Who am I?

A girl pretending to die? Cry?

Twirling in a web of lies?

Pretending that I'm tough, not shy?

I don't think so

Who am I?

I am a girl

I rule the world

I'm never really sure

But I will never unfurl


What do people see?

Violence and no reprieve

A temper shot through teeth

A girl who cannot breathe

An emotional being deemed

Unworthy of those with the normal gleam

But I cannot help being mean

Or can I?

So who am I?

I will tell you for certain

I am unique, my own person

I may be crazy but I am in love with

Who I am

Who people don't see

What I do

Who I'm going to be

So I raise my glass

As should the world

A toast to who I am

And my inner girl