You jump, you reach

You duck, I teach

The choreography is easy

Make your movements breezy

You reach, you duck

You teach, and I'll jump

Show off your freedom

Let it ring through your kingdom

Show your boldness sans words

Show that theirs don't hurt

You duck, you teach

And don't worry we'll reach

Lift up your wings

Let your spirit sing

Let's jump, let's reach,

Let's duck, let's teach

Those words mean nothing

Unless comfort they bring

Let's prove that we're right

Let's help them hold tight

They'll jump, they'll teach

They'll duck, they'll reach

To the stars, to the moon

They'll all see very soon

To be all you can be

To see all you can see

All you have to do is believe

All you have to do is reach

We've ducked, we've reached

We've jumped, now we teach

Feelings are more than just things

Our feelings can give us wings

Like a butterfly we'll go

If we try to get to know

We've jumped, reached,

Taught, now see

Dance like no one's watching

Dance like you need to sing

Live like its heaven on Earth

Live like you know its worth