Dark shadows

Oozing sores

Watching eyes

I'm never alone

I have the plaque

Don't come near me

My hands are solid

And oozing waste

But strong I stay

And strong I'll remain

Acids and Boils

The acids rise into my mouth

Wrecking my once pure sight

The aches and pains

Are solidified in stone

What once was here

Has been lost forever


Please don't tell me I'm going to die

I don't want to hear those words

I still have so much to do

And my spirit is closed with fear

Don't tell me

Keep it locked up

I'll hear it another time

But don't tell me now

In the flower of my youth

That I won't have much time

Fighting the Fight

Let's work together

To rid this plaque

From our land

Let's extend hands to each other

And hold them in the fight

For we cannot win alone

But together we just might!

Warrior Princess

Look at me

What do you see?

Do you see a sick person?

Because I don't

I see a girl

Raging with fire

Climbing the mountain of hope and triumph

She's a warrior to her people

A strong beacon of hope

Don't let her go

Or you'll be sorry you did

Spreading The News



We must be aware

Of the evils of this world

Of the trials other people face

So spread the word

And don't look back

For if you don't tell

You'll never know

How people will treat you

When you face trials


You make me proud

By fighting your fight

By braving your storms

You make me proud

By staying alive

By staying with me

By not giving in

And by living to see

The dawn of a new age