all.

Much love,

and we'll dance x