To be outdoors,
Lying in the lush, savoury grass,
Where no questions are asked of me
And no answers need be given;
Save that of the regal cat,
Who requests my hand beneath his whiskered chin,
And the company to lie with and while the day away.
A tiny insect,
Resting on the waving edge of green,
Comes to visit me in the sunny solitude,
Peering through faceted eyes at my resting form,
Accepting me even unto the end of his short life.
It is here,
Where the sun shines through pink blossoms of the tree
And bright flowers of vibrant purple bask in the warmth,
That I, aside the black cat and his kneading paws,
Find peace and contentment anew
Amidst the wondrous glory of God's creation.

This is quite old. I'd forgotten that I had the idea to post my poetry under a different username, and deleted it from this account.

That was a silly thing to do.